YXBG Ch. 40: Natural

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Yin Zhefei moved into the kitchen with her.

——It was so beautiful in spring, Yin Zhefei was stunned by the scene in front of him——In the warm yellow light of the kitchen, Yin Xiaomei was pushing her little butt out while burying her head in the freezer of the refrigerator looking for something, not knowing that she had been caught and was being looked at by someone.

When she took out a bucket of ice cream and turned to leave, she saw Yin Zhefei standing in the dark looking at her with piercing eyes.

“Ah-!” Yin Xiaomei screamed, then got angry and said: “Yin Zhefei, you son of a bitch, you deliberately scared me!”

Yin Zhefei showed a distinguished look and said lightly: “I just came back to get something ……”

Yin Xiaomei looked at him suspiciously, and then at herself, maybe it was her illusion, but it seemed as if Yin Zhefei blushed when he saw her wearing only her underwear.

She thought that she would blush only when she saw his bare body!

“Hey!” She boldly called Yin Zhefei, who turned to leave.

“What are you doing?” He turned around, but still didn’t look at her.

“Is my figure good?” Yin Xiaomei opened her arms and turned around triumphantly, “I don’t need to get my pictures photoshopped to appear on the cover of a magazine!”

Yin Zhefei seemed to take a deep breath and slowly said, “You are very good, but with money…”

“Huh? What do you mean! I tell you that my breasts and buttocks are 100% natural! They just look like a fake replacement!” Yin Xiaomei couldn’t tolerate him questioning her figure at all!

Yin Zhefei returned to his usual calm and slightly sarcastic attitude, and smiled: “I mean…you are so young, and you have an airport[1]…”

Yin Xiaomei was in a daze, and then she understood what he was talking about. She was almost enough for smoke to come out of her head, she rushed over and said: “Look carefully! Where is this an airport! Ah! You are not very young, when did you get blind?”

Yin Zhefei was startled, stepped back and was backed against the wall.

“Okay,” he hurriedly said with nowhere to go. “Even if you are at home, you should wear tight clothes. Did you run around in the same way when you were in the UK?”

Yin Xiaomei reluctantly said: “You should change your tone first.!”

“What changed your tune!”

“I don’t have an airport! Although it is small, but it is there!” She rubbed her little chest and said, “Look, I have a ditch!”

“Okay, there is still material…” Yin Zhefei looked up at the ceiling with a compromise, “You are the biggest…”

Yin Xiaomei blinked, her expression changed suddenly, and she approached him enchantingly: “Brother dare not look?”

“What’s there to see…” “Yin Zhefei seemed to focus on a small black spot on the ceiling.

“I know what calculations you are making. You kissed me and said that you liked me, all to tease me…” Yin Xiaomei’s soft fingertips ran across his forearm, successfully shocking his body, “But brother, you have to be careful, if you will always like me, by then, you can beg me…”

Yin Zhefei suddenly lowered his head and looked at her mischievous eyes: “If I beg you, will you stay with me?”

“Of course not!” Yin Xiaomei smiled slyly, “It’s just that I will enjoy it!”

“Then you know, don’t you like me too?”

Her eyes became fierce, Yin Xiaomei seemed to have noticed a dangerous little animal, so she stepped back a little, and said sternly, “No!” He looked at her like this, as if she was some kind of delicious food.

“No?” He slowly approached her, “Don’t you still keep my picture? Do you remember what I looked like when I took a bath? Although I am very busy at work, I have never neglected to exercise. Maybe now my body looks better than before. Would you like to look at it again?”

Yin Xiaomei was shocked, and when she stepped back coldly, she also leaned against the wall!

“Don’t be narcissistic, you are a sand pig!” She cursed in a weak tone, “I have seen thousands of male models, all of whom look better than you!”

“Really…” Yin Zhefei was not at all annoyed,” However, when it rained that day, you weren’t able to hold it in! I remember, you also enjoyed it…”

“You fart!” Yin Xiaomei was ashamed and angry, but she couldn’t deny that she was indeed caught by Yin Zhefei at the time. The beauty dazzled her head, so that when she saw the skin exposed by his neckline, she could not help but feel her mouth dry.

“Do you want to try again…” Yin Zhefei whispered in her ear.


“See if you really don’t like my body…” Yin Zhefei said such shameful words, even though his tone was calm, his face flushed. Fortunately, Yin Xiaomei was facing the kitchen lamp at this time, which was dimmed, so she could not see his face clearly.

Yin Xiaomei’s breathing became short and hurried. She pursed her mouth, as fiercely as an agitated kitten waving her small paws: “Then…then if you are shameless, take it off, anyway…I have seen a lot of male bodies anyway!”

“Okay … respect is more important than life …” Yin Zhefei’s tone became extremely light, one hand was raised, and his long fingers unbuttoned his shirt very slowly.

Yin Xiaomei’s brain exploded with a “boom”.

She felt so thirsty, especially at this time when she was backed into a “niche” here, and her whole person was surrounded by Yin Zhefei’s breath. Different from the scent of a teenager, his breath had become more mature and alluring, and was mixed with the faint musk of men’s perfume and the smell of disinfectant from the laboratory, it was simply a fatal aphrodisiac!

She never knew that she was such an idiot, the other party just unbuttoned a button and made her heart beat loudly, she felt weak, like a piece of waste wood!

Yin Zhefei’s breath was scorching hot on her cheeks, and his full and beautifully shaped lips approached her. Yin Xiaomei kept yelling frantically: “Don’t be fooled! Don’t be fooled! He is teasing you again! Hurry up and push him away!”

But when she raised her hand and had just put it softly on Yin Zhefei’s chest, the solid muscles became clearer through the thin cloth, and the heat from her fingertips made her feel dizzy. What…

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[1] Basically means a flat chest.

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