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Ji Wenfeng showed his face in front of his parents for a while, then went back to his room, and didn’t show up for most of the night afterwards. But Fang Qing kept saying, “Your son is so handsome.”

Hearing this, Ji Tong felt a little subtle.

Seeing that they didn’t have time to talk to him, Lu Rong sneaked away and wandered around the house to calm down the havoc in his mood caused by “Ji Tong’s son is Ji Wenfeng”.

How could he not think of it?

It’s all because the surname Ji was so rare, he always thought that Ji Tong’s surname was Ji. Moreover, Ji Wenfeng’s father donated 100 million yuan to the school, and he thought that Ji Tong was a loan shark, so in his heart, the wealth of these two people was not in the same order of magnitude, so naturally they could not be related.

Well now, Ji Tong had donated 100 million to Chengnan High School, and spent 120 million to buy a villa in Fang Wang. According to the 4% theory, his family property should be more than 6 billion—fuck, he could go up the Hurun rich list[1]!

Lu Rong walked round and round Fang Wang. It was late at night, but the hills were still lit, and the lawn around the house was lit up like it was Christmas—fuck, how much did it cost?

Lu Rong felt distressed and at the same time extremely excited. He was indeed not born with a golden spoon in his mouth, but all of a sudden, his mother married a billionaire on the Hurun Rich List, and he became the young master of a wealthy family, the probability of which happening was much lower than being born with a golden spoon in his mouth, he had hit the jackpot! The kind that had been accumulated for half a year!

Lu Rong was proud of himself, but his mind wasn’t overheated. A gentleman loved money, but he got it in a proper way. It was not his turn to inherit Ji Tong’s throne, after all there was Ji Wenfeng waiting to take the throne in front of him. All he could get was a “chicken and dog ascending to heaven”, he could enjoy a few years of happiness in the Ji family and get the title of the second young master of the Ji family, but these were enough.

If you think about it, ordinary people may not be able to make friends with rich people like the Ji family after working hard all their lives, but he easily became a member of the Ji family. It was impossible for him to take money from the Ji family, but wealth, status, connections, reputation, these intangible assets were all resources, and if he could establish a good relationship, he could eat for most of his life with what was leaked through their fingers.

Lu Rong’s piercing eyes turned to the wall reflecting the spotlights, looking at this magnificent house, every brick and tile was money.

But when he saw Ji Wenfeng walking by the window, the fantasy was over again – he had offended the prince.

“Actually, I didn’t really offend…” Lu Rong’s heart was full of lucky fantasies, “I just didn’t give him the little fish cake. I defended against him on the basketball court and then tripped him, and I said something like ‘the prince will bow for the prime minister. It’s just that you’re kind.” It wasn’t me who said, “The prince and general are kind.” It was Li Nanbian who said it. How could he know that Li Nanbian was my subordinate? He might not remember me at all.”

The more Lu Rong thought about it, the more he felt that it was true. That’s right. In the future, if he wanted to have a good relationship with the crown prince, whether it was for Fang Qing or for himself, the harmony between brothers was very important.

He went back to his room, took a shower, and fell asleep on the jelly-soft bed.

Early the next morning, Fang Qing and Ji Tong still did not show up. When Lu Rong went to say goodbye to them, they were still playing games in the basement. Ji Tong had fallen asleep, Fang Qing stared at him with bloodshot eyes and said, “I’m beating Lawrence, don’t make noise!”

Lu Rong: “…I just came to say goodbye to you.”

Before Fang Qing’s pillow flew out, he decisively closed the door for the two of them, finished breakfast in the dining room alone, and walked out the door with his schoolbag on his back. Lao Song had already activated the Bentley and was waiting there. Ji Wenfeng was sitting in the back seat by the window, reading the criminal tactics series “Poison Laboratory” with his head down.

Lu Rong smiled at him and reached out to pull the car door.

Ji Wenfeng didn’t raise his head and said, “Prince and general, would you rather be kind?”

Lu Rong: “…”

Ji Wenfeng raised his head and told Lao Song: “Let’s go.”

Lao Song glanced at Lu Rong in the rearview mirror: “Young master…”

Ji Wenfeng: “He wants to go by himself.”

Lao Song realized that he was involved in a house fight among a wealthy family, but he was just a driver. He didn’t want to bully the second young master who had just arrived, nor did he want to offend the eldest young master. They were all in adolescence and they were both difficult kids. Couldn’t they go to other places to fight? Did they have to come to embarrass him, Lao Song?

Lao Song’s eyes gradually became ferocious, and he quietly looked at Lu Rong from the rearview mirror, waiting for him to make a decision. Either get in the car quickly and let Lao Song take them to school, or think of other ways, such as crying to the master about how his brother bullied him and let the master handle it. In short, don’t embarrass him, Lao Song.

Lu Rong calmly said: “Open the trunk.”

Lao Song was stunned for a moment, opened the trunk, and Lu Rong took out his bicycle from inside. When Fang Qing and Ji Tong came to pick him up from school yesterday, he stuffed that Ms. Giant’s bicycle into the Bentley. “Don’t let a bicycle spend the night outside with a car” was Lu Rong’s life creed.

He got on the bicycle, flicked his long legs, kicked it on, and dashed down the mountain path with his schoolbag on his back.

Lao Song looked at the posture of the young master riding the bicycle, this kid was something.

Ji Wenfeng slapped the book shut with his slender, white fingers: “Overtake him.”

Lao Song: “…”

When Lu Rong rushed into the classroom, the first class was half over. He was sweating profusely, the tips of his hair were dripping with sweat, and he was panting heavily with a flushed face. He looked so miserable that the teacher couldn’t bear to punish him to stand, so he just let him sit down and listen to the class.

After class, Li Nanbian touched him and said, “What’s the matter?” Lu Rong was very self-disciplined and punctual, so he was never easily late.

Lu Rong sighed.

Li Nanbian was even more surprised, and his heart ached: Lu Rong always had a chance to win, so he didn’t sigh easily.

“What’s so serious?”

“A family matter.” Lu Rong said vaguely.

“Your mother sneaked to the Internet cafe at work and was caught by her boss and was fired?” Li Nanbian’s first reaction was this.

Lu Rong: “…”

Why had Fang Qing’s personal image reached this point?!

Lu Rong was used to taking care of everything by himself. Regarding the relationship between Ji Wenfeng and himself, he did not intend to disclose it to his brothers. Now the two of them were feuding, and Ji Wenfeng was an opponent, he must not be allowed to know about the whole evil team, and the whole evil team didn’t need to know that Ji Wenfeng was targeting him, otherwise there would be more disputes.

He planned to deal with Ji Wenfeng first.    

He pushed Li Nanbian away, intending to go to the water dispenser to pour a cup of water to make some tea. The rotten girl from yesterday immediately handed the cup to him: “Please drink some.”

Then staring at him intently, she asked: “Son, have you ever been in a relationship?”

Lu Rong spat out the chrysanthemum tea.

Rotten Girl: “Ah…there is a situation. Tell Mom.”

Lu Rong didn’t want to discuss it with his brothers, and he was alone with mixed thoughts. He glanced at the Rotten Girl and thought that talking to her might open his mind, but of course he had to keep all the related names coded.

Lu Rong said carefully: “There is a newcomer in the workplace. On the first day of work, he took the same elevator with someone. He had an argument with that someone because of the problem of jumping in the queue. Then he found out that someone was his boss. Now his boss wants to put on shoes for him, how do we deal with this matter?”

The rotten girl gasped: “You offended Ji Wenfeng from Class 1 because of Guo Jing’s cast?”

Lu Rong hurriedly covered her mouth.

What’s going on, is this person a witch? How did she connect it with Ji Wenfeng in a second when the code was so thick?!

The rotten girl used her eyes to ensure that she would not yell anymore, Lu Rong let go with warning eyes, and the rotten girl turned around excitedly and lay down on her desk: “But it doesn’t make sense, Ji Wenfeng won’t put on shoes for you… Oh, you came late today because of Ji Wenfeng?!”

Lu Rong quickly covered her mouth: “If you do this again, I’ll find a girlfriend.”

The rotten girl had tears in her eyes: no, don’t tear down my cp!

Knowing that she had repented, Lu Rong let go of her hand: “I need to have a good relationship with him, but I acted a little bit hostile to the rich before.” God knows how much he wanted to kowtow to Ji Wenfeng to admit his mistake.

The rotten girl saw what he was thinking: “No, absolutely don’t admit your mistakes and give in. Such a bad character will make him look down on you even more.”

“That’s right.” It was because of this consideration that Lu Rong resisted not start licking the dog on the spot when he was standing beside the Bentley. Before there were no brothers, he said aggressively that he was kind; now that he had come to Ji’s house, he immediately started licking dogs without any kind, this would be the height of hypocrisy.

The rotten girl said: “The human design has already been fucked up, just go straight to the dark! You are not afraid of power, you want to fight against him!”

“I don’t want to fight against him…” Lu Rong had a headache, he couldn’t ride more than ten kilometers to school every day, and then ride more than ten kilometers back. In this way, he will either be expelled from school, or he will become a special student for cycling sports.

“You don’t understand. According to the danmei novels I’ve read, the domineering president will be attracted by this kind of young man who is proud of his talents, regards money as dung, and has a strong self-esteem. Only the high-spirited and proud Bai Yueguang can sit on the top!”

Seeing Lu Rong thoughtful, the rotten girl cupped her hands: “Rong Rong, believe in Mom, a man is just as good. Now all the girls in the school hold him high, you have to make fireworks with different colors, you don’t care about him, despise his stinky money, maintain an independent personality, you will soon attract his attention, and it will be too late when he finds out, that this wild man has completely captured his heart!”

Lu Rong: “…Although I am not gay, thank you.” Talking to experts in different fields could really open your mind.

Although he didn’t want to fall in love with Ji Wenfeng, making friends was the same as falling in love. He had already played with Chen Shi and Wu Guang’s[2] persona, and Ji Wenfeng would look down on him if he changed his attitude hastily. He had to show his integrity to win his respect, so he needed to confront Ji Wenfeng.

Ji Wenfeng had a strong sense of territory, so he must be very happy to beat him and bully him. Then let him win. In the process, he insisted on showing integrity on the surface, but actually also show weakness. Over time, Ji Wenfeng’s heart would soften even if he was not a human being, and that was when Lu Rong would enter the room.

Lu Rong had some ideas on how to solve the problem of cycling more than 30 kilometers back and forth every day.

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[1] A rich people index similar to Forbes.

[2] People who rebelled against the government in 209 B.C.

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