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This world was still a bit too fantastical for Yan Han.

Having just received the information about “Yan Han” when he in a coma, Yan Han walked forward while sorting out everything the Lord God told him just now.

The beautiful dream world was not the real world. Although it felt as real as could be, “Yan Han” was just a character.

She was set as a female classmate, but she had a very earthy appearance, an introverted personality, and her academic performance was not bad. She had no specialties and no friends. She was almost a transparent existence in the class.

Now Yan Han’s task was to act as this female classmate, turn the tide and complete the five achievements of morality, intelligence, physical education, art and labor.

As for what was morality, intelligence, physical education, art and labor?

The main god told him a lot, and Yan Han summed it up by himself, meaning he wanted him to make her awesome.

What study, sports, labor, all aspects must be very good.

This was actually nothing.

For him returning to school could be regarded as a challenge full of temptations. Yan Han felt that even if the road ahead was long and there were many difficulties, it didn’t matter.

But why did he have to disguise himself as a female classmate?!

Although brother Yan’s height couldn’t be said to be eight feet, he must be seven feet tall.

Why would you want him, a seven-foot boy, to dress up as a girl in school?

Wasn’t this a bit too much!

Yan Han was also a little confused about what he should do now.

He was struggling here, and he didn’t notice that he had walked out of the building where the infirmary was located and reached the playground.

The bell for the end of class had already rung, and it was five o’clock in the afternoon, which was time for dinner.

However, as a closed school, Luze Middle School had evening classes and evening self-study after dinner, so the playground was very lively at the moment.

It just so happened that grades 1 and 2 had a private appointment for a basketball game today. Many people simply stopped going to the cafeteria, bought bread, milk, tea and snacks in the supermarket, and went to the playground to watch the basketball game.

Not long after the second half of the semester started, the snow melted and the weather was getting warmer. It was a good time for Maodong people to go out and exercise their muscles and bones.

The campus was always full of vigor and vitality.

Except for the high school seniors who had entered the stage of preparing for the college entrance examination and were not so active, the other grades were still full of youth. In the circle, they all cheered for their favorite basketball player who was going to play today—

“Wei Ningxin! Wei Ningxin!”

“Ahh, Wei Ningxin is so handsome!”

“Senior Jingchen! Come on, Senior Jingchen!” Yan Han was obviously out of tune with this group of people.

Seeing the crowd in front of him, he subconsciously avoided it. Although he was still young, only twenty years old, he dropped out of school early and entered society early. So, he was not a passionate and innocent student in his bones after all.

Yan Han didn’t watch the game, and none of the students who focused on the game noticed him.

But at this moment, Yan Han suddenly heard a rush of whistles, accompanied by a burst of exclamation from the surrounding crowd, at this time he raised his head, and suddenly saw a basketball flying very high and it was smashing heavily in one direction…


It was too late to say it and seeing that the ball was about to hit a girl on the outside, Yan Han didn’t have time to think too much. As soon as the flying basketball touched his palm, Yan Han raised his other hand and firmly fixed the ball between his two hands.

Both his feet landed smoothly, and the audience became quiet in an instant!

His series of movements were too fast, and the others hadn’t reacted yet.

Yan Han had already asked the girl who was almost hit, “Are you alright?”

His voice was always hoarse with a smell of fireworks, but it was not deep.

The tone was loose, revealing a kind of laziness, and it sounded difficult to distinguish between male and female.

“It’s okay…” The female classmate who was almost smashed looked up at him and whispered.

Yan Han didn’t notice that apart from a little panic in her eyes, there was more surprise in her eyes.

Yan Han wanted to throw the ball towards the court and leave, but suddenly he heard a burst of discussion from the crowd: “What’s going on?”

“Is it Wei Ningxin? What happened to him today?”

“What happened to Wei Ningxin today, so angry, didn’t he just hit someone, can he play well…”

“Just return to the basketball team…”

At the same time, someone in the court shouted in a rough voice: “Fuck! What are you looking at! Where is the ball? Why are you standing there, get the ball back for me!” The boy who stood over 1.8 meters and was wearing a basketball uniform walked towards him angrily.

This boy had an average face, and with the pimples on his face, he couldn’t tell whether he was handsome or not, but he had long arms and legs and a well-proportioned body.

He was very upset at being yelled at by Wei Ningxin in public, and he didn’t dare to resist openly, so he came out to pick up the ball violently.

But when he walked in front of Yan Han and saw his face, the boy suddenly froze for a moment, stretched out his hand for a long time, tried to maintain the arrogance just now, and said domineeringly: “Bring the ball.”

This change made his sound a little awkward.

Yan Han took a fixed look at him, then he not only didn’t give him the ball, but instead took advantage of the trail he had just opened and walked steadily towards the basketball court.

Although he was a bit older than these people, he was still young.

What’s more, Yan Han had a problem, that was, in some aspects, he… couldn’t swallow his anger.

Yan Han who stepped into the court asked, “Who is Wei Ningxin?”

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