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Before Lu Yin could transform into human form, or when his ability to transform was not stable, he never left the house. It was only after he was able to stably transform into a human form in the past two years that he went out to study.

“His family seems to be quite protective of him, but he can’t pass that barrier by himself.” Jing Yan said.

After hearing this, Qiao Xi felt a little complicated.

He didn’t expect that there were people in this world who were in such a similar situation as him.

However, their situation was slightly different.

In Qiao Xi’s life, except for the fourth brother, there was almost no care from his family.

Such a life must be very painful, but he also thought that if he couldn’t even accept himself, then he would be plunged into darkness for the rest of his life and couldn’t get out.

Inner resistance was more likely to hurt oneself than rejection from others.

Qiao Xi faced up to himself, accepted himself, treated himself kindly, and loved himself.

He got over that hurdle early on.

Lu Yin did not.

On the side, Jiao Yue said to Jing Yan: “By the way, Qiao Xi’s school has a freshman party this Friday, and the queen will come over.”

Jing Yan raised his eyebrows and said, “She asked for it herself?”

Jiao Yue nodded.

As for the purpose, it was obvious.

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