SN Ch. 42.2

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Yan Qing was stunned, her vision went black for a moment, she pinched herself to forcibly stabilize her emotions, then she called Min Jing tremblingly, and shouted, “Where is he!”

Min Jing said coldly, “Where are you, where would he be?

Yan Qing’s chest was burning: “…what do you mean.”

“He woke up and found that you were gone. He knew that you flew out of the city this afternoon and chased after you regardless of his body, but he couldn’t wait to see you after landing because before that he fell into a coma!”

“I’ll go to him,” Yan Qing’s voice changed, “Tell me where is he! I’ll go to him!”

“He is not in Haicheng, he is not suitable to go to the hospital, so we had to find another place, a few doctors are treating him.”

Min Jing immediately sent the address.

It was a hotel.

Yan Qing didn’t have the heart to figure out why someone would be in a hotel while being ill. Her blood was frozen into ice, and all other thoughts were broken. She just wanted to see Huo Yunshen immediately.

Min Jing knew her location and had arranged for the car to be prepared in advance, and so it arrived in the blink of an eye. Min Jing refused to answer any questions she asked on the road. She held back her tears and roughly grabbed the room card he handed over.

The top floor, the suite, the whole floor was cleared, and there were no idlers.

Yan Qing rushed out of the elevator in one breath, her hat fell to the ground while running, but she didn’t realize it, she rushed to the door corresponding to the room card, her eyes were flushed, and she had prayed to all the gods in her heart for Huo Yunshen’s safety.

She lifted the room card with cold fingers and placed it in the induction area, the door opened with a sound, but the light was not bright in the gap that was pushed open.

It’s getting late, the consultation should be over, right?

Yan Qing didn’t think much, she squeezed in anxiously, she brought her back to the door panel, and the door closed with a soft click.

Just in the blink of an eye.

Yan Qing didn’t even have time to see the furnishings in the suite, as she was hugged by a silent figure standing beside the entrance wall involuntarily, with his steel-like arms tightly strangling her.

She didn’t need to scream at all.

This figure was tall, and she was familiar with every inch of the texture and bones of this body. She had hugged and touched it, and she had even felt it with her own hands last night!

Huo Yunshen…

Yan Qing opened her eyes wide, her heart hanging high in her throat pounded, her eyes flushed red quickly, she gritted her teeth angrily and pushed him away desperately: “You lied to me!”

“Min Jing lied! You’re in good health, you’re all right! You didn’t faint or go in a coma!” She shouted more and more hoarsely, “You deliberately scared me!”

Huo Yunshen pressed her back deeply, preventing her from moving: “Didn’t you lie to me first? You promised me that you will not leave, but you not only left me, you ran away silently!”

Yan Qing’s emotions were going up and down, and she could no longer remain calm, she resisted him full of grievances, crying heavily: “Then you can scare me in some other way! Can this kind of thing be used as a joke? When I heard that you had an accident, did you know that I—”

“What did you feel at that moment?”

Yan Qing suddenly felt suffocated.

Huo Yunshen held her shoulders deeply and stared into her wet eyes: “When you heard about it, how did you feel?”

Yan Qing’s mouth trembled, then staring at him with tears in her eyes, she turned to open the door.

He was so keen, she couldn’t escape him without him noticing something!

If she stayed any longer, he would personally open up every little bit of her secret thoughts, and even the last shred of self-esteem would not be left behind.

Huo Yunshen took her in his arms, trapped her from behind, and asked in a deep voice, “I don’t have anything to bring you here except for this life. I fell ill last night, and you were willing to stay. Today if I don’t do this, would you have shown up?! Starting from the time I asked you if you like me, you have hid from me, refused to see me, lied to me, and tried your best to escape, aren’t you tired?”

Yan Qing tried her best to break free, but the words that had been stuck in her heart could no longer be hidden: “Yes, I’m tired, but what can I do? Besides avoiding you, how can I do anything else?”

She was helpless, she couldn’t lie to him…

Huo Yunshen said with a faint sharp voice, “Yan Qing, is it so hard to admit the fact that you have feelings for me!”

The room suddenly went silent.

Yan Qing’s movements became stagnant, as she stared blankly at the black void.

She had no chance of being decent.

Huo Yunshen could see everything, and her hidden thoughts could not escape his eyes, and she was exposed in the sun by him.

The fire in Yan Qing’s chest burned the strongest, so unable to bear the burning pain, it burst open in her heart.

The tears she held back poured down, she broke away from Huo Yunshen suddenly, turned to face him in the cage he had created, and said in a trembling voice, “Yes, I admit, I can’t resist your temptation and have fallen in love with you, but I don’t want to be someone else’s stand-in for the rest of my life, I can’t fulfil the contract I signed at the beginning!”

Huo Yunshen’s eyes flashed with a burning look.

She couldn’t take it anymore, and cried wantonly: “It was me who breached the contract, it was me who made a mistake! I am not willing to be Yun Qing’s stand-in, and I understand that you will never be able to love me more than her! No matter how good you are to me, you won’t be in a relationship with me.”

Huo Yunshen’s chest shook violently, and he interrupted her hoarsely: “You’re not a stand-in.”

Yan Qing still had a lot of words to vent to him, so when she suddenly heard this sentence in her congested ears, she thought it was an illusion.

Huo Yunshen’s deep eyes were also red: “Yan Qing, listen carefully, since I saw you on the bridge, until now, every moment, I have never regarded you as a substitute! You are Yun Qing!”

Yan Qing stiffened in surprise.

She forgot to breathe and asked slowly, “Your thoughts… haven’t changed? When you signed a contract with me and accepted me as a substitute, it was all intentional to deceive me?!”

“Yes,” Huo Yunshen approached her and took her into his arms forcefully, “I lied to you, in order to get you to promise to marry me, everything about expiring in three years or replacing Yun Qing was all fake, I never planned to let you leave me in this life!”

Yan Qing’s long-standing preconceived notions had been hit hard.

Why go around and go back to the original question!

She was just imitating Yun Qing, and it’s not like she was her!

Huo Yunshen treated her like this, because he was still in a paranoid obsession and couldn’t get out. Since she was not her, she was still being forced by him, was it any better than a substitute, not to mention that he deliberately deceived her!

Yan Qing stepped back, crying and blurted out: “Huo Yunshen, you are a liar! What do you think of me! I want to divorce you!”

Huo Yunshen was stabbed in the heart by her words.

He clenched his fingers tightly, his voice shattered, as he said: “Say it again.”

His tone tugged at her heart, but regardless, she said, “I want to divorce you! Stay away! I don’t want to see you again!”

Huo Yunshen was deeply stimulated and lowered his head to bite hard on her lips.

Yan Qing’s lips were plundered by him, and she was speechless.

Her resistance was strong at first, but quickly weakened in the entanglement until she couldn’t lift it, and the violent desire, both physical and emotional, was easily provoked by him.

It was true that he lied to her, he hadn’t changed, he had always been that die-hard paranoid.

But it was even more true that she fell in love with him, and she couldn’t hide her instinctive reaction after a little intimate contact.

Huo Yunshen’s kiss was urgent and powerful. He wished he could swallow her up and trap her in his body forever. He couldn’t hear any words coming out of her mouth, he just wanted to imprison her.

Her memory did not remember.

Then let her body remember.

She did not have him in her mind.

But she had him in her body!

Huo Yunshen’s longing to endure late in the day and night defeated his calmness. He clasped Yan Qing’s neck and trapped her in his arms, sucked the tip of her tongue wantonly, he knew how to kiss her into obedience, and he knew all of her sensitive points.

Yan Qing collapsed quickly against his offensive, and no matter how much entangled she was between right and wrong, it was burned away by the ignited flames.

Her consciousness gradually turned to ashes, but there was a deeper layer of fog that had always been hidden in the depths.

She couldn’t see the fog clearly, but it fit so well with Huo Yunshen, as if they were one and the same, and had been forcibly separated by cruel methods.

Yan Qing no longer understood whether she was fascinated by lust or something was driving her.

So many accumulated feelings broke through the barrier and at this moment, all of them erupted.

Yan Qing knew how derailed and irrational she was now, but she couldn’t suppress it. She wanted this man, at least at this moment, he was kissing her as a real lover, not a substitute for anyone.

She raised her arms uncontrollably, wrapped her arms around Huo Yunshen, and responded to his kiss for the first time, she was still crying and scolding him in the gap: “Huo Yunshen, you liar… cheating on my feelings… I owe you…”

Huo Yunshen only stagnated for a moment, then immediately touched her head, intensified the entanglement, and stirred up every seed she had buried.

Yan Qing’s mind was dizzy, and she didn’t remember how she followed him into the bedroom in the suite.

The air became sticky and sweet.

The room temperature continued to soar.

Sweat slid down the porcelain-white texture of her skin.

The sheets in the suite were white, the carpet was soft, and the staggering footsteps were silent.

Yan Qing fell into the bottomless hot sea, and no matter how much reason she used to stand up, she was crushed to dust. She fell backwards, and any place he touched could make her mad.

Lost everywhere.

All under his control.

Yan Qing’s voice was completely hoarse, and she choked and said, “Take it easy… I… I’ve never…”

Her vision was blurred, and she could only see Huo Yunshen’s stubborn and fanatical eyes.

He couldn’t make a sentence, so he just said three words rudely: “You have.”

Yan Qing burst into tears, this bastard was too much! She was like that! He actually still, but it didn’t take long for her to feel the adaptation and familiarity that made her bones and blood tremble. She couldn’t think, she could only indulge her instinct and fall into the endless fascination.

When she opened her eyes again, Yan Qing fell apart, slumped under the quilt, guarded by strong arms.

A man was breathing softly behind him.

Huo Yunshen wasn’t asleep.

Realizing that she was awake, he half stood up, for fear that she would regret running away.

Yan Qing lay motionless, she had been grasped and comforted to the extreme, and she was stunned with contentment.

She didn’t dare to blink, she was terrified to even catch her breath.

Something was constantly being destroyed in her mind, and she came up with more questions that suffocated her.

Not right.

There was really no reason to explain it any further.

Huo Yunshen’s words rang in her ears.

There were so many dramatic resemblances between her and Yun Qing. She though it was a brain supplement, but her instinct was actually the same as Yun Qing’s, her handwriting, her overflowing love for him, every bit of throbbing and heartache, and the countless headaches, and the strangeness that was deliberately ignored during the headache…

Even if these were all illusions, it was all her imagination.

But what about the body!

Her soul was boiling, about to melt and become one with him.

Too familiar joy…

He didn’t seem to have lied to her, she and him… really had.

Up to now, she couldn’t find any other explanation and had to accept the most outrageous statement.

Huo Yunshen couldn’t wait for her to speak, so he hugged her and said: “Wife…”

Yan Qing’s heartbeat cracked her chest.

She turned around in a daze, buried herself in his arms, and asked in a low voice in disbelief, “I’m… I’m really Yun Qing, right?”

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