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“Why are you here, are you following me?” Shen Xitong looked at the man in front of her with contempt on her face.

Jiang Chenxi lowered his eyes and looked at the heavily made-up woman in front of him. She wore a short black silk suspender skirt, under which her snow-white skin could be faintly seen. The skirt was as short as the base of her thighs, revealing two slender, fair-skinned legs. There was heavy eyeshadow on her face and bright red lipstick on her lips, this was standard nightclub dress, and she looked completely different from the person he saw on the blind date that day.

If she hadn’t taken the initiative to appear in front of him, blocking his way, it would have been strange for him to recognize her.

“I said that day, I can’t be with you, we’re not suitable, even if you follow me and pretend to meet me by chance, I won’t think you and I have fate.” Shen Xitong said to herself, not at all noticing Jiang Chenxi’s increasingly cold face, or maybe she noticed, but she didn’t care.

“Also, this place is not something where you can afford to spend. You’d better leave early, lest you accidentally lose a month’s salary.” Shen Xitong said disdainfully.

Just a poor teacher, even if his family conditions were okay, but at a place like this, could he come? Punching a swollen face to make a fat man, was this his virtue.

“You’ve always been so self-righteous?” Jiang Chenxi’s voice was deep and cold, his height was a head taller than Shen Xitong, and he was looking down at her now.

Shen Xitong had to look up to see his face, but against the light, she couldn’t see the expression on his face. She only felt that the person in front of her seemed to be angry. She smiled disdainfully, but it was because of his mother. With that kind of relationship with her mother, did he think that he could be compared with her?

She took out a stack of banknotes from her bag and shook it in front of Jiang Chenxi, “Hey, take this money, even if I didn’t invite you tonight, you shouldn’t come here again, this place is not for you. Don’t follow me wherever you can, even if your mother and my mother are good friends, I won’t be with you.”

Jiang Chenxi looked at the banknotes in front of him, and estimated that there were about two or three thousand there, seeing her arrogant look, he wondered if this was really the famous lady who was widely rumoured to be perfect in the capital?

He smiled. His facial features were not very dazzling, but they were very attractive. He belonged to the type of man who looked more and more interesting the more you saw him. With the scholarly air all over his body, he seemed quite out of tune with the environment at this time, but the way he smiled at this moment made people feel that it added a touch of charm to him for no reason.

Shen Xitong’s eyes flashed slightly, but she regained consciousness in an instant, annoyed in her heart that she was actually bewitched by a poor teacher just now, and threw the money in her hand towards Jiang Chenxi, “Take this money and go.”

It was really smashed, the banknotes fluttered and scattered at Jiang Chenxi’s feet, Jiang Chenxi squatted down and picked them up one by one.

Shen Xitong looked down at his movements and smiled disdainfully, it was clear that he was a scholar, he was still being arrogant before, but now it seemed that he was nothing more than that, thinking this she pouted and was about to leave.

“Wait a minute.”

Jiang Chenxi said, Shen Xitong paused slightly, turned to look at him, and looked a little impatient, “What do you want?”

Jiang Chenxi smiled, with a cold smile on his face, he grabbed a man passing by, and put the money in his hand, “This lady gave you this money, she invites you to spend a good night together tonight.”

His luck was very good, a man who he casually pulled turned out to be an escort, he glanced at Shen Xitong, especially paused at some parts of her, then his eyes became slightly bright, and the corners of his mouth raised into a self-confessing arc, “I am very happy to be at your service.”

Shen Xitong blushed and glared at Jiang Chenxi, “Jiang Chenxi, what do you mean?”

But Jiang Chenxi didn’t even look at her and walked away.

Where could Shen Xitong be willing to suffer such a loss, so she had to catch up, but there was an extra hand on her waist, and the unfamiliar man’s breath was coming towards her, with a strong smell of alcohol.

“Miss, tonight is so beautiful, I can do whatever you want, whatever way you want, I’ll keep you satisfied.” The man said ambiguous words, and even stuck out his tongue and licked Shen Xitong’s earlobe.

Shen Xitong’s body froze, and then she pushed the man away with force, slapped him with a backhand and said, “Get out of the way.” Feeling the wetness on her ears, her stomach rolled for a while, and she was disgusted.

Her strength was very strong. The man did not expect that the woman would do it when she said she would do it. He was beaten in the face, and immediately became angry. They relied on their face for their business. If his face is ruined, it would ruin his job.

“You stinky woman, you dare to hit me.”

As soon as she saw the man approaching her, Shen Xitong softened. Seeing the other party’s slapstick, she felt guilty and was afraid that the other party would punch her. After all, she was just a woman. If the other party really wanted to hit her, she wasn’t his opponent.

“What do you want to do, I’ll tell you, if you dare to do it, you won’t have any good fruit to eat.” Seeing the other party raise his hand, Shen Xitong screamed.

“It’s light to hit you.” The man’s slap was about to fall.

“Wait a minute.” Shen Xitong shouted, and the man’s hand paused.

“Isn’t it just about money? What I have is money.” Shen Xitong opened her wallet and took out a stack of banknotes from it. She threw it on the man without looking at it.

This money was more than what Jiang Chenxi gave him just now, the man was satisfied, he took the money and left, but before leaving, he did not forget to turn his head to Shen Xitong with a charming smile, “Beauty, my name is Kerry, I come here often, if you need anything, you can come to me at any time, I’m…great.” His face was covered with powder, and his lips seemed to be wearing lip makeup. Such a smile had a bit of a pseudo-feminine temperament.

Shen Xitong couldn’t bear it any longer, she just ran to the bathroom and vomited wildly, then carrying up the water with her hands, so she washed her face, she kept washing her earlobe repeatedly, until her earlobe turned red, before stopping.

The makeup on her face was all smeared, the eyeliner flowed out, and black marks were drawn on her face, which made her look terrifying.

She took out the wet wipes from her bag, wiped her face clean, put on makeup again, and looked at her radiant self in the mirror, but she couldn’t express the sigh in her heart.

Jiang Chenxi, wait for me.

Because of the action just now, a large area of the clothes on her chest had already turned wet. Although her clothes were black, they were very thin. They were wet at the moment, so they were tightly attached to her body, outlining the charming curves of her chest.

Shen Xitong didn’t care, she looked at herself in the mirror and nodded with satisfaction, then twisting her waist, she went to the dance floor.

On the dance floor, she frantically twisted her body, dancing with a strange man in an ambiguous posture, ignoring the pair of hands that were moving around her waist or buttocks, Shen Xitong’s face was filled with fascination.

She liked to be surrounded by men like this, liked the feeling of being surrounded by stars.

She actually hated herself being bound by the rules of the Shen family. For the sake of her image, she had to be dignified and graceful even when smiling, maintaining the demeanour that a rich lady’s daughter should have, not to mention wearing such makeup, appearing in front of people wearing such revealing clothes was a big taboo.

But she couldn’t lose her identity as Miss Shen, because she knew in her heart that once she lost the Shen family, she was nothing, simply nothing.

So, she could only come to the nightclub occasionally to play and relax.

But even if she came to a nightclub, she had to put a thick layer of powder on her face and put on heavy makeup to ensure that she would not be recognized by others.

Someone touched her chest, she smiled, reached out and patted the muscle on the chest of the man in front of her, and threw an electric look at him.

She liked powerful men, not the oily and powdery escort, such as Fu Hengyi, for example, or the man in front of her.

“Chenxi, what did you just do that you made you look so ugly?” Han Yi asked when he saw Jiang Chenxi coming in.

Jiang Chenxi sat down on the sofa, took a sip of the wine on the table, and said coldly, “I met a self-righteous lunatic.”

Han Yi smiled ambiguously, “It must be a female lunatic, Chenxi, you’re so charming.”

Jiang Chenxi glanced at him, his eyes were cold, “Won tonight?”

Han Yi smiled proudly, “Of course.”

Fu Hengyi was obviously absent-minded when he played cards, he didn’t care whether he won or lost, so he naturally became the biggest winner.

Jiang Chenxi came over and patted Fu Hengyi on the shoulder, “Let me play a game or two.”

Fu Hengyi was originally here to make up the number, so he naturally gave way to Jiang Chenxi.

“Yo, Chenxi, do you want to send money to brother today?” Han Yi whistled.

Jiang Chenxi didn’t speak, just smiled warmly.

Shen Junyu glanced at Han Yi. He was not very shrewd at ordinary times, but now he was starting to be stupid. Didn’t he see that Jiang Chenxi was in a bad mood?

“Chenxi, how did I offend you, brother, to make you play such a cruel hand?” After losing five games in a row, Han Yi finally turned pale and exclaimed strangely.

Jiang Chenxi took the chips in front of Han Yi for himself, looking at the chips stacked high in front of him, his depressed mood was relieved to a certain extent, and then he looked at Han Yi with a smile in his eyes.

“You didn’t offend me. I’ve run out of money recently, so I need to earn some pocket money.”

Han Yi’s face was ashen. In terms of trading ability, you, Jiang Chenxi, if you said you were second, even I, Han Yi, would not dare to say I’m the first. I am afraid that my net worth is not as high as yours, Jiang Chenxi.

Jiang Chenxi calmly put away the chips in front of him, “It’s getting late, I’ll go back first.”

“You want to run after winning, Jiang Chenxi, you bastard.” Han Yi scolded.

Fu Hengyi also got up, “I’m leaving too.” With his mobile phone in his hand, he seemed to be sending a message, and it was self-evident who he was sending it to.

“It’s time for me to go back too. It’s hard for me to explain it to my dad when I go back.” Shen Junyu stood up and picked up his jacket.

Han Yi stared at the people who were about to leave within three seconds, then threw the majong dice in his hand on the table, “You guys are all leaving, what will I do playing alone? Let’s go and find each other’s mother.”

Gu Yang and Gu Kai thought about it and followed, and in an instant, the group of people walked away.

“Hey, Junyu, is that your sister?” Han Yi glanced downstairs at will, grabbed Shen Junyu, pointed to a certain figure on the dance floor downstairs and said.

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