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Nuan Nuan was a little dazed, and then smiled with crooked eyebrows, like a little angel, sweet and soft.

Her little hands gently wiped away her mother’s tears, “It’s not bitter, mom don’t cry.”

Why are you so obedient?

Mother Gu touched her little head and burst into tears.

Gu Nan stood by the door for a while, and sent a message to his special assistant Nan Feng with a condensed expression, asking him to find out who had bullied Nuan Nuan when Nuan Nuan was in Xiaoxi Village.

Although it was not like killing people at every turn like on TV, but Gu Nan still thought it was necessary to cause a little trouble for them to vent his anger.

So not long after, Mrs. Sun’s daughter-in-law found out about her husband cheating outside Xiaoxi Village. His wife was also a fierce one. On the same day, she took her family to arrest the other woman and almost beat Mrs. Sun’s son to death. When Mrs. Sun found out, she wanted her son to divorce his wife. Their family became a joke in the entire Xiaoxi Village, and their own family was also in turmoil.

Of course, this is all for later. Nuan Nuan didn’t know that her brother was thinking of venting her anger for her. After comforting her mother, she was holding the delicious biscuits in both of her little hands.

“Mom, I’ll give it to my brother to eat.”

The little milk voice was soft and waxy, and the sweet smell of burnt milk wafted in the air. Nuan Nuan ran so fast with her short legs that she almost hit her brother’s leg, fortunately, a pair of slender hands stabilized her small body.

“Big brother!”

After standing still, the little girl turned her face up, her big black and white eyes turned into moist little crescents, and when the corners of her mouth lifted up and smiled, she revealed a cute little dimple, she was gradually growing a little fleshy and had started looking delicate like a doll, so beautiful and sweet that people couldn’t move their eyes from her.

“Slow down.” Gu Nan lowered his eyes and looked at the obedient younger sister in front of him, the corners of his mouth raised unconsciously.

“Your brother will eat it for you, as mother and Nuan Nuan made it together.”

Nuan Nuan shared her little biscuit with her brother, holding up the bear biscuit and handing it over.

The biscuits brought near his mouth smelled of milk, Gu Nan ate one without changing his expression, then he wiped her little face with his thumb, which was still covered with white flour.

The little girl stood obediently, tilting her head from time to time and rubbing it lightly, like a clingy snow-white kitten with pink paws.

A smile flashed across Gu Nan’s eyes, and he skilfully hugged the little one with one hand.

Nuan Nuan was very well-behaved, smiling sweetly and feeding her elder brother biscuits.

In the afternoon, the weather was gloomy and raining. Nuan Nuan was sitting in a hanging swing on the small balcony of her bedroom with Briquettes in her arms, and Rhubarb lying on its stomach beside her. She held a primary school book in her hand, and she read the textbook that her little brother taught her to read yesterday clearly.

Many people would think the content was boring, but the warm but soft and sweet voice read it like an elf in the rain, with a unique romantic warmth, not only the cat and dog present listened carefully, but even a bird with wings also landed on the windowsill following the sound even though it was getting wet in the rain.

The wings flapping against the glass made a fluttering sound, and the soft and waxy milk voice stopped. The little girl walked over with her bare feet and opened the window while standing on her white and tender toes. The bird was white with warm yellow feathers on its head, it seemed to be a little parrot with red cheeks and it came in immediately.

That’s right, this was the little bird that flew over when it heard the warm reading sound.

“Hello, hello…”

A mellow and clear voice said the word “Hello” in a strange accent. Nuan Nuan was shocked when she saw a talking bird for the first time.

Even Rhubarb and Briquettes came over, looking at the uninvited guest with their furry faces raised.

Nuan Nuan looked at the little bird standing on the window sill in surprise, and greeted it with a very polite voice.


“Little beauty, little beauty.”

It spoke again, calling out to Nuan Nuan continuously.

Nuan Nuan “!!!”

She blushed with embarrassment, tried to touch the bird’s head with her thin and soft fingers, and talked to it softly.

“What’s your name? My name is Nuan Nuan.”

“Doudou, Nuan Nuan, Nuan Nuan.”

It seemed to like it, so it said it twice, Nuan Nuan welcomed this little guest who suddenly appeared at home.

She spread out her little hands, “May I take you to dry off the water on your body?”

“Okay, thank you, thank you.”

Doudou raised his feet and stepped on Nuan Nuan’s palms, and then laid down comfortably. He also gently pecked her finger with his short beak, it didn’t hurt, but it was a little itchy.

She didn’t know if it fell into the mud during the flight, but its feathers were a little dirty. Nuan Nuan softly discussed with it to give it a bath first, and the bird agreed.

After filling the warm hot water, the bird stuck its paws in to test the water temperature, and when it felt it was okay, it flapped its wings and flew in, rolling comfortably in the water.

For a moment, Nuan Nuan’s little mouth opened roundly, “Look at this Briquettes, the bird can take a bath by itself, and you still don’t want to wash up.”

The black cat squatting by the table had its tail up, and its beautiful emerald green cat eyes stared at the bird gracefully while licking its paw.

The bird that was taking a bath: “…”, instantly felt like it was being targeted by it as its prey.

It looked at the black cat vigilantly with small eyes, and came out of the water with warm fingers in its mouth and put it on itself, feeling that this was the safest way.

Nuan Nuan thought it had bathed by itself, so she carefully cleaned its feathers, and it was clean after a while.

The little bird that just got out of the water was wet. Nuan Nuan put it on a dry towel and wiped off the water little by little along its beautiful feathers. On its stomach, there were two claws at the end, but she was very patient.

“Thank you, thank you.”

Shaking the half-dried feathers on his body, the little bird thanked again, and was finally put into the dryer specially bought for Briquettes by Nuan Nuan, and a beautiful little bird came out in a few minutes.

The little bird was still combing its fluffy feathers with his mouth. Nuan Nuan didn’t know what kind of bird it was, so she decided to take it to ask her big brother.

Wearing small slippers, holding the little bird that came home by itself, followed by Briquettes and Rhubarb, Nuan Nuan ran to Gu Nan’s study.

Pushing open the door and looking inside, she found that her eldest brother was not on a video call, so she went in lightly.

“Big brother, big brother.”

Nuan Nuan ran to the stern young man, stretched out her small arms and handed over the bird in her hand. Unexpectedly, the white bird screamed and flapped its wings and flew up.

“It’s so fierce, it’s more fierce than a cat!”

Congratulations, it was able to say a few words.

Nuan Nuan looked at her empty palm in a little daze, why did it run away.

Gu Nan’s narrow phoenix eyes glanced at the flying parrot.

“Big brother, this bird can talk, what kind of bird is it?” Nuan Nuan and clean eyes were full of curiosity.

Gu Nan rubbed her hair, “Cockatiel[1].”

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