KHSW Ch. 172

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“Strange, what are they doing, sister-in-law? Why did they leave while they were eating?”

Jiang Nan asked suspiciously.

“What’s so strange, it must be just because I said something about them divorcing, they didn’t even say bye when they left.”

When Shu Tingting heard the doctor say the test results, she couldn’t help being stunned. Although she had long believed what Ling Xi said, when she heard the doctor say that she was pregnant, she was completely stunned, not knowing how to react.

On the contrary, Meng Xicheng was so excited that he wanted to pick her up and twirl her around, but he was worried that he would hurt the child in her stomach.

It had been hard for them to have a child, so they had to be careful.

“Wife, you heard, we are going to have a child, we are really going to have a child.”

Shu Tingting recovered from the shock, and saw Xicheng’s eyes and burst into tears, as if infected by his emotions, “Husband, can we not divorce?”

“We won’t get divorced.”

Ling Xi was her benefactor! If it weren’t for her, she and Xicheng might have gotten divorced.

There were tears of joy and gratitude in Shu Tingting’s eyes.

When they got home from the hospital, Mrs. Meng was lying on the chaise longue basking in the sun.

Jiang Nan and Meng Haotian were sitting on the sofa watching TV.

“Didn’t you all leave just now? Why did you come back?” Mrs. Meng got up from the chaise longue and rubbed her temples.

Before waiting for the couple to say anything, Jiang Nan interjected, “Sister-in-law, since you’re back, go wash the dishes!”

Shu Tingting was about to pick up the dishes at the dining table, but was grabbed by Meng Xicheng.

“Brother and sister-in-law, I have actually wanted to say something for a long time. You know the rules of our family. Mom doesn’t like nannies, so the family has never hired them. Logically speaking, we need to do all the work at home together, but you always treat your sister-in-law like a servant. After you have eaten, you leave the plates and bowls on the table. If your sister-in-law doesn’t come back, will you leave them on the table for a whole day?”

Jiang Nan’s face was a little uncomfortable. In fact, it wasn’t her intention, but the old lady told her to let her sister-in-law retreat because of difficulties. Wasn’t she also helpless?

“Xicheng, what did you say?” Madam Meng roared, Meng Xicheng didn’t say anything anymore, and walked upstairs holding Shu Tingting’s hand.

“You stop for me.”

The two stopped, but did not turn around.

“Go wash the dishes, or you’ll get out of this house now.”

Meng Xicheng’s face was gloomy, “Mom—”

After a long time, he sighed, “Tingting is pregnant.”

After he finished speaking, he helped Shu Tingting upstairs.

The air was so quiet that even the sound of everyone breathing could be heard, and the old lady had not recovered.

Meng Jingyue laughed, “Hahaha, great, I knew what Tianqi said was true.”

Jiang Nan looked suspiciously, “What’s the truth?”

“Mom, I already knew that my aunt was pregnant. A month ago, Tianqi said that my aunt was two weeks pregnant.”

“What? It’s true? Then why didn’t you tell us earlier? You child.”

Jiang Nan looked at Jiang Yue complainingly.

“No, it was my uncle who told me not to talk about it first. Wouldn’t it be embarrassing if she wasn’t pregnant by then?”

Old lady Meng trembled slightly, what did she do?

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