SLDH Ch. 59.2: Bat Demon

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Gaocheng, the central square, was having a solo concert. A white-haired man with thick dark circles was singing affectionately on the stage. His singing attracted every citizen who walked by in the square. This singing seemed to have some kind of great attraction. Everyone who heard his singing would unconsciously gather towards the stage, and then they would all show obsessed expressions and stand still.

This scene was very strange. In the noisy central square, thousands of people were silently listening to a man singing, as if this man was some superstar. But if it was really some superstar, how could the crowd be so silent?

When the three people arrived, they saw this scene in front of them.

“The bat demon is hypnotizing them!” Wei Ji looked worriedly at the people gathered around him, “There are so many people, what if he launches a mental attack?”

“I’ll notify the association and find someone to help.” Xiang Zhen was also taken aback. The spiritual attack of the bat demon had always been one of the most feared magic arts of the association, because as long as he wanted to, he could turn an ordinary person into a fool directly in an instant. Although the bat demon in front of him did not have such a criminal record, it was also because of this reason that the Demon Hunter Association had been unable to catch him. Because every time they were about to catch him, he would randomly hypnotize an ordinary human being, and then threaten the Demon Hunter Association with them to let him go.

The Bat Demon had hypnotized so many people this time, it seemed that the association was going to be in trouble again.

“No need.” Mi Wan waved her hand and stopped him, “You activate the Heart-calming Talisman, we’ll talk about it later.”

The two looked at each other, and finally chose to trust Mi Wan, and activated the Heart-calming Talisman on their bodies. And at the moment when the Heart-calming Talisman was activated, both of them felt a burst of relaxation in their brains at the same time. Immediately, the faces of the two of them changed. It turned out that they had just been unknowingly attacked by the bat demon, but they didn’t realize it.


“Let’s go.” Mi Wan took the lead, and the three walked through the crowd towards the stage.

In the huge square, there were countless people standing still. Among them, the actions of the group of three were particularly eye-catching. Naturally, the bat demon on the stage also noticed it. He hooked the corners of his lips and guessed the origin of these people. When the few people approached him, he paused his singing, and said to the three people who had come over with a smile: “Did the Demon Hunter Association respond quickly this time? You arrived in only half an hour?”

“Aren’t you going to finish singing?” Walking to the front of the stage, Mi Wan raised her head and asked the bat demon on the stage.

“How is my singing?” The bat demon asked curiously.

“It’s not bad, it sounds good.” Mi Wan said sincerely, excluding the hypnotic effect inside, in fact, the voice of the bat demon was really not bad.

“Sigh.” The bat demon was overjoyed, and he suddenly started liking the demon hunter in front of him who had come to stop him, “Little sister, I’m sorry to you, so after I finish singing this song, I will undo their hypnosis technique, I won’t make things difficult for you.”

You must know that in the past, after a concert, he ran away in a cool manner, and then left it to the ordinary human beings who were hypnotized to be helped by the Demon Hunter Association, all the while waiting for the next day’s news headlines, watching the Demon Hunter Association struggling to find all kinds of excuses to explain.

“Okay, you continue to sing.” Mi Wan was overjoyed when she heard it. The bat demon wanted to undo the hypnosis of so many people by himself, it would save her energy.

Bat Demon’s liking for Mi Wan increased even more. He gave Mi Wan a thumbs up, and then continued to sing affectionately while holding the microphone.

This harmonious and friendly scene fell into the eyes of the other two demon hunters, it was so weird, that they couldn’t help suspecting that maybe they didn’t come to catch the bat demon but had instead come to listen to the concert.

Both of them saw the shock in each other’s eyes, but they didn’t speak. They wore the Heart calming talisman and listened to the Bat Demon singing with Mi Wan. Listening, the two of them suddenly found that the Bat Demon could sing really well, much better than those popular singers on the internet.

After finishing the song, the Bat Demon was very happy. He even bowed to the audience and said gratefully: “Thank you for coming to my concert.”

“Wow! …” Then a series of uniform applause sounded in the square, and all the hypnotized people clapped mechanically.

“Thank you, thank you.” The Bat Demon thanked them affectionately, as if the applause was not because they were hypnotized by him, but from the heart of these people.

After the “touching” concert ended, the bat demon waved his hand in Mi Wan’s direction contentedly, and said, “I’m leaving. In five minutes, these people’s hypnosis will be undone automatically.”

“Oh.” Mi Wan nodded, indicating that she understood.

The bat demon giggled, then with a thud, a pair of black wings stretched out from behind him. He looked up at the sky, and then flew up. It was just that before he had flown out of the range of the stage, a black iron sword suddenly sprang up from the ground and hung above his head with a buzzing sound.

“You…” The bat demon froze and looked at Mi Wan on the ground in disbelief.

“For the sake of you taking the initiative to release everyone’s hypnosis, I don’t want to hurt you. You can follow me obediently instead.” Mi Wan raised her head and said with a smile.

The bat demon felt the pure spiritual power on the black iron sword above his head, weighed the difference in strength between himself and the other party, and couldn’t help being shocked: he was a seventh-level demon, but the breath on the black iron sword in front of him, it actually made him tremble slightly. Could it be that the girl in front of him was an eighth-level demon hunter?

“Who are you?” The Bat Demon asked in a low voice.

“Mi Wan.” Mi Wan smiled and announced her name.

“Are you the demon hunter who stabbed the patriarch of the Hua clan with a sword? Aren’t you with our demon clan?” The bat demon was shocked.

“I’m a demon hunter, who’s with you?” Mi Wan couldn’t help feeling depressed, she was also a demon hunter after all, when did she join the demon clan?

“Aren’t you the doctor who treats our demon clan?” asked the bat demon.

“I did it to make money, to make money.” Mi Wan was angry. She was such a profiteer, why did she sound like a good person who made selfless contributions?

“Then I’ll give you money, and you let me go.”

“Unfortunately, I arrested you for planting trees, not for making money.” Mi Wan refused, “Will you change back to your original shape and follow me obediently, or should I take you away by force?”

Seeing the failure of the negotiation, the bat demon gritted his teeth, pointed at the humans who hadn’t awakened from hypnosis, and said in a cold voice: “You are not afraid that I will destroy the brains of these people.”

“You can try.” Mi Wan squinted her eyes and encouraged loudly.

“Don’t regret it.” The bat demon gritted his teeth, and released a mental shock, pointing at the few humans closest to him. And at the moment when he released the spiritual attack, the black iron sword above his head suddenly released a surge of aura, turning into a transparent light curtain that directly blocked the bat demon’s spiritual attack, and even bounced it back.

The bat demon suddenly screamed, and then the whole person fell straight from the air, and hit the stage with a bang, showing his original shape.

Mi Wan walked over, picked up the bat demon with a splitting headache, and then raised her hand to recall the black iron sword suspended in the air. The black iron sword was summoned, and it flew back to Mi Wan’s hand, and then kept shrinking until it became the size of a finger, then it was stuffed into Mi Wan’s pocket.

No way, the sword was too big to pass the security check.

This was the end? Xiang Zhen and Wei Ji looked at each other in blank dismay.

“Let’s go.” Mi Wan turned and walked out of the square.

Not long after the three of them left, the people in the square gradually came to their senses. They looked at each other blankly, and then went about what they should do.

Back in Cannes, it was less than nine o’clock, when the three parted ways and went home separately.

When Mi Wan returned home, the bat demon had already recovered from his headache, but his body was sealed by Mi Wan’s restraint, and he couldn’t use his demon power at all, so he couldn’t transform into a human form. He was even tied up with a pink rubber band, it was too shameful.

“What do you want to do to me?” the bat demon asked angrily.

“Didn’t I say, I’ll send you to plant trees.” While speaking, Mi Wan sent a message to Fan Chen.

Mi Wan: Are you coming back home today? Come to my room when you come back.

Recently, she suddenly realized one thing, that was, obviously Fan Chen was a demon and she was a human being. Fan Chen could teleport to her room with just one thought, but every time she had something to look for him for, why did she have to go over the wall bitterly? Well, it must be the bad habit she formed when she had just woken up and went out for a walk over the wall every night. This habit would have to be changed in the future.

Fan Chen, who was driving home, suddenly saw this message, and he was so frightened that he slammed on the brakes and almost knocked down the trash can on the side of the road. Although Fan Chen was a demon, except for special occasions, he also strictly followed the living habits of ordinary people to and from work. Otherwise, if he used demon power every time he went out, it would be difficult not to attract the attention of the neighbors around him.

After staring at the message on the phone for a while, Fan Chen replied with a strange expression: What’s the matter?

Mi Wan: I caught another gardener, you take him to the company tomorrow to Quan Juncai, and ask him to plant trees.

I see.

Fan Chen let out a heavy breath and said hello, then restarted the car and drove home.

On the other side, after Mi Wan sent the message, she ignored the bat demon, took her pajamas and went to the bathroom to take a shower.

About fifteen minutes later, there was a sudden wave of demonic power in Mi Wan’s bedroom, and the bat demon lying on the table, pretending to be dead, got excited and looked up vigorously. After he saw clearly who the person appearing in the bedroom was, he widened his eyes in shock, and shouted: “Master Demon King.”

The patriarch of his clan had met Fan Chen once.

“You know me?” Fan Chen didn’t see Mi Wan after he came in, just as he was wondering about it, he suddenly heard someone calling him, and then he found the bat demon beside him.

“More than two hundred years ago, I accompanied the patriarch to meet you once.” The bat demon said respectfully.

“Oh.” Fan Chen nodded and asked, “What did you do to get caught by Wanwan?”

“I… this little demon likes to sing in the crowd when he is free.” After the bat demon replied like this, doubt flashed in his heart, Wanwan, was it the demon hunter who came out to catch him just now? He remembered that the demon hunter was called Mi Wan.

“You bat demon clan, the hypnotic sound waves in your singing voice are not suitable for singing in public.” Fan Chen frowned. The Bat Demons spoke well, but once they started singing, the special melody would form sound waves, which had its own hypnotic effect, and even the Bat Demons themselves could not control it.

“This little demon…Little demon knows it’s wrong.” When the demon king called the chiefs of the demon tribe for a meeting to sign an agreement with the Demon Hunters Association, the bat demon also got to know something from inside. He knew that the demon king really wanted to facilitate this armistice agreement. This was why for so many years, although he often used sound waves to hypnotize humans, he did not kill people. Because he knew that for a small death, the demon hunters might have nothing to do with him, but for a big death, the demon king might personally take care of him.

“Since you’ve been arrested, just go plant trees well.” Fan Chen nodded.

Plant trees well? The bat demon was startled, why was the tone of Lord Demon King so familiar? Oh, now that he thought about it, this was exactly the same tone as that of the demon hunter named Mi Wan just now.

At this time, Mi Wan came out of the bathroom after taking a shower. She was wearing pajamas and was walking towards Fan Chen while wiping her hair with a towel. Fan Chen didn’t restrain his demon power when he came over, so she had already felt it when she was in the bathroom, but she was still washing her hair at that time, so she came out a little later.

“Fan Chen, you’re here.” Mi Wan let go of the towel that was wrapped around her hair, and her length of beautiful hair naturally fell from the top of her head and draped over her shoulders. And as she approached, a faint scent of shower gel mixed with the scent of shampoo spread out in an instant, filling the entire room, making Fan Chen suddenly feel cramped with nowhere to hide.

“You…you took a shower just now?” Fan Chen froze.

“En.” Mi Wan nodded, “Did you see the bat demon? It’s on the table.”

“Yes, I… I’m taking it away, good night.” Fan Chen turned around, stretched out his hand and quickly picked up the bat on the table. The bat demon disappeared in front of Mi Wan’s eyes in an instant.

“…” Mi Wan wanted to say something but couldn’t find anyone.

The author has something to say:

After being taken back to his yard by the demon king, he found that his demon power was fluctuating.

Bat demon: My lord, I was wrong, I will plant trees well, and I will never go out to sing again, please quickly withdraw your demon power.

Fan Chen was startled and turned his head to look out the window. Sure enough, the flowers in the yard had bloomed again.

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