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When Pei Jin returned to the bedroom, she was still thinking about the words He Xun had said just now.

He had said, “Peipei, stay by my side, don’t go anywhere.”

She had to say that when she heard that, her heart seemed to stop beating.

She threw herself on the bed, what should she do. Should she come out to He Xun and tell him all her secrets, or continue to keep it from him?

But how long could she hide it? She had to transfer school soon.

The next day was Thursday, and immediately after Thursday it was Friday, and after Friday, it was the weekend.

Maybe because the weekend was approaching, so the atmosphere in the class was very relaxed.

However, Pei Jin felt that there was no time when the atmosphere was not relaxed in the classroom. Otherwise, how could the test get so close to them, but she still couldn’t see anyone in the class busy reviewing?

Not long after she arrived in the classroom, she received a message from a stranger.

[188xxxxxxxx: Is this classmate Pei Jin? I’m He Xun’s father, I want to talk to you about something. If you have time after school, can you go to the nearby literature and art bookstore alone to meet me?]

When Pei Jin saw the five words “He Xun’s father”, her hands almost shook.

Was it really He Xun’s father, or just a liar?

Could it be that Xu Yi wanted to deceive her to call her out, so she set up a game?

After a while, that account sent another message. [188xxxxxxxx: I’m not a liar. If you are worried, you can come with Zheng Li, as long as you don’t let He Xun know.]

Pei Jin looked at the message and was silent for a while. It really seemed to be He Xun’s father. But what did He Xun’s father wanted to meet her for?

Could it be that because she was He Xun’s roommate, he wanted to understand He Xun’s situation through her?

Speaking of which, this was not impossible, after all, He Xun had never returned home since he started school. Moreover, as He Xun’s roommate, she knew his situation best. He had hardly ever called home, and his relationship with his family was really tense.

Except for the nanny delivering meals on time every day, he and the He family had no other contact.

If Father He was here to care about He Xun, that would be great.

Taking advantage of the gap when He Xun went to the bathroom, Pei Jin hurriedly ran to Zheng Li and talked to him about it.

Zheng Li frowned after listening. How did He Xun’s father know about Pei Jin’s existence? What was the matter with him looking for Pei Jin now?

Zheng Li didn’t know why, but he was a little concerned. He always felt that things were not that simple.

He looked around and found that Fatty and Zhang Chen were chatting enthusiastically. Since no one was noticing them, he lowered his voice and said, “It’s okay, I will go with you to check the situation out.”

Pei Jin bit her lower lip, “Then what about Brother Xun?”

“It’s okay, I will make Fatty distract him, and this matter will be on me.”

Since Zheng Li took the initiative to handle the matter, it was the best.

After that, Pei Jin was always a little worried. She didn’t expect to see He Xun’s father so soon, and that too without He Xun’s knowledge.

Did he look serious? What would he tell her?

With all kinds of questions in her heart, Pei Jin and Zheng Li went to the literature and art bookstore near the school after school.

She did not expect that she would come to this bookstore so many times in such a short period of time.

There were a lot of people in the bookstore, the environment was quiet, and the atmosphere was harmonious.

When she and Zheng Li arrived, He Xun’s father was already sitting upright by the window.

He Xun’s father must have looked very handsome when he was young. Now even if he looked a little old, he still looked personable, and his years had given him a unique charisma that made him look particularly charming.

In fact, he and He Xun looked only a few percent similar. Pei Jin thought, He Xun must look more like his mother.

Seeing Pei Jin and Zheng Li, Father He gestured to them, “Come on, sit here.”

Pei Jin sat down nervously. Just as Zheng Li wanted to sit down with her, Father He said in advance, “Xiao Zheng, you go to the side and wait.”

This was not a discussion, but an order.

Zheng Li looked at Pei Jin and then at Father He. He felt that he couldn’t go against He Xun’s father, so he chose to go and wait.

When the familiar person left, Pei Jin became a little more nervous in an instant.

Before coming, she had already prepared a draft in her heart, and no matter what the other party asked about He Xun, she would tell the truth. She hoped that He Xun could have a better relationship his father. After all, his mother had passed away, and only his father could give him the warmth of a family.

He Xun was so nice, he should have a happier life, instead of hiding from his family, not going home, or contacting them, like he was now. Sometimes money did not necessarily lead to a happy life. The company and understanding of family members were more important than money.

Although He Xun’s father looked a little serious, he was still very polite. He handed the menu to Pei Jin, “What do you want to drink?”

Pei Jin pursed her lips, “Just boiled water.”

“Okay.” Father Pei directly let the waiter serve two glasses of boiled water.

Before the water came, Father Pei slowly spoke, “I hope my son can return to a normal life.”

After listening, Pei Jin looked blank.

What did this mean?

What was returning to a normal life? Was He Xun’s life abnormal now?

“I heard that you and my son are roommates. My son is at an age where it is time for spring to arrive, and it is normal to be tempted. In addition, you are roommates. But I can’t let this situation develop.”

Pei Jin opened her eyes wide, and seemed to understand the intention of Father He’s calling her out today.

He thought He Xun was with her!

Pei Jin couldn’t help but explain, “Uncle, He Xun and I are not the kind of relationship you think.”

“Not the kind of relationship I think?” He Xun’s father’s voice was very peaceful, but also very indifferent, “It’s not that kind of relationship. Then why would my son bend down to tie your shoes? Will take you skating? My own son, I know best, he is so proud, never lowers his head for anyone. But he made an exception for you, to him, you are very special and important.”

Hearing such words from He’s father, Pei Jin didn’t know whether she should be happy or sad.

Happy because she was the most special one to He Xun. Or sad because Father He was really misunderstanding her and He Xun, they were really just roommates now.

But slowly, Pei Jin tasted a different flavor from this sentence.

What Father He mentioned had happened just yesterday. On the skating rink yesterday, there were only her, He Xun, Zheng Li, Fatty and Zhang Chen. So, who told Father He about this?

Pei Jin actually had the answer in her heart.

At this time, two cups of boiled water came up. Father He took a cup of water and took a sip. His expression was calm and indifferent and said, “I hope you can move out of the dormitory as soon as possible. The best thing is to leave the school directly. I don’t want my son to like a man.”

Pei Jin clasped her hands tightly together.

She took a deep breath, and then slowly spit it out, “He Xun’s father, please allow me to call you this way, you may find it unbelievable, but in fact, I am a girl.”

Father He slowly put down the water cup, and his inquiring gaze stayed firmly on Pei Jin.

Pei Jin took off her glasses, revealing the graceful face that only a girl could have.

Such soft facial contours, such delicate facial features, and such beautiful face, all told Father He that what Pei Jin said was true. She was really a girl.

Father He couldn’t help but exclaim, “You…”

Pei Jin put on her glasses again, and her tone was a little lost, “Actually… “

Father He didn’t know what to say for a while.

When he learned from Zhang Chen that He Xun might like a boy, he was really furious. He only had one son. He Xun would need to inherit his family property in the future, so he really could not accept that his only son was with a boy.

He family’s huge business could not be without heirs.

Before coming, he envisioned various situations. As an adult, he also knew how to make a high school student give up as soon as possible. He hoped that his son’s life could get back on the right track as soon as possible, but he never expected the ending now.

What his son liked was not boys, but girls! And she was a super beautiful girl.

Father He couldn’t help thinking that she was worthy of his son, and his own vision was not so good.

Father He asked suspiciously, “Then if you are a girl, how did you come to an all men’s school?”

Pei Jin bit her lower lip, “This is an accident… In short, Uncle, I didn’t lie to you.”

Did Pei Jin lie, Father He naturally could see himself.

Since the other party was a girl, he was relieved.

Pei Jin stared at the water cup in her hand, and slowly said, “It is actually not easy for He Xun. Uncle, in the future, can you care about him more?”

Speaking of He Xun, Father He couldn’t help sighing, “He Xun is too stubborn. His mother passed away. After I remarried, he had great opinions on me. Before, we father and son occasionally had some conversation. After he started living on campus, we haven’t spoken for a long time.”

Pei Jin thought about it carefully and said, “Uncle, you and He Xun need to communicate more. Uncle, I hope you can be more tolerant and patient towards He Xun. He is really a super super good person.”

Hearing Pei Jin say that He Xun was a super super good person, Father He couldn’t help laughing. This girl, her filter towards his son was not so thin. His son had a stubborn temper and couldn’t say good things. He was self-sufficient and didn’t care about people at all. Apart from his face, he had no other advantages. He didn’t expect his son to be so good in her eyes. Xi Shi appears in lover’s eyes[1], this idiom really wasn’t unreasonable.

Father He didn’t say anything bad about He Xun. He tapped his right index finger on the table and said slowly, “You are a good girl. Go back and tell him to stop thinking about He Ming, he is my only son in this life. What he is worried about will not happen.”

When Pei Jin and Zheng Li left the literature and art bookstore, it was raining lightly.

Zheng Li looked indignant, “Zhang Chen is really not a good thing. He has been getting better and better in the past few years. He has even started making small reports to the parents, so shameless?”

Pei Jin did not speak.

She knew that Zhang Chen had never liked her, but in fact she didn’t like Zhang Chen either. Among He Xun’s three friends, Fatty was simple and honest, Zheng Li was straightforward, and Zhang Chen was the one with the worst character. The contradiction between her and Zhang Chen could never be solved. The reason why it was still harmonious before was just to whitewash the situation and pretend that nothing had happened.

It should be Zhang Chen’s true intention to let her transfer school and leave their world completely.

T/N: Father He is very straightforward… and I never liked ZC at all, I don’t get how people like Fatty, ZL and HX can be friends with him?

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[1] Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

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