S&E Ch. 4

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The sun was shining on Monday morning, but Shuang Yi’s heart was rainy.

The situation was too miserable, it was a tragedy on earth.

Shuang Yi turned off MSN, closed the computer, crawled and climbed on the bed, drilled into the bed, and covered her head.

It was an illusion, it was an illusion, I must be dreaming—what a nightmare, I actually dreamed that the editor sister said on MSN that her new book had been rejected…

The Feng Shui of Zhou’s family must be inconsistent with her, and everything will be alright as soon as she moves out. Things were not going well, first the bottleneck now the rejection… Tears…

She decided to sleep thinking maybe she will find that the rejection was only her imagination…

While Shuang Yi was self-hypnotized and falling asleep, Zhou Ningxu was not far from home. He was socializing at a hotel, and when he was about to leave, he suddenly remembered something and asked the waiter to pack a roast duck.

The executive of a certain company who was eating with him immediately said: “Manager Zhou likes roast duck? We can go to a special roast duck restaurant next time. After all, the ones here are not authentic.”

“It’s not me.” Zhou Ningxu said with a smile: “My family recently took in a homeless one. The little animal likes to eat this.” This pet was really advanced, so the middle-aged executive got interested in the conversation: “I couldn’t see that Manager Zhou is so caring. Is it a dog or a cat? What breed?”

“Well, I just picked it up. I haven’t studied what variety it is.” I picked it up and am going to study it slowly. Zhou Ningxu was not in a hurry.

The middle-aged high-level executive’s interest continued to rise, “What are the characteristics and habits. My wife and daughter have kept pets for decades, and I know a lot about their characteristics and habits.”

Characteristics and habits?

Zhou Ning recalled: “It likes to eat delicious food, doesn’t like to go out, is lazy during the day, is alive and kicking at night, um, and it is pink.”

Shuang Yi, a professional weaving love for men and women, was always thinking about pink bubbles every day, but Manager Zhou could describe it so accurately, mainly due to Shuang Yi’s pink pajamas.

Pink bear pajamas…pink pepper pajamas…pink tomato pajamas…

“Pink?” The middle-aged senior thought of a small animal that his daughter had raised. “The little Thai mini pig[1] raised by my daughter was pink.”

Lao Zhou, who had always been elegant and calm, couldn’t help but choke. “I don’t know if it’s a pig, but it should be a Chinese breed.”

Saying goodbye to the middle-aged senior who enthusiastically talked about the experience of raising pets, Zhou Ningxu called home while driving, but no one answered, so he dialed Lu Shuang Yi’s mobile phone.

After a while, a sleepy voice came over the phone.

“…Zhou Ningxu?”

“Wait for me at the gate of the community in ten minutes.” The red light on the opposite side turned on, and Zhou Ningxu stepped on the brake and added: “Bring down the red folder on the desk in my study.”

Actually, this document was not so important, but the middle-aged senior manager had just repeatedly emphasized that feeding pets for no reason makes it easy for small animals to become complacent. It is best to find something to do for it before feeding it, such as making it perform a trick…

So, Zhou person applied this analogy to Shuang Yi.

After listening to him, she hung up. Shuang Yi didn’t even have a chance to refuse. She sat on the bed with her mobile phone for a few seconds. Shuang Yi threw the phone away, jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom to brush her teeth.

Ten minutes-

Shuang Yi was depressed while brushing her teeth. It would take a long time to go downstairs, and then she had to walk to the gate of the community… Zhou Ningxu, if you simply told me to jump off the building, it would have been faster = =

15 minutes later Shuang Yi was panting and standing at the gate of the community with a folder, but there was not even a ghost at the gate of the community. Could it be that he had already left? No way!

She stood on tiptoe and looked around for a minute, only to see someone Zhou’s car coming from the corner.

Shuang Yi was very angry. When someone Zhou’s car stopped in front of her and he opened the window, she immediately asked aggressively, “Why did you say ten minutes?” She didn’t have time to change her shoes, so she ran down wearing slippers.

“How long have you waited?”

“Uh…about a minute.”

That’s right, if you say fifteen minutes, you should reach in that time. Zhou Ningxu said with no expression on his face: “Next time I will say eleven minutes.”

“Hey.” Shuang Yi chuckled, and suddenly smelled a scent, her eyes slid around, and noticed the white lunch box on the passenger seat.

“What’s this?”


“Ahhh, do you have meat? Come and exchange it!” Shuang Yi hugged the red folder tightly and put on an expression that she won’t give up the file if he didn’t give her the meat. She adopted a heroic and unyielding posture.

Finally, Zhou Ningxu ransomed the folder and drove away under Shuang Yi’s enthusiastic farewell. Zhou Ningxu drove a long way back, and Shuang Yi was still waving at him very warmly.

Zhou Ning suddenly felt very regretful and he stroked his forehead. Why did he think of giving her food when she was so confused all the time?

Even though regretful, Zhou Ningxu was still in a good mood in the afternoon, and went home early after getting off work. He came out of the parking lot and saw Shuang Yi, who had always been nestled at home, sitting on the swing frame downstairs, holding the rope of the swing frame in one hand. The expression she had was rare for her: calm and thoughtful.

Well, or it is more appropriate to call it being in a daze. Someone Zhou thought very unkindly in his heart.

Zhou Ningxu stood beside the swing for a while, but Shuang Yi didn’t even notice him. Zhou Ningxu coughed, and Shuang Yi looked up. When she saw him, her expression instantly became vivid.

“Ningning, come back and pull.”

After speaking this, her expression fell silent, and she waved weakly: “You go up first, I’m thinking about major events in life.” It is rare for her to worry too. Zhou Ningxu lifted her chin and motioned her to look behind her. Shuang Yi turned her head and saw a cute little girl holding a doll looking at her with big eyes blinking eagerly.

“…” Shuang Yi blinked and looked at the little girl, why are you looking at me? “…Sister has no candy.”

Zhou Ning was frustrated, and helplessly reached out and pulled her down, “Give her the swing and go home with me.”

Seeing Shuang Yi being pulled down, the little girl cheered and threw away the doll. She then jumped on the swing and shouted very clearly: “Thank you brother, thank you auntie.”

Shuang Yi hadn’t even stood still, when she staggered even more. Fortunately, she caught Zhou Ningxu’s sleeve in time and didn’t fall. Seeing how someone Zhou was smiling, Shuang Yi was angry: “You’re feeling very proud, right?”

Seeing that she was getting angry and was about to start fighting, Zhou Ningxu changed the subject very wisely: “Why did you come downstairs?”

“I told you that I was thinking about life events.” Shuang Yi stepped into the elevator and said in surprise.

“Don’t you always think about major events in life at home?” Zhou Ningxu looked at her and saw her deflated pockets.

“You didn’t bring your key when you came down at noon?”

“…” Shuang Yi choked, raised her eyes, and looked straight at someone Zhou, seemingly affectionate. “That …… you know, I was anxious to see you ……”

“I know,” Zhou Ningxu also pretending to be very considerate, said softly: “It was not because you’re stupid.”


Shuang Yi’s frustrated face was clearly reflected on the elevator door.

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