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After Mu Jiurong’s injury stabilized, the family returned to Xin’an City by private plane…Mu Jiurong directly went to recuperate in Yilian Garden, and the company’s affairs were temporarily handed over to Mu Yiqi.

Mu Yiqi actually wanted to drag Mu Yixi over to help, but he had already boasted that he would do it himself, and he couldn’t go back on his word. Mu Yixi pretended not to see his pitiful gaze. He was tired and didn’t want to touch these things at all and he also felt that he had to be ruthless to force Mu Yiqi to continue to thrive.

After Mu Yixuan received the news, she and Qin He rushed back from the United States. She first went to Mu Jiurong to cry, coquettishly coaxed Mu Jiurong to be happy, and then after she came out of the master bedroom, she immediately scolded Mu Yixi and Mu Yiqi with a straight face, even though Mu Yixi was her favorite brother, but she didn’t spare him either!

“You bastards, you are hiding it even from me! I am my father’s daughter, and I have the right to know!” Mu Yixuan cried while cursing, raising her fist to beat people politely: “It’s too much to hide it from me! I hate you guys!”

Mu Yixuan was far away in the United States when Mu Jiurong had an accident, so everyone had a tacit understanding not to alarm her. After Mu Jiurong was rescued and everything settled down, she was notified of the news. Mu Yixuan was so angry that she gritted her teeth and vowed not to let her two brothers go!

Mu Yixi and Mu Yiqi knew that she was very worried, and they bowed their heads in remorse and did not fight back. It was Mrs. Mu and Qin He who joined forces to persuade Mu Yixuan, so she stopped humming, and then surrounded Mu Jiurong as a filial daughter for several days. Mu Jiurong didn’t say anything, but you could tell by looking at his face that he was extremely satisfied. Compared to the two difficult sons, Mrs. Mu and Mu Yixuan, the mother and daughter were Mu Jiurong’s treasures.

Mu Yixi thought to himself: Well, this stinky old man Mu Jiurong is still a bit important to Mrs. Mu and the others.

At this moment, Mu Yixi finally completely let go of some small thoughts about Mu Jiurong (pushing him into the pit of fire, referred to as “plan pit father”) in his heart.

“Brother, where are you going? To Mingming?” After escaping from Mu Yixuan’s hands, Mu Yixi wanted to leave, but while sending him out, Mu Yiqi couldn’t help asking.

After Mu Yiqi came back safely, he didn’t see Feng Weiming. What Mu Yixi said before was that Feng Weiming brought a group of people to find him from another channel. But after he returned safely, Mu Jiurong had disappeared for a long time, so why did Feng Weiming never show up? Mu Jiurong was his uncle after all and had even taken care of him for more than ten years.

“He had something urgent, so he had to go back to France.” Mu Yixi said. He had no problem at all. When Mu Yiqi disappeared, Feng Weiming was as anxious as he was, and accompanied him to look for him without saying a word. With Feng Weiming taking Brother Ling and the others to look for Yiqi, Mu Yixi could go back to Yilian Garden to accompany Mrs. Mu with peace of mind. As for Mu Jiurong’s disappearance, even Mu Yixi, who was his own son, didn’t want to pay attention to it, let alone Feng Weiming? Not to mention that Mu Jiurong raised him in order to gain benefits from Mu Jiuqing, but later he and Mu Jingwei joined forces, forcing them to separate for two years, and that basically eroded the little affection they had with each other.

Even Mu Jiuqing, as Mu Jiurong’s younger brother, did not return to China because of his disappearance. So, Feng Weiming having to go abroad because of other important matters when Mu Jiurong disappeared, was perfectly normal.

“Did he tell you personally?” Mu Yiqi asked. After all, Mu Jiurong was his father, and Feng Weiming was his brother, but he didn’t care about his father, which made Mu Yiqi feel a little uncomfortable. On the other hand, the experience during this period had made him a little frightened.

“Yes.” Mu Yixi nodded. Five days ago, Feng Weiming called him personally, saying that he had something urgent because of which he had to go back to France. At that time, Mu Yixi was busy looking for Mu Jiurong, and didn’t ask him what was urgent, but told him to be careful on the way.

Mu Yixi suddenly paused.

Five days ago…

Mu Yiqi breathed a sigh of relief: “That’s good.” He couldn’t help muttering: “If he comes back, ask him to come and see Dad…” How to say, the etiquette still dictated that he should visit. Mu Yiqi didn’t expect that Feng Weiming would leave. They had grown up together and he knew that although Feng Weiming looked cold, but he was always polite.

Mu Yixi suddenly picked up the phone and dialled Feng Weiming’s number.

“Hello, the phone number you called has been turned off…”

A mechanical voice came from the other end of the phone.

Mu Yiqi’s heart skipped a beat, and he looked at Mu Yixi without speaking.

Mu Yixi frowned and dialled another number.

After a while, the other party picked up: “Speak.” It was Mu Jiuqing’s voice. What Mu Yixi had dialled was Mu Jiuqing’s private number, and there were less than ten people who knew this number.

Mu Yixi said directly: “Five days ago, Mingming called me and told me that there was an urgent matter in France and he needed to go back…”

“He didn’t come to my side.” Mu Jiuqing said. Mu Yixi heard the slight and quick sound of the keyboard clicking over there: “He boarded the plane… five days ago! You haven’t contacted him for five days?” Mu Jiuqing’s tone was very rude.

Mu Yixi: “…Are you sure he’s in France?”

“What’s the use of you!” Mu Jiuqing cursed, and suddenly, his voice turned sharp: “It’s not him who boarded the plane! Vin, check the young master’s whereabouts immediately! Damn it!”

Mu Yixi was shocked when he heard his words, and when he was about to speak again, Mu Jiuqing had already hung up the phone with a “snap”!

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