SLDH Ch. 59.1: Bat Demon

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At six o’clock in the evening, Wei Ji arrived at the pet shop on time. He was still wearing a school uniform, and he looked like he had just run out of school.

“Don’t you have self-study at night?” Seeing his school uniform, Mi Wan suddenly remembered that Wei Ji seemed to be a high school student. She remembered that high school was a very important stage for modern people.

“I asked for leave.” Wei Ji replied.

“Don’t delay your studies.” Mi Wan asked again.

“I won’t delay, my grades are very good, it doesn’t matter if I skip a few classes.” The boastful Wei Ji smiled a little embarrassedly.

Mi Wan nodded without asking again, then took out a stack of wanted warrants from a side drawer, flipped through them and asked, “Which one do you want to catch first?”

“You decide for yourself.” Xiang Zhen was very clear why he was here. He only needed to take a photo to prove his position in the first demon hunting operation after Mi Wan caught the mission target, and then take it back to the association in exchange for points and rewards. As for which demon to catch first, it didn’t matter to him at all.

“Sister Mi, you can catch whichever you want, I just came here to learn.” Wei Ji smiled and said that he had no objection.

“Then…” Mi Wan glanced back and forth among the first three arrest warrants, and then asked, “Did any of you bring a blank talisman?”


Xiang Zhen shook his head, the blank talisman was generally used for practice. He usually kept it at home or in the dormitory, and when he came out to catch demons, he only brought the drawn talisman paper, but there would be no blank ones at all.

“I brought it.” Wei Ji on the side suddenly raised his hand and said, “I practice drawing talisman papers when I am in school, so I have a lot of blank talisman papers in my schoolbag. Sister Mi, do you want to draw talismans?”

“Yes.” Mi Wan nodded.

“I have it, as well as the pen and cinnabar for drawing talismans. I have it all here.” While talking, Wei Ji reached out and took it out of his schoolbag.

The first thing that was pulled out was a stack of test papers. Mi Wan glanced at them casually, and even though she didn’t see clearly which subject the test paper was of, but the rows of ticks and eye-catching 100 points on it made her eyelids twitch in shock.

Aigoo, is it just good grades, this kid is clearly a top student.

“Sister Mi, here.” At this moment, Wei Ji finally found a red wooden box under his pile of test papers, and he handed the wooden box to Mi Wan’s eyes.

Mi Wan looked up and saw a line of small black italic characters on the red wooden box: Xuanwu Mountain Special Set for Training Talismans.

Xuanwu Mountain, just these few words made Mi Wan feel friendly, so she reached out to take it, opened it, and revealed the contents inside. The interior of the wooden box was very simple, there were only three things inside, a stack of yellow talisman paper, a used talisman pen, and a small box of bright red cinnabar.

“Sister Mi, what talisman do you want to draw?” Wei Ji asked curiously.

“I plan to catch the seventh-level bat demon first. The spiritual attack of the bat demon is a bit dangerous, so I need to draw two heart-calming talismans.” Mi Wan explained.

Wei Ji’s eyes lit up and said, “Isn’t the heart-calming talisman used for preventing hypnosis? It can also resist mental attacks?” The sonic attack of the bat demon was divided into two stages. It could be cracked, but after the fifth level, the sonic attack of the bat demon could directly attack the human brain, forming a mental attack, and the Heart calming talisman was not enough.

“Psychic attacks are based on hypnosis. The Heart Calming Talisman is of course useful, but you two are not strong enough. So, I will add a defensive rune to it.” Mi Wan said.

“Won’t the fusion of two or more runes on one spell affect the effect?” Wei Ji kept asking questions like a curious baby.

“Of course not. As long as you design the runes, such that the running paths of the two runes don’t conflict. Even if the design is not good, they can complement each other.” Speaking of this, Mi Wan was suddenly taken aback, then she turned her head and asked, “Why, don’t you know how to draw fusion runes?”

Wei Ji scratched his head embarrassedly: “Yes, but once the two runes are fused, the effect will be greatly reduced. It’s better to draw them alone.”

“That’s it.” Mi Wan thought for a while, and then asked suddenly, “Then do you want to learn?”

Wei Ji was startled, and then his whole face lit up: “But… can I?” He cheekily insisted. Wasn’t the purpose of following Mi Wan to catch demons just to learn?

“I will only draw it twice, it’s up to you whether you can learn it.” Saying that, Mi Wan took out a blank talisman paper and was about to start drawing talismans.

“Wait, wait a minute, I’ll make some preparations.” Wei Ji yelled suddenly, then he buried his head in his schoolbag and took out a few pencils and a notebook. There was only one talisman pen, so he could only make do with a pencil. After digging these things out, he glanced at Xiang Zhen who was facing him again, subconsciously handed over a pencil, and asked, “Do you want it?”

Xiang Zhen wanted to learn how to draw the fusion talismans as well, but he also knew that this lesson was intentionally taught by Mi Wan to Wei Ji, and he was not from Xuanwu Mountain, so it would be inappropriate to learn it brazenly. Originally, he was planning to go out, and he wanted to come back after they finished drawing the talisman, but when Wei Ji asked, he suddenly hesitated.

Nima, I really want to learn too, what should I do?

“No…it’s not very suitable, this is the unique spell of your Xuanwu Mountain.” Xiang Zhen said against his will, and because it was too against his will, his whole face looked unnatural.

Mi Wan looked at Xiang Zhen with a funny face, and said, “This is not Xuanwu Mountain’s unique charm, but just some small skills of drawing charms.”

So, this meant that he could also learn it, right?

After reacting, Xiang Zhen immediately took the pencil handed over by Wei Ji, and asked along the way: “Give me some draft paper too.”

Wei Ji smiled, directly tore a few pieces of paper and handed them to Xiang Zhen.

When they were all ready, Mi Wan began to draw the heart calming talisman. Although she said that she would only draw it twice, and they could learn by looking at her themselves, but she still deliberately slowed down when drawing the symbols. When the spiritual power soaked the talisman pen through the cinnabar and fell on the talisman paper, the cinnabar flashed with a burst of spiritual light, and every time it reached a node, there would be a burst of spiritual power fluctuations. Xiang Zhen and Wei Ji recorded quickly, wishing that there was something to record Mi Wan’s movements of drawing talismans at this time.

Yes, couldn’t it be recorded?

So, when Mi Wan was drawing the second spell, both of them turned on the camera function of their mobile phone at the same time. It was just that the mobile phone photography could only capture the order of Mi Wan’s brushstrokes when drawing the symbols, but the direction of the spiritual power and the location of the nodes needed to be recorded by themselves. But in this way, their memory difficulty had been greatly reduced. Now they only needed to work hard to remember the direction and nodes. As for the order of writing, they could go back and play it in a loop.

Soon, the second spell was drawn, and Mi Wan handed over one to each of them.

The two thanked her and accepted it unceremoniously.

Afterwards, Mi Wan drew a demon-seeking talisman based on the object with the bat demon’s aura provided to her by the Demon Hunter Association in order to determine the location of the bat demon.

“Aren’t we a little far away?” Based on the response given by the demon-seeking talisman, Mi Wan raised her eyebrows unexpectedly. If she had known it was so far away, she would not have chosen the bat demon. How about going after another one?

While Mi Wan was hesitating, Xiang Zhen suddenly took the demon-seeking talisman.

“Let me check it.” As he said, Xiang Zhen took out another thing from his body, connected it to his mobile phone, and then turned on the map that came with the mobile phone to start checking the position, “The bat demon is in the next city, not very far away, we can take the high-speed train there, and it will only take half an hour.”

“What is this?” Mi Wan leaned over curiously, she could roughly determine the distance and direction of the target through the demon-seeking talisman, but which city she was going to, and the round-trip driving time was too much for her to know.

“This is a demon power locator, which is used in conjunction with the demon-seeking talisman.” Xiang Zhen introduced, “As long as you can use the demon-seeking talisman to locate the position of the demon clan, and then use this locator, you can reflect the demon’s position on the world map.”

“This is so convenient, can you give me one?” Mi Wan said sincerely, although the current demon hunters were far behind in terms of spells, there were still many technological advances. For example, this demon power locator could actually locate the demon to a specific city directly. Unlike the way they used to do it, without a detailed map, they could only approach little by little according to the positioning on the talisman. Many times, after they had finally found the place, the demon would have already run away. It was very tiring to hunt them down like that.

Xiang Zhen wanted to answer, but he heard Wei Ji from the side say first: “Sister Mi, we also have this at home, I’ll send you one later.”

“Okay.” Mi Wan immediately smiled.

Xiang Zhen, who was preempted, shut his mouth embarrassingly, with a look of annoyance in his eyes, what a shame to be preempted.

After confirming the location, the next step was much simpler. The three of them immediately set off to the train station, bought tickets, and took a train to the next city.

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