SLDH Ch. 46.1: Final Exam

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When Mi Wan woke up, it was already the morning of the second day. She was wearing a sweater and sleeping in a soft quilt.

“When did I come back?” Mi Wan was a little confused, “I remember, I seemed to have snuck out in the middle of the night to treat the little white fox, and then…”

Mi Wan tried hard to remember, but all her memories only stopped at the cyan light spots in the sky.

Lifting the quilt, Mi Wan planned to wash up first, and then think about it slowly. When she got up, she found that she was only wearing a sweater, and the khaki down jacket she specially wore last night was folded and put away on the sofa beside her.

Mi Wan blinked, took out her cell phone and called Fan Chen.

“Are you awake?” Fan Chen seemed to be sure that Mi Wan would call him as soon as she woke up.

“What happened to me yesterday?” Mi Wan asked.

“You were affected by the charm technique of the ninth-rank fox.” Fan Chen explained.

Mi Wan remembered that yesterday, she seemed to think that the cyan light spot was very beautiful, so she reached out to touch it. It was really self-inflicted, she thought that the little white fox was still a child, and at most, the charm technique would make her think that little kid was a little cute, but she forgot that the demonic power was directly drawn by Fan Chen from the little white fox demon pill. It was not the same at all.

My famous name has been destroyed.

After being annoyed, Mi Wan continued to ask: “Then what did I do later?”

“…” The other side was quiet for a moment, it seemed that Fan Chen was distracted, “No, you just fainted.”

“Oh~~” Mi Wan breathed a sigh of relief, she didn’t seem to have done anything embarrassing, “Is that why you sent me back?”

“Yeah.” Fan Chen nodded.

“You also took off my clothes?” Mi Wan continued to ask.

“Puff~~” There seemed to be a sound of something spurting out from the opposite side, followed by a series of coughing.

Mi Wan was a little worried, and couldn’t help asking: “What’s wrong with you? Are you uncomfortable? You didn’t look very good when I saw you yesterday.”

“It’s okay.” Fan Chen’s voice trembled, “Your clothes… …I was afraid that you would not sleep well, so… I just took off your coat.”

After finishing speaking, Fan Chen felt annoyed again, wishing he could go back in time and erase what he just said, that sentence was so ambiguous. What did he mean I just took off your coat, did he want to take off other things?

“Thank you.” Fortunately, Mi Wan didn’t think too much, and even laughed heartlessly, “By the way, how is the condition of the little white fox, has our idea succeeded?”

“Yes, it has.”

“That’s good, then I’ll send you the bill of the little white fox in a while, and you ask Quan Juncai to pay for the medical expenses.” Mi Wan didn’t have the contact information of the fox demon, so she had to ask Fan Chen to convey it on her behalf. Moreover, that fox demon seemed to be very afraid of Fan Chen, so he wouldn’t dare to renege on his debt.

“Yes.” Fan Chen paused and added, “Quan Juncai is my special assistant, he owns shares in the company.”

“What do you mean?” Mi Wan didn’t understand.

“He’s rich, you can ask for more.” Fan Chen’s voice hinted of gritted teeth.

“Oh, I see. Is it because you are familiar with the fox demon, so you are embarrassed to ask him for the money you gave him. It doesn’t matter, I will double the bill and help you get the money back. No, I would add even more points, Qiankun vine is very valuable.” Mi Wan said to herself and hung up the phone without waiting for Fan Chen’s answer, probably going to settle accounts.

Fan Chen smiled helplessly, his smiling eyes swept over the teacup he touched just now and his face felt slightly hot again.

“Did you take off my clothes?”

Fan Chen lowered his eyes, then he got up and left. If you shouldn’t think about it, don’t think about it.

After dinner, Mi Wan went to the pet shop. She changed the medicines for the little frys first, and after making sure that most of the demon poison in their bodies had been removed, she carried her schoolbag to school. There had been very few classes this week, but Mi Wan had spent more time at school than ever before. Because in a week, the final exam would be held.

In order to prepare for the final exam, Mi Wan even asked Sparrow Jing to postpone all the patients who had made appointments, for half a month, so that she could devote herself to her study. In order to help Mi Wan review, Han Xiao, Jin Mingxuan and others found a self-study classroom early on and took up the seats in the back.

“I think you should give up on soil science.” Han Xiao suggested, “The teacher’s impression of you is too deep, and you can’t get 80% in the exam. It’s better to give up completely and prepare for the other seven subjects.”

“I think it’s better to give up one more subject. Seven subjects are too many, and it would be difficult enough to pass six subjects.” Jin Mingxuan said.

“Just…there’s no way to get through it all?” Mi Wan said unwillingly.

“How about…” Liu Gu took out a branch from his pocket, “I will lend you the branch of the sacred tree during the exam?”

Mi Wan was speechless, not to mention that the sacred tree had already returned to nature, even if it was still alive, outside of that mountain range, he couldn’t protect anything. However, Liu Gu provided her with an idea. The scared tree would not work, but she could look for the Sanskrit Tree. That’s right, why did she forget about the little Sanskrit tree, Mi Wan immediately became energetic, and the whole person came alive.

“Squad leader, you give me all the test papers for the remaining subjects, I have decided, I will only do these few sets of test papers these days.” Mi Wan said.

“Okay, it’s indeed too late to memorize the knowledge points now.” Han Xiao felt that what Mi Wan said made sense, and immediately took out a bunch of test papers from his bag and handed them to Mi Wan.

“Then I’ll go first.” Mi Wan was about to leave with the paper in her arms.

“Aren’t you doing the paper here? If you don’t understand, you can ask us.” Jin Mingxuan asked.

“No, no, I still have to spend time to understand if I ask you, why don’t I pay my respects to the wishing tree first.” After speaking, Mi Wan ran out of the classroom with her schoolbag in her hand and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

“Wishing tree?” Han Xiao glanced at Liu Gu with disgust, “Look at your good deed.”

“What’s wrong with me? Communicate with the sacred tree, maybe she would really find a very spiritual wishing tree?”

“…” Han Xiao couldn’t say it and was a little depressed.

“It’s time to break up. Mi Wan wants to study by herself. So, we’ll just go play basketball to relax.” Jin Mingxuan got up lazily. He didn’t have to fight for a scholarship like Han Xiao, and it was easy to get a pass with his grades. If it wasn’t for Mi Wan, he wouldn’t have studied so hard.

“That’s right, I’ll go with you.” Liu Gu also put away his books, expressing that he wanted to play ball with Jin Mingxuan.

Just as Mi Wan came out of school, she was thinking of taking a taxi directly to find the Sanskrit tree when she received a call from Sparrow Spirit, saying that her younger brother was there.

“Mi Shao, why is he there?” Mi Wan returned to the pet shop in doubt and saw her younger brother and two teenagers talking with Xu Zhuang together as soon as she entered the door. Those two teenagers, Mi Wan, also knew them. They were Wei Ji and Yang Kaize, the two little classmates who attended the opening ceremony of the pet shop with the younger brother Mi last time.

“Why are you here?” Mi Wan walked over and asked.

“Here to take care of your business.” Little Brother Mi said.

“Business?” Mi Wan rolled her eyes and found an extremely fat cat squatting beside Xu Zhuang’s hand, “Your cat?”

“It’s mine.” Yang Kaize quickly answered, “Nini belongs to my family, she is my mother’s baby, and I don’t know what happened recently but she doesn’t like to eat, so I just want to take her to the store to have a look.”

“Oh~~” Mi Wan nodded, thinking that the other party was her brother’s friend, so she turned towards Xu Zhuang and asked, “What’s wrong with this cat?”

“It’s nothing serious, it’s just that its stomach is a little sick.” Xu Zhuang said.

“Then treat it well and don’t take the money.” Mi Wan said the last sentence to the sparrow spirit.

“No, no, no need.” Yang Kaize hurriedly waved his hands and said, he specially carried his cat across half of the city to come here for treatment, in order to send money to Mi Wan.

“It’s okay, you can collect the money. Yang Kaize’s family has money, so it’s normal to spend 10,000 to 20,000 yuan to cure a cat.” Mi Shao also said.

“That’s fine, then give me 20,000.” Mi Wan said bluntly.

“…” Everyone was silent for a while, and the scene was a little awkward. The subtext of everyone present was: You really charged 20,000 yuan.

Xu Zhuang on the side sighed, and knelt down to his boss’s EQ, he wanted to tell her: with acquaintances, please be polite, just give a discount if you mean it, how can you just ask for 20,000 directly. And it was just gastroenteritis, how can you charge 20,000 yuan, are you killing a pig.

“Ahaha, okay, I’ll pay right away.” Yang Kaize was indeed not short of money, he thought about the ginseng egg he ate last time, and how he hadn’t had time to thank Mi Wan. Immediately, he took out his mobile phone, scanned the QR code on the cash register, and readily paid the exorbitant consultation fee of 20,000 yuan.

One dared to ask, the other was willing to pay, what else could Xu Zhuang say, it could only show the world of the rich, and he, a commoner, didn’t understand it very well.

In order to ease the awkward atmosphere, Xu Zhuang casually started a topic: “Boss, you came back early today, don’t you need to review at school?

“Going to the wishing tree and make a wish, praying that I will pass every exam.” Mi Wan replied.

“Ahahaha…then I wish you success.” Xu Zhuang was speechless, he was skeptical on the point of praying to God and worshiping Buddha to pass exams. It seemed that his boss’s final exam was not optimistic. But since she was his own boss, he still had to give some face.

“You’re so desperate that you’ve become superstitious.” Mi Shao didn’t have Xu Zhuang’s face saving concerns, so he taunted on the spot.

“You don’t understand~~” Mi Wan shook her head faintly, leaving Mi Shao with a secret expression. Mi Shao snorted coldly, expressing his disdain, but Wei Ji, who was at the side, glanced at Mi Wan thoughtfully, and had some kind of guess in his mind.

“Sister Mi, are you going to the wishing tree in the eastern suburbs to make a wish?” Wei Ji asked.

“Yes.” Mi Wan nodded. Wei Ji was a demon hunter, so it was not surprising that he knew the existence of the Sanskrit Tree.

“Why, have you heard of it?” Yang Kaize asked Wei Ji curiously, “Is the wishing tree really effective?”

If the Sanskrit tree accepted it, it would definitely come true. It was just that there were too many people making wishes every day, and even the demon hunters don’t know what criteria the Sanskrit Tree used to choose the order in which wishes were fulfilled, so it was very likely that the wishes you made this year would only come true next year. In particular, this kind of desire to hold on to the Buddha’s feet for passing every exam was generally not realized in time. What’s more, there was a kind of laziness in it that encouraged people to not study hard, and Sanskrit Tree would definitely dislike it.

However, Sister Mi should know this, so why did she still want to make a wish? Was it because Sister Mi had no sect inheritance, so she could only recognize the Sanskrit Tree, but didn’t know its ways? Should he tell her? Wei Ji thought about it, and finally chose not to say anything.

Forget it, consider it a good wish.

“Then let’s go make a wish together.” Since eating Mi Wan’s eggs, Yang Kaize had been very interested in such magical things, and even worshiped Mi Wan blindly.

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