SLDH Ch. 62.1: Poor Guan Shu

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As Fan Chen led a few people in through the staff passageway, Peng Jia and the other two girls quietly approached Mi Wan, and asked in a low voice: “Mi Wan, what relationship does this handsome gentleman have to do with you?”


Mi Wan was startled, her relationship with Fan Chen? Patient and doctor, the demon king and a demon hunter, the owner of the murder weapon and the victim, ah, it’s a bit complicated.

“We are neighbors.” Mi Wan gave a more common sense answer.

“Neighbor?” Peng Jia’s eyes lit up, “That’s your neighbor brother, I’m so envious, you were raised with such a handsome big brother?” Her childhood sweetheart.

Although Fan Chen in front was leading the way for the few people, his ears kept paying attention to what was going on behind him. When Mi Wan said that their relationship was just that of neighbors, the Demon Lord was inexplicably disappointed, but it seemed that she was right. The two of them didn’t seem to have any special relationship other than being neighbors.

Then, he heard what the girl named Peng Jia said again, and his mood suddenly became even worse.

What is watching grow up? When did I watch Mi Wan grow up? She became my neighbor after growing up, okay? When I met her, she was already 520 years old~~

“No, no, we became neighbors only recently.” Seeing their misunderstanding, Mi Wan explained again.

“You just became neighbors? But you seem to have such a good relationship.” A woman’s sixth sense was the keenest, especially a woman who was full of gossip.

“Well, we have a good relationship.” Mi Wan nodded in agreement.

The Demon King’s mood immediately became happy again, it seemed as if the wind was blowing under his feet, and he walked with high spirits.

“This is the entrance of the flower show.” Taking several people to the entrance of the flower show, Fan Chen asked, “On the left is the ordinary viewing area, and on the right is the viewing area of rare flowers. Which side do you want to go to first?”

“Doesn’t the rare viewing area require a special invitation letter to enter? We can also enter?” Peng Jia asked in surprise. This was a flower show held by Wanwu Park. Their rare viewing area was full of almost extinct flower varieties, and there may even be extinct flower seedlings inside. Many professors of botany and biology did not have a chance to enter that flower show. And they had the chance to go in?

“Okay, I can take you in directly, do you want to go?” Fan Chen smiled lightly, showing his CEO temperament to the fullest.

“I want to go, I want to go…” Several girls from the Department of Landscape Architecture agreed in unison. This was a rare flower show in Wanwu Park. The flower show in which their teachers couldn’t get in no matter how hard they tried, but they had a chance to get in now. When they went back after visiting, this matter could be blown up for a year.

The several boys from the Department of Architecture looked at each other. Although they were not very interested in flowers and plants, who made them like the girls? Besides, friendship meetings were about how to make girls happy. It was just… the sudden appearance of Mr. Fan seemed to have taken all the limelight, and it was really a bit depressing. But fortunately, this guy was not a student, even if he stole the limelight at this time, when they returned to school, the girls would still belong to them.

Fan Chen smiled softly, led everyone into the exhibition hall, and picked out a few rare flowers and plants to introduce to the curious girls. As a demon king, and also a plant-type demon, Fan Chen’s knowledge of flowers and plants was unparalleled. He talked about the habits of flowers and plants, the growing environment, the length of flowering period, and the different changes caused by different climates. The explanation, as vivid as if he was the flower itself, was more exciting than every lecture they had ever heard.

“Brother Fan, you know a lot~” The girls looked at Fan Chen staringly.

“As long as you observe more, you can find it too.” Fan Chen said modestly.

“Yeah, we must observe carefully.” The girls nodded heavily, they were now acting like fans, no matter what the idol said, they would unconditionally support it.

The boys next to them had black lines on their faces. They were here for a friendship meeting, not for class. Also, you are a successful person, don’t you have to work, why come here to grab the limelight.

Maybe it was because the boys’ resentment was too strong and Fan Chen finally realized something, so he smiled and said: “There are still a lot of flowers here, and there are detailed introductions on the QR code next to it, you can visit them separately. If you don’t understand anything, you can ask me again.”

“Yes, good.” The girls nodded happily, and the boys were also secretly happy, because they could finally get along with the girls alone.

“Wan Wan, let me show you around.” Fan Chen looked down at Mi Wan.

“Ah, oh, okay.” Mi Wan was stunned for a moment, and naturally followed Fan Chen.

After the two left, the boys from the Department of Architecture who had been waiting for a long time also quickly accompanied the girls who were paired with them to leave. They had already paired up one by one on the drive over just now. At this time, the two teams left separately. After a while, only Guan Shu was left on the spot.

“…” Guan Shu’s face was full of pain, what was this called, weren’t they here for a friendship meeting? Wasn’t it a dormitory friendship, a one-to-one match? Why was his friendship partner suddenly robbed halfway? Moreover, their relationship was obviously closer than his own, and it seemed that it was not good for him to force himself between them at this time. After much deliberation, Guan Shu could only lament and go to admire the flowers by himself, hoping that this Mr. Fan would leave because of a sudden emergency and return classmate Mi Wan to him as soon as possible.

With Fan Chen, Mi Wan naturally didn’t need to use the mobile phone QR code to scan out the introduction of flowers and plants like other people. Almost as long as she stood in front of any flower, Lord Demon King of Human Flowers and Plants Encyclopedia would automatically introduce it without even her asking: “Do you like it?”

“What?” Mi Wan was taken aback.

“Do you like this flower?”

“It’s okay.” Mi Wan replied, “This flower is beautiful because it is beautiful, but it is too fragile. To grow it, you have to consider the temperature and humidity of the air, which is more troublesome than raising children, in contrast, I prefer the little purple flowers that grow on your vines, they are vibrant and can bloom in any season.”

Fan Chen seemed to be pleased by something, a smile slowly appeared in his eyes, and with a slight movement of the fingers beside him, a small purple flower quietly bloomed in the palm of his hand.

Mi Wan was keenly aware of the fluctuation of the demon power, so she looked over strangely, and saw a familiar little purple flower appearing in front of her eyes.

“Huh?” Mi Wan looked at Fan Chen in confusion.

“For you.” Fan Chen smiled.

Mi Wan was startled, she said she liked the little purple flower, but she didn’t say she wanted it. However, Fan Chen had transformed it himself, so she could just take it.

“Thank you.” Mi Wan took it and pinned the flower on her ponytail very naturally. Five hundred years ago, Mi Wan seldom went down the mountain, so she didn’t have any jewelry. At that time, her only pleasure was to go to the mountain to pick a beautiful flower and use it as a decoration on her hair. So when Fan Chen handed over the flower, she pinned it without even thinking about it. After leaving, she subconsciously looked for a mirror, but unfortunately she couldn’t find it.

But when she was looking left and right to find the mirror, the extraordinarily bright lips smudged with lipstick, like a spot of light in the dark, caused Fan Chen’s eyelids to twitch. Fan Chen didn’t want to stare, but the damn lipstick was so red that he couldn’t control it and would focus on it, as if he could only see the red lips on Mi Wan’s entire face.

Seeing Fan Chen staring at her all the time, Mi Wan thought that her subconscious search for the mirror had been discovered and couldn’t help being a little embarrassed: “I just… want to see where my classmates are.”

“Oh, they are over there.” Fan Chen hurriedly came back to his senses, his expression was not much better than Mi Wan’s.

At this time, Guan Shu, who was enjoying the flowers alone, met his good friend Li Hang and his girlfriend Peng Jia. Seeing that they were getting along as a couple, Guan Shu was very depressed.

“Guan Shu, why are you here alone?” Li Hang enjoyed the flowers together with his sweetheart just now, and when he saw his friend Guan Shu, he suddenly remembered that there was such a person.

“Yes, where’s Mi Wan?” Peng Jia also asked curiously.

“Mi Wan left with that Mr. Fan.” Guan Shu looked depressed.

“Oh oh, that’s it.” After all, he was a good friend who had been sleeping with him in college for two years. Li Hang could see the depression on Guan Shu’s face at a glance, so he turned his head and reminded his girlfriend, “Jia Jia, is it not good that Mi Wan and her neighbor elder brother have left together at our friendship meeting?”

Peng Jia thought for a while, and felt that Li Hang’s words made sense, so she said, “Then let me remind Mi Wan.”

Guan Shu’s eyes lit up immediately.

Peng Jia took out her mobile phone, found Mi Wan’s WeChat, and sent a message: Mi Wan, did you forget that we are here for a friendship meeting? Don’t just chat with your neighbor brother, Guan Shu has been waiting for you for a long time, I think he likes you very much~~~

Mi Wan really forgot about Guan Shu, so when she received the message from Peng Jia, she suddenly woke up, yes, I came here for a friendship meeting, why am I hanging out with Fan Chen. So she decisively said to Fan Chen: “I’m sorry, my friends are waiting for me, I’ll go to them first, and I’ll talk to you when I get back tonight.”

After finishing speaking, without waiting for Fan Chen to answer, she hurriedly waved and ran away.

Fan Chen stood on the spot, watching Mi Wan run far away, watching her run to the human man named Guan Shu, watched the human man smile uncontrollably on his face, and then, he suddenly felt a pain in his heart.

He also saw the message that Peng Jia sent to Mi Wan just now, the sentence “I think he likes you very much~~” stimulated Master Demon King’s head to hurt even more. Wan Wan ran so happily just now because she got to know that that human being liked her. Could it be that she also liked that human being?

Don’t open the forest~~~~

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