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Live broadcast location: Xie Ruheng’s living room

Clothes for live broadcast: Xie Ruheng’s shirt and trousers that Xie Ruheng forced him to wear

Before, adjusting the live broadcast ball, he put on the smile of a professional tea artist and started broadcasting.

In the live broadcast, the soft light was like soft silk and satin draped over people’s bodies, and the Alpha’s wide shirt had widened from the neckline, revealing the slender neck that only an omega could have, and also revealing the faint temptation of a delicate and charming Omega.

However, the focus of the barrage was not here:

[Fuck, fuck, Xie Ruheng, why are you here!!!]

[Teacher Tang Bai is wearing the clothes of Xie Ruheng!]

[What happened? Is this an afterthought?!]

[Dead ghost, you finally started the live broadcast!]


“Let me introduce to everyone, this is Xie Ruheng, my helper for today’s live broadcast~” Tang Bai stretched out his little finger to Xie Ruheng.

Xie Ruheng nodded at the barrage, even smiling miserly, it could be said to be very indifferent.

But the barrage…


[I like the iceberg male god!]

[Xie Ruheng actually nodded at me woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo hoot]

In the interstellar era, good looks were justice, not to mention Xie Ruheng’s own strength, Tang Bai could also understand why the barrage was being so shameless. Xie Ruheng was so excited that he must have lost his mind. He didn’t expect them to be good sisters now…

“Everyone has seen my appearance today. The clever barrage should be able to guess the content of my tea art class today.”


“Dangdang, the new tea art class, the yellow tea tutorial!!!”

Xie Ruheng who was sitting on the side as the background board: “?”

“Green tea is the weak sister, brown tea is the intellectual sister, white tea is the noble fairy, and black tea is the female brother.” Tang Bai blinked his left eye at the camera, with a clever and cunning expression between his eyebrows and eyes, looking like a little fox. “But yellow tea is different, it is easy to be harmed as soon as it appears.”

[What the hell is the yellow tea tutorial hahaha]

[No, teacher, I haven’t learned qaq with green tea yet]

[Sounds so sexy, hurry up and do it hurry up!]

[So there will be brown tea, white tea, and black tea after that!!!]

“Have you ever drunk yellow tea? Yellow tea doesn’t have the bitterness of green tea. It tastes fresh and mellow.”

“If green tea is the weak and pure younger sister, then yellow tea is a sexy beauty with all kinds of styles.” Pulling up his wide sleeves, Tang Bai raised his fingers and said: “Suggested clothing, you can wear alpha-style shirts and T-shirts, those with good legs can play with the bottom of the shirt, and those with good collarbones should show off the collarbones.”

He was just about to unbutton and demonstrate, when Tang Bai sensed Xie Ruheng’s deep gaze, as if he was a vigilant old father who was afraid that his child would learn bad things.

This kind of look Tang Bai could understand, thinking about it in another way Tang Bai also wouldn’t want his little sister to act sexy to others.

The little hands that were going to unbutton the buttons obediently buttoned up all the buttons, then Tang Bai stopped abruptly and said: “The eyes are also very important, whether they are lazy and blurred or charming~”

“When you draw eyeliner, you can use liquid eyeliner or the powdered eyeshadow can be used to draw out an inconspicuous upward eyeliner.” Tang Bai took out the eyeliner, and after adding a few strokes, the vivid almond eyes became even more charming.

Tang Bai’s hands were steady, he put down the eyeliner and glanced at the questions on the barrage: “I haven’t used eyeshadow before, the color on my eyelids should be pigmentation.” There were many reasons for pigmentation, Tang Bai guessed that this was related to him staying up most of the night and reading about mechanics under the lamp, but the color was very light, it looked the same as light earth-colored eyeshadow, so Tang Bai didn’t care about it.

“Eyelashes are not applied.” Tang Bai tugged at the thick eyelashes casually with his hands, “Yes, yes, they are really natural.”

“Base makeup? My skin is so good that I don’t need makeup.”

Tang Bai spoke confidently, he zoomed in with the camera, pushed his own milk-like skin with his fingers, and pressed the skin with his fingertips to form fine creases like milk skin, so white and soft that people wanted to bite.

Bullet screen: “…”

Bullet screen: I seem to be an idiot for coming here to learn the beauty tutorial seriously.

Tang Bai put his face down and said sweetly: “Reviewing the green tea knowledge points in the last class, brother, sister is very good at makeup, unlike me, she doesn’t even bother to put on sunscreen~”

[This is green tea, it’s obvious. It’s my sweetheart, woo woo woo]

[There’s a green tea smell suddenly! Teacher Tang Bai deserves to be an excellent teacher who combines teaching with practice!]

[Tang Bai’s face made me want to poke too much, it’s pure and wants me to die]

[Can Tangtang publish a skin care tutorial, the skin is really good]

Tang Bai opened the blush, “I think blush is very important, it lifts the complexion, the cheeks are covered in large areas, and the tip of the nose and chin are also hit a little bit.” The soft brush swept over the delicate and flawless skin, and a red mist appeared on the delicate face, like a very ripe sweet fruit.

The transparent lip glaze glided over the pale pink lips, so watery that people wanted to take a bite.

Tang Bai blew a kiss to the camera, and said brightly: “Mua~”

[Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh how can Xie Ruheng hold back!!! I’m already going crazy!!!]

[I’m mean, I’m greedy for his body]

[In front of yellow tea, green tea suddenly became dull]

[Crazy sweet baby! This sister’s boyfriend has been buried!]

Tang Bai put on his yellow tea makeup, turned his head to look at Xie Ruheng, only to see Xie Ruheng covering his eyes with his hands, closing his eyes solemnly and resting his mind.

“Brother Xie?”

Xie Ruheng opened his eyes, and saw that his sweetheart was wearing his clothes, his little face was flushed, like a juicy pink peach, and he was exuding a seductive fragrance.

And the amber eyes looking at him were full of trust and admiration, which were precious and fragile things.

Because he trusted him enough, he would seduce him without any hesitation.

So he couldn’t be indulgent, and he couldn’t cross this boundary without authorization. After all, he had promised Tang Bai that he would pursue the other party when he was successful and famous.

Xie Ruheng took two deep breaths, and forcibly calmed down: “Are you going to start putting on scar makeup now?”

Tang Bai nodded quickly, with his back to Xie Ruheng, sitting cross-legged on the sofa, brushing his overly long hair aside, revealing a snow-white nape.

Xie Ruheng picked up the makeup props, he was always a quick learner, just now he had practiced imitating makeup for glandular scars on the back of Tang Bai’s hand, and he was already able to draw realistic scars with skin wax, body paint, and eye shadow.

He took off his gloves, picked up an alcohol swab, and gently wiped the position of Tang Bai’s glands. Unexpectedly, Tang Bai suddenly shrank his shoulders as if he was afraid of itching, and Xie Ruheng paused for his frightened reaction.

Tang Bai had never been touched there by others before, obviously he would touch this place himself when he took a bath, and it felt no different from other places, why was it so strange when Xie Ruheng touched it?

Was it because it was too sudden just now, and he wasn’t mentally prepared?

“Continue.” Tang Bai gritted his teeth.

Xie Ruheng’s eyes were getting darker, he applied latex on the snow-white skin, he just touched it lightly and Tang Bai’s whole body shivered again, this kind of stimulation was not something Tang Bai could bear, his spine seemed to be drawn away with that strange numbness.

Xie Ruheng saw Tang Bai’s hands on the sofa tighten suddenly, as if he was enduring something.

The weak arms trembled to support the upper body, so that the waist would not be straightened up. Under the thin shirt, one could vaguely see the curvature of the moving shoulder blades on the back.

For a moment, Xie Ruheng wanted to caress that skin vigorously.

Pressing the reddened glands with fingertips, the rough fingertips restrainedly stayed for a moment, and they were gone as soon as they were touched.

“Are you okay?” The cold voice became deep and hoarse at this moment, they were so close, Xie Ruheng’s breath was blown on his neck when he spoke.

Tang Bai, who was originally sitting, suddenly softened, and his body limply fell into Xie Ruheng’s arms.

He didn’t know if it was because he used a lot of blush, or because he was born with a peachy color, but his whole face was pale red.

Under the trembling eyelashes were watery red eyes, Xie Ruheng felt the veins on his forehead about to burst out, but he exhausted the greatest self-control in his life, and did not bully this fragrant and soft little omega in his arms.

Damn… Was this the yellow tea that seduced people without paying for their lives!

The brain that was about to be confused into a mess suddenly made yellow tea notes tenaciously!

Yellow tea tips1: Push the boat along the water and throw yourself into the other party’s arms!

Tang Bai nestled in Xie Ruheng’s arms, gathered some strength and straightened up abruptly, “What’s going on?!”

How could such a poor physique let him engage in beauty videos?!

Tang Bai turned his head and saw Xie Ruheng’s flushed face that was also anxious, and said in a trembling voice: “Brother Xie, don’t worry! I’ll take an inhibitor! I don’t believe it yet!”

Inhibitors, saying this he left behind Xie Ruheng who was suppressed and pretended to be calm.

Onlookers watching the whole thing: “???”

Barrage: “???”

Although I don’t know what you are doing! But Xie Ruheng you fucking can hold back even in front of this!!!

Inhibitors could not only suppress estrus, but also reduce the sensitivity of certain parts of the body. Sure enough, after Tang Bai came back, he only felt that it was a little itchy when Xie Ruheng touched it. This kind of itching was within the controllable range.

For example, at this moment, Xie Ruheng dripped a drop of skin wax extension and blending oil on his finger, kneaded the skin wax a little softer, pinched the shape and pressed it on the gland, if you don’t pay attention to the subtle tightness of the body, you won’t notice it at all.

This made Xie Ruheng feel a little lost.

People, sometimes they were creatures that cherished things only when they were lost.

But everything had pros and cons. Just now Tang Bai was almost jumping on Xie Ruheng’s rational strings. It was a sweet burden that was too painful. If he suffered for a while, he might have to go to the bathroom first to enter the sage state.

And after experiencing the stimulation of being lively and fragrant just now, Xie Ruheng had grown up now! He could control his urge to mark Tang Bai now!

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