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Yan Han was not actually called Yan Han.

His surname was Yan, with the single character Han.

Those who had just come out of Lower Three Cities and who were of lower seniority liked to call him Brother Yan, and those of the same generation who had been around for a longer time called him Yan Laosan.

Yan Han had been hot-tempered since he was a child, he was from a martial arts practicing family, so he fought fiercely, and showed loyalty fiercely as well.

When he was in school, he dropped out of school because of the word loyalty. At that time, there were not many people who could make such a big noise, thus people in the “Tao” admired him and called him big brother.

It was a pity that the eldest brother also stumbled sometimes.

When people were unlucky, they could stuff their teeth while drinking cold water, just like that when he was walking on the street, his soul was blown away by a sap. Who could he ask for an explanation?

Now the back of his head was still in a state of dull pain, surrounded by a few people, chattering endlessly like little sparrows, making people feel irritated.

Yan Han said angrily: “Stay away, don’t hang around Laozi.”

The surroundings finally became quiet for a moment.

Immediately afterwards, a more serious discussion erupted—

“Is this four-eyed girl stunned?” said a female voice.

“Isn’t it just being hit by a basketball and a slight concussion? I think she is just pretending!” Another female voice said.

“Does she want to touch porcelain[1]? Or does she want to take the opportunity to attract Wei Ningxin’s attention?” The third voice came unceremoniously, and what was even more exaggerated was that the person rubbed his shoulder with her fingers, “Oh, what are you talking about? Is there anything wrong? Say something.”

Who the hell was Wei Ningxin? Yan Han was really impatient, but because the other party was a girl, he subconsciously didn’t want to argue with her.

He could barely open his eyes, the sun was shining in through the half-opened window, and he saw a few schoolgirls in school uniforms circling around his bed, and in the mottled light and shadow, he couldn’t help feeling a little dazed, while feeling even dizzier.

Before he could figure out what was going on, a teacher in a white coat from the school infirmary had already walked over: “Don’t crowd around! The patients need quiet! Oh, which class are you all in? Don’t be confused here, go back to class!”

As soon as the teacher shouted in a loud, foul-sounding voice, the girls surrounding Yan Han dispersed, and no one stayed behind.

But Yan Han breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that he could finally calm down.

But in the next second, he was in a bad mood again.

Where he was now, all kinds of equipment and furnishings told him that this place should be an infirmary.

It would have been nothing.

However, there was a full-length mirror on the side of Yan Han’s bed.

At this moment, he was sitting on the bed and most of his body was reflected in this mirror, when he suddenly saw the scene in the mirror, Yan Han’s hair exploded and he jumped up!

He had black hair as long as his shoulders, and the hair quality was not very good. The ends of the hair were dry and curly, and it looked messy due to neglect.

The bangs were so long that they almost covered the eyes.

Under the bangs were a pair of rimless plastic glasses, the glasses were extremely light, and it was difficult to even notice their existence after wearing them, but it was also difficult to hide the fact that they were ugly.

This look was really earthy and vulgar.

The most frightening thing was, what was happening with the school uniform skirt he was wearing!!

Dark red uniform top, black and red checked knee-length A-line skirt…

Yan Han thought that unless he was crazy, how could he wear such clothes?!

He knew his own body.

The person in the mirror was undoubtedly himself.

Yan Han stretched out his hand and touched his lower body…

After confirming everything, there was nothing wrong.

He didn’t feel at peace in his heart, but cold sweat broke out instead.

… What the hell is this?!

Yan Han fell back on the bed, tore off the pair of rimless plastic glasses and threw them far away, his eyes turning instantly blurred.


He was not wrong about the body being his own body. But his hair was never that long, and he wasn’t nearsighted either.

The most important thing was that there was a hideous scar next to the corner of his right eye that had been there for several years, but now it was as pristine as ever, without any trace of injury.

The situation was too weird, but Yan Han couldn’t care less, because at this moment a series of voices suddenly sounded in his head:

[Welcome to the beautiful dream world.]

[The (Ultimate Beauty) skill is activated.]

[(Body Delicate Body Soft) skill is activated.]

[Body transformation, please wait…]

Yan Han:???

A series of electronic sounds exploded in the depths of his mind, they were deafening, as if wishing to hit the depths of his soul directly.

Almost at the same time as the words fell, Yan Han felt his eyes roll back and he passed out directly.

It was feeling dizzy but it was not exactly dizziness.

His consciousness was separated from his body, but he was awake.

The electronic sound while awake was introducing him to everything about this beautiful dream world.

To put it simply, he had an accident, and his body was taken to this world by the Lord God before he could die, he was repaired and merged with a classmate named “Yan Han” in this world, and now he must survive and complete a series of tasks entrusted to him by the Lord God using this identity.

The content of the task was very long, and Yan Han was in a daze, he listened to it in a daze, and for a while he didn’t know what the other party wanted him to do.

But he was quite clear about one thing.

… I probably won’t be able to go back.

When his consciousness returned to the body again, Yan Han suddenly sat up from the bed.

After being transformed by the Lord God, his vision became clear again, but Yan Han, who was not nearsighted, didn’t notice this change.

As soon as he woke up, he was stunned by a scream.

“Ah! Classmate, are you awake? How do you feel?”

Yan Han raised his head and saw that it was the infirmary teacher who he had just met once.

This guy looked quite young and handsome, but he didn’t know why he was so surprised.

The sun was setting, and the sky outside was already starting to darken.

After accepting his new identity, knowing that he was back on the high school campus, Yan Han was still faintly excited in his heart anyway.

Dropping out of high school was the biggest regret in his life.

What he regretted was that he was too young and frivolous.

What he hated was that he didn’t want to make progress at that time.

Yan Han had nothing to worry about in the previous world, now that he was given another chance, he would treat it as a pie falling from the sky and accept it as if it was ordained.

From now on, he was Yan Han[2].

But even so, Brother Yan was still Brother Yan, and Yan Han didn’t like being stared at.

The infirmary teacher, who was quite strict in chasing other students before, stuttered when he saw him for some reason. He was obviously fine, and he was still talking to him.

“Well, classmate, how do you feel now? You, you, you seem to be different from before? Your name is Yan Han, right?”

Yan Han politely smiled at the teacher and said, “I was just hit by a basketball. I’m fine now, I’ve slept through it, thank you teacher, I should go back to class.”

“No, wait a minute…” The young doctor in the white coat wanted to stop him, but he was a little shy, he seemed to have forgotten what he wanted to say.

The other party couldn’t explain clearly, so Yan Han naturally didn’t know what he wanted to do.

He waited for a while, and became a little impatient again, so he had to say: “I am a student in Class 17 of the first year. If the teacher has anything to do, please come find me there.” Then he left the infirmary.

The young doctor opened his mouth slightly and saw the slender figure stepping out of the infirmary.

The other party’s gorgeous and peerless face was still reflected in his mind—

Strange, although he was not a face con, but such a good-looking person, with that level of face value, he should have been able to discover it when she was first brought in. Ah! Why did the other party completely change after taking off her glasses and falling asleep!

Did wearing glasses really have such a big impact on a person? … By the way, glasses!

“I remembered, classmate! Your glasses are here!”

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[1] Fake injury in order to receive compensation.

[2] The Yan Han characters used in both names are different… that’s why he is saying it that way.

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