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Tang Bai didn’t know how his actions had tempered Xie Ruheng’s steel-like will, he was browsing the barrage that exploded into a pot of porridge: [Did Teacher Tang personally demonstrate the tea’s flirting skills just now?!]

[Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh where are you, I’m an omega, I learned this trick! Let my boyfriend melt like this for me next time too!]

[I like Teacher Tang very much, but I feel…it feels a bit inappropriate, why do I need an alpha to make up my glands (it’s really green tea)]

[Xie Ruheng, why do you need wax?]

“Today, I have asked Brother Xie to give me imitation gland scar makeup.” Looking at the question mark on the bullet screen, Tang Bai said softly: “Everyone is very curious about what is gland scar imitation makeup, and why did I draw this makeup?”

“Before answering these questions, I have a question to ask everyone, what do you think about the surgery of gland removal?”

[Ah, this…only omega in the red light district will do that kind of surgery, could it be that Teacher Tang put on this makeup to imitate the omega in the red light district? That’s really yellow tea]

[Only unscrupulous omega will do this kind of operation]

[I heard people say that omegas who have this kind of operation are very coquettish]

[It’s quite harmful to the body, and the omega after this kind of operation get old very fast]


Tang Bai watched the barrage quietly without expressing his opinion. After everyone had said the same thing, he said: “Before today, I had the same opinion as everyone here. I also thought that only people in the red-light district get this gland removal surgery done.”

“The first time I searched for information about gland removal surgery, it was because of a novel, and the protagonist in the book was Jun Tongchen.”

[Damn it! The world is so small, I am chasing the same book as Tangtang!]

[The O fist represents Jun Tongchen?]

[Beautiful omegas don’t read this kind of garbage novel with crooked three views, the author is paid to write this kind of article that poisons omega’s thinking]

[What kind of novel is this? Can anyone tell me the title of the book?]

“Jun Tongchen also underwent gland removal surgery. He didn’t intend to enter the red light district to work, but to disguise himself as a beta to enter the federal military academy.”

[??? This is outrageous? What does an omega want to do in a military school? Looking for a fuck?]

[No, I just came in to watch beauty videos, and I don’t want you to forcefully sell this kind of brainless web article]

Tang Bai’s tone was not shaken by the barrage, instead he said slowly: “This is a very painful decision, you can imagine what it would be like to have our organs removed from us, under normal circumstances, only when our body has lesions and we have to perform such an operation, then only we are forced to harm our body.”

“In the book, Jun Tongchen had this operation because he wanted to go to a military academy and get the same right to go to school as an Alpha. But in reality? In reality, most of the omegas undergoing gland removal surgery are for the sake of what?”

“Do they want to work in the red light district? Do they want to bear the insult of being called a slut? Do they want their bodies to age faster than their peers?” Three questions were thrown out one after another, Tang Bai himself gave the answer:


“In the slums, 60% to 70% of the omegas have undergone gland removal surgery. In order to work twelve hours a day in the wind and sun, overdraw their body and earn twenty coins a day.”

The barrage suddenly fell silent.

Then they just heard the beautiful omega in the live broadcast room whisper: “They don’t perform this operation because of a disease in the body, but because of a disease in this society.”

Tang Bai clicked on the material shot today. In the video, he and Xie Ruheng sent Lu Xiaoshan home.

It was a wooden house, located on a hill, with a broken roof that would leak when it rained. There were no electrical appliances in the room, and naturally there was no electric light.

A haggard omega was lying on his side on the bed, looking forty or fifty years old, with unkempt hair and blue lips, the quilt on the bed was a little damp, and there was a bowl of unknown contents beside the pillow, surrounded by flies.

Seeing a guest coming, this omega sat up with the help of the child. She took out the only packet of milk tea powder at home and wanted to entertain the guest.

“This omega is 30 years old. In order to go to work in the mining area to earn tuition fees for her children, she underwent glandular removal surgery not long ago, but because of the poor surgical environment, she suffered from inflammation after surgery and couldn’t afford it.”

“Their family’s labor force is only her husband, in order to earn money for his wife’s medicine and for his children to go to school, that husband has to work at least 14 hours a day in the mining area, and under high-intensity work, that husband’s health is also worrying.”

One after another, the video of the home visit was released in the live broadcast room, the poor living environment, the harsh living conditions, the child who was so sensible that it made people feel distressed…

[Fuck, why did I cry when I watched it]

[Suddenly I feel the leftovers at noon are so wasteful]

[Thank you, Mr. Tang, for finding a doctor for that omega mother, get well soon]

[Looking so sad, I really want to donate money…]

[“Get rich overnight” rewarded the “Tang Bai” with a spaceship*1]

[Are the educational resources in the slums so poor?]

[I was brought to tears by the humility of him getting a biscuit for his sister, that child obviously wanted to eat it…]

Xie Ruheng put on the imitation makeup of the gland scar, and Tang Bai showed the wound to the camera, then he said: “I don’t know who will be the next person to relay this video?”

The white-skinned, delicate and beautiful omega raised his hair, revealing the hideous gland scar on his neck. The huge contrast brought a strong impact, this screenshot of the video was quickly circulated, and soon #Delicate body hurt gland makeup Relay# was on the entertainment gossip hot search list.

Netizens who were attracted by the hot search name clicked on it and found that there were many omega imitations on this hot search. They were the wives of military officers, wives of politicians, wives of rich businessmen, wives of professors… And those who helped them record imitation makeup videos were either their alpha husbands or their alpha sons.

There was also an imitation makeup video, which was recorded by Councilman Bai Zhi after asking his alpha father to help.

All of a sudden, countless respectable omegas in the upper class were imitating this imitation makeup video. The video that initially attracted this trend had been clicked more than 100 million times. The “Jun Tongchen” and “they didn’t do this surgery because they have a disease, but because there is a disease in this society” mentioned in the video also became widely known.


Gu family.

Gu Tunan was sitting at the dining table, picking up food silently. Ever since Tang Bai and him stopped dating, his little dad never gave him a good face, and he didn’t even ask him to sit at the same table to eat, saying he got angry when he saw him.

Today was the first time in so many days that he had dinner with his little dad. This time, both Grandpa Gu and Father Gu were in the military headquarters and hadn’t come home yet.

“Have you seen Tang Bai’s video?” The elder brother of the Gu family asked suddenly while eating.

“Is it the video of imitation makeup for gland scars? I’ve heard of it, but I haven’t watched it yet.” The second elder brother of the Gu family opened the video while talking. Sharing and watching videos while eating meals was a routine operation.

On the light screen, Tang Bai greeted the camera sweetly. Their four-year-old beta brother watched his brother’s video on the light screen ignorantly and said in a milky voice: “Brother Tangtang!”

Gu Tunan saw Xie Ruheng and Tang Bai next to each other at the beginning and couldn’t help frowning, he was silent for a while, and said sourly: “How can you let alphas other than your husband touch your glands.”

Mrs. Gu who was eating frowned slightly, but he didn’t say anything, he just took a bite of food and continued to eat.

The eldest brother of the Gu family said: “I think you are lemon tea[1].”

Gu Tunan: “…”

Gu Tunan: “Actually, I want to say that terms like green tea and yellow tea are not commendatory terms in themselves. There is no need to use these words to attract attention. A good reputation is more important than traffic. An omega should pay special attention to reputation.” At this time, his little father’s movements stopped.

The second elder brother of the Gu family smiled and said: “Nannan, why are you getting more and more rigid? You are playing tricks. Your brother understands you. You are so boring. No wonder Tangtang doesn’t want you.”

Gu Tunan: “……”

Gu Tunan: “It’s not the question of being boring, it’s that the topics Tang Bai mentioned in the live broadcast are too sensitive, I think his thoughts are becoming too extreme due to some things on the Internet. Like the novel in which the main character is Jun Tongchen, it’s about—”


The sound of Mrs. Gu’s sudden drop of chopsticks startled everyone, and everyone fell silent. Something was wrong that had angered Mrs. Gu.

Mrs. Gu was a male omega, with a gentle and elegant appearance. Gu Tunan’s father was busy with work, and the four children in the family were all raised by Mrs. Gu alone. All the housework, and every meal was still done according to the children’s preferences. Mrs. Gu had high standards and strict requirements in studies. Once the child’s grades dropped, they would be punished by Mrs. Gu’s attention and slaps.

It could be said that Mrs. Gu was usually good-tempered, but once he got angry, the four children didn’t dare to speak in front of him.

Mrs. Gu said coldly: “Gu Tunan, come to my room after dinner.”

Dad got angry.

Nannan was going to be unlucky.

The two brothers exchanged glances.

Gu Tunan: “…Oh.”

“I’m going to make a gland scar imitation makeup relay video later, any of you can do it for me.” Mrs. Gu said to the four children. Their father was in the military, so he could only ask his own children for help.

Gu Tunan: “…?”

Gu Tunan was stunned: “Dad, why are you doing this imitation makeup?”

In Gu Tunan’s impression, his little dad was diligent and thrifty in managing the house, independent and self-reliant, filial to his elders and caring for his children. He never paid attention to any beauty videos. Why did he mess around with Tang Bai this time?

Mrs. Gu took a look at Gu Tunan, “I think you talk the most and are not too busy? Then you can help me make this video.”

Gu Tunan: “…Oh.”

Looking at the back of Gu Tunan being pulled into the room by his ears by Mrs. Gu, Brother Gu smiled unconscionably: “Hahahaha, usually when grandpa and eldest dad beat brother, little dad will stop them, but this time, little dad will beat older brother and no one will stop him!”

Gu Tunan: “…”

This unlucky boy really deserved a beating.

At this moment, the unlucky boy Gu Tunan felt the same way as the previous Mrs. Gu.

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[1] Jealous.

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