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The room was silent.

Even if his boss the Demon King didn’t have any expression on his face at this moment, Quan Juncai could feel the embarrassment all over his body.

“This table…is quite flimsy, haha…” As an all-round assistant, he really couldn’t find a better excuse than this at this time, it was really embarrassing and he was about to commit perjury, okay?

“Then why don’t you change it.” Fan Chen said angrily.

“Yes, I’ll let someone handle it.” Quan Juncai immediately turned around, intending to go out and ask the administration department to come over and change the desk, but just as he walked to the door, he suddenly had an idea and thought of a brilliant plan.

“My lord.” Quan Juncai walked back with a foxy smile on his face.

“What else is there?” Fan Chen’s voice revealed an uncontrollable irritability.

“It’s like this. The administration department doesn’t have any suitable desks, and we have to go out to buy it temporarily, so you may not be able to work here this afternoon, or…you go to work on other things first?” Quan Juncai hinted desperately.

Fan Chen took a deep look at his assistant, then hummed coldly, left a sentence of “clean up quickly”, and left pretending to be calm.

“Pretentious.” Quan Juncai didn’t dare to complain until he was sure that Lord Demon King was gone, “This old tree is blooming, it’s even leaving ink stains.”

Fan Chen came out of the office, took the elevator all the way to the underground parking lot, and then got in the car. He started the car, but when he was about to turn the steering wheel, he stopped suddenly. Everything was ready, he looked ahead, but he didn’t know where he should go.

Fan Chen stayed in the car for a while, then calmed down after a while, and the more he thought about it, the more he felt that something was wrong with this matter. With Mi Wan’s character, it was impossible for her to marry someone quietly, and when the two met last night, Mi Wan never mentioned to him that she wanted to get married. Therefore, there must be a misunderstanding about this matter, but…

Seeing his flustered face in the rearview mirror, Fan Chen smiled helplessly. Even if it was a misunderstanding about Mi Wan getting married, the thing about him liking Mi Wan was absolutely impossible to be an illusion.

Had he actually fallen in love with a human being? Even as the demon king?

On the other side, Mi Wan ran to the school gate, and saw Peng Jia and her two roommates, from a distance. The three of them had also deliberately dressed up. Everyone was wearing the most suitable clothes and light makeup.

“Mi Wan, this way.” Peng Jia waved to Mi Wan from a distance.

Mi Wan ran over and asked worriedly: “I’m not late, am I?”

“No, they are driving over and will be here in a while.” Peng Jia said, looking at Mi Wan’s blushing face with envy, “Mi Wan, your skin is fine.”

“It’s not bad.” Mi Wan giggled, the original owner’s skin was already good, and after waking up, she used spiritual power to nourish her skin for so long, so naturally there would be a difference.

“Let me put on some lipstick for you, it just matches your skirt.” Girls, when they got together, they would naturally care about makeup and clothing. Today, Mi Wan wore a red floral skirt with a black wallet jacket, the overall look was very beautiful, but if her fair face was embellished with a touch of red lipstick, she would look even better.

“Use mine, my color is brighter.” The short-haired girl on the side took out her newly bought lipstick from her small bag.

Mi Wan didn’t move and let them smear as they liked. When they finished applying her makeup, and she looked at her face in the mirror, she saw the bright red on her lips, and felt that her complexion looked even better, so she squinted her eyes happily.

“Peng Jia.” Suddenly, a pleasant male voice came from a distance, and they turned their heads to look, only to see a boy in a white sweater standing in front of a white BMW, waving happily at them.

“Let’s go.” The girls packed their makeup bags and walked towards the car together.

There were four people on each side, a total of eight people. In order to facilitate travel, the boys drove over in two cars. It happened that there were four people in each car, two men and two women.

In fact, this friendship meeting was organized by Peng Jia and Li Hang. Li Hang was the boy in the white sweater just now. He had been chasing Peng Jia for a long time. Of course, if other people in the dormitory could also get together, they would be happy to see it.

Peng Jia and Mi Wan were assigned to ride in the white BMW, which belonged to Li Hang, and his roommate Guan Shu was with him. Li Hang was in charge of driving, while Guan Shu sat in the passenger seat, and the two girls sat in the back seat.

“Li Hang, where are we going now?” Peng Jia asked.

“Going to Wanwu Park, my friend said that there are a lot of flowers blooming there, it’s very beautiful.” Li Hang said.

“I had also been planning to go there in a while. There are many flowers that can’t be bought outside in the Wanwu Park. I also want to pick a few beautiful ones and buy them back to plant.” It took a lot of thought.

“Wanwu Park?” Mi Wan was startled.

“Yes, have you been there, Mi Wan?” Peng Jia asked.

“I’ve been there once, but I couldn’t see much.” She went that time to treat the little white fox, and it was late at night, so she saw almost nothing.

“It’s just right, you can take a good tour this time. Also, you should buy some flowers and plant them. Wanwu Park will sell a lot of flower seedlings and seeds in spring.” Peng Jia suggested.

“Okay.” Mi Wan nodded, but when it came to Wanwu Park, she couldn’t help but think of Fan Chen, which was quite a coincidence.


At this moment, Mi Wan’s cell phone rang, she picked it up and looked, and was even more surprised: Why did she only think of Fan Chen, and Fan Chen sent her a message.

Fan Chen: What are you doing?

Mi Wan: I just thought of you, and you sent me a message, what a coincidence. (Cute face)

Fan Chen: Think of me?

Mi Wan: Yes, my classmates and I are having a friendship meeting today, and they made an appointment to go to Wanwu Park to enjoy flowers together. When it came to Wanwu Park, I thought of you.

Fan Chen: Are you going to Wanwu Park to enjoy flowers? (Surprised)

Mi Wan: That’s right, we have to eat after viewing the flowers.

Fan Chen: Oh.

Mi Wan: What do you want from me?

Fan Chen: It’s okay.

Seeing Fan Chen say this, Mi Wan didn’t ask any further questions although it was a bit strange and put away her phone to chat with Peng Jia.

Based on the principle that you are a couple, I am a couple, everyone was happy when you are in a couple, Peng Jia deliberately matched Mi Wan and Guan Shu, so she was looking for topics to talk with Li Hang along the way, so that Mi Wan and Guan Shu could get to know each other better. Mi Wan herself was a cheerful person, and she was very curious about friendship meetings, so she cooperated very well throughout the whole process. As for Guan Shu, he had been secretly looking at Mi Wan’s appearance long before Mi Wan got into the car, and the young man couldn’t hide his joy in his heart.

Soon, the car arrived at the gate of Wanwu Park, Mi Wan and Peng Jia got out of the car first and waited for the two boys to park and come back.

On the way over, Li Hang bumped his friend with his shoulder: “How about it, buddy didn’t cheat you, right?”

“If it works out, I’ll pay for your lunch for the next month.” Guan Shu said generously.

“Then you have to work hard for a while.”


While speaking, the two quickly walked to the girl’s side, and after a while, several other people also parked their car and walked over. The eight of them joined together and walked towards the entrance of the park.

“There are quite a lot of people today, Guan Shu, take them over there to sit and eat something, and I will queue up to buy tickets.” Li Hang arranged.

“Okay.” Guan Shu immediately said to Mi Wan, “Student Mi Wan, let’s sit over there for a while. It’s sunny here, and Li Hang may have to wait in line for a while.”

Mi Wan looked at the others and saw that they all had weird smiles on their faces. Although it was strange but there was no refutation, she nodded in agreement: “Okay.”

“Then what do you want to eat, I’ll buy it for you.” Guan Shu said again.

At this time, Mi Wan suddenly remembered what Xu Zhuang and Sparrow Jing had said to her before, and she looked at this diligent young man who wanted to buy her things with understanding, and thought belatedly: Could it be that this man likes me? Now that he wants to buy something for myself, he will then keep looking for topics to chat with me after a while, and then ask for my mobile phone number and WeChat ID? Is falling in love so easy?

“I can eat anything, you can buy whatever you want.” Mi Wan suddenly looked forward to it.

“Okay, then I’ll go…”

“Wanwan.” Suddenly, a deep, magnetic, and gentle voice came from behind the group of people.

Mi Wan turned her head and saw Fan Chen in a suit walking towards her. The corners of his mouth were slightly hooked, with a warm smile in his eyes, and his gestures revealed a maturity and elegance that college boys could never have. Fan Chen’s elegance was the elegance that had been accumulated through a long history, soaked in his bones for thousands of years, and had a fatal allure, tempting the few college girls who faced him directly.

“Wow~~ so handsome.” Peng Jia and her roommate couldn’t help but yell in a low voice, even a few boys at the side couldn’t help agreeing in their hearts, because Fan Chen’s appearance at this time was exactly what they would want to strive for in the future.

“Fan Chen, are you here?” Mi Wan looked surprised.

“Yeah, there is a flower show here today, I came over to have a look.” Fan Chen smiled.

“Then why didn’t you say it on WeChat just now?” Mi Wan asked.

“Didn’t you see me?” Fan Chen smiled faintly, and turned his gaze to other people, “Are these your classmates?”

“Yes, they are my classmates.” After Mi Wan introduced the girls, she went to introduce the boys, “These few are our friendship partners today.”

“Mi Wan!”


The girls yelled shyly, and the boys coughed awkwardly, feeling a little uncomfortable. How could anyone talk about friendship so loudly? It’s really shameful.

Fan Chen glanced at the positions of several boys calmly, and quickly identified the boy who was suspected of being Mi Wan’s friendship partner, a tall, thin, very ordinary human male. (Guan Shu, who was just elected as a major in the Department of Architecture of S University, just passed out crying in the toilet.)

“You guys want to go in to enjoy the flowers, have you bought the tickets?” Fan Chen perfectly ignored the embarrassment of the few people.

“Someone went to buy it, and they should still be queuing up.” Peng Jia said hastily.

“There are quite a lot of people today, and the queue may take half an hour. I’ll take you in.” Fan Chen said kindly.

“That’s right, you can open the staff passage to let us in.” Mi Wan’s eyes lit up, “Then we’ll give you the ticket money directly, so we don’t have to wait in line.”

Fan Chen was speechless: “What nonsense, you and your classmates come over to play, how could I still charge you money.”

The Lord Demon King’s tone was full of indulgence, and then he turned his head and said to the girl who answered the conversation just now: “You tell your boyfriend not to buy tickets, I will take you in directly.”

“Uh…okay.” Peng Jia agreed in a bewildered manner as she fell under the unique charm of Lord Demon King.

The author has something to say:

Mi Wan: Why don’t you take money? It’s not me who is paying.

Fan Chen: …

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