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In the early morning, Mi Wan was awakened by a faint fragrance. This fragrance was very special, light and long-lasting, and it smelt better than the perfumes in the perfume cabinet that Mama Mi had given her. More importantly, there seemed to be a breath of life in this fragrance, which made people feel very comfortable.

It took Mi Wan a second to determine the direction of the fragrance, and when she was sure, a gleam of joy crept into the corners of her eyes, then she happily ran to the window, opened the curtains abruptly, and indeed saw a small unknown species of flowers in a pot of pale pink.

Fan Chen was back?

Mi Wan opened the window, so excited that she didn’t even bother to go back to get her phone, she just threw another cup over there. Sure enough, the glass hit the opposite glass window, and the long-lost vine caught the glass again, and Fan Chen’s figure appeared by the window immediately.

Throwing the cup again, it seemed that the phone must not be at hand, Fan Chen didn’t ask anything, but a lavender flower appeared in Mi Wan’s hand tacitly.

Mi Wan stretched out her hand to pick up the vine, held the little purple flower directly to her mouth, and asked happily, “You’re back? Is your injury healed?”

“Well, it’s much better.” Fan Chen nodded with a smile.

“When did you come back? I didn’t find out last night.”

“You were already asleep when I came back.”

“Oh, I seemed to go to bed early yesterday, maybe it’s because I’m prone to sleepiness in spring.” Mi Wan laughed and said, “By the way, you saw the medicine I put in your living room, didn’t you?”

“I saw it, and I drank it too.” Fan Chen nodded.

“That’s good. Although the medicine I made may not help your injury much, it can relieve the pain. A little effect is a little effect.” Just drink it, so that she didn’t have to tell him.

Fan Chen’s heart warmed up, and the words that he wanted to say that she should not waste her time since the effect was not great, suddenly froze on his lips, he couldn’t say anything and he suddenly felt a little bit reluctant.

“Okay.” Fan Chen responded in a low voice.

“By the way, is this flower for me? What kind of flower is it? It smells good.” Mi Wan asked Fan Chen holding the potted plant on the windowsill.

“Well, this is Mingxin grass[1].”

“Mingxin grass?” Before Fan Chen finished introducing, Mi Wan’s eyes lit up, “The legendary Mingxin grass which can calm the mind and help you cultivate? Isn’t Mingxin grass a grass? Why is it blooming?”

“Mingxin grass blooms once every ten years, but the flowering period is very short, only one night, so few people know that it will bloom.” Fan Chen explained.

“One night, why is it still blooming?” Mi Wan had just guessed the answer when she finished asking, “You specially kept it for me to see?” Mi Wan asked directly and frankly. There was no other meaning at all, just the literal meaning, but Fan Chen’s ears turned red uncomfortably, and he tried to cover it up by explaining: “Weren’t you sleep when I came back yesterday? So I increased the flowering period slightly… a little longer.”

“Thank you.” Mi Wan thanked loudly, her bright smile was extraordinarily dazzling in the spring.

“My lord, do you know what a girl’s concern usually means? It means that she might like you~~” Suddenly, Quan Juncai’s speculation suddenly rang in his ears, and Fan Chen was taken aback, his mind unknowingly feeling confused.

“Boom, boom, boom!”

Fan Chen clutched his chest, his face full of disbelief. It was early in the morning, and the outside was full of chirping insects and birds, as well as early rising office workers, and the engine of cars. Had he still heard his own heartbeat?

“Huh~~” Mi Wan’s exclamation suddenly came from the opposite side, “Fan Chen, what are you doing? Stop it.”

“I, I’m fine.” The sight was stunned.

He saw that the window sill of Mi Wan was crowded with small purple flowers at this time, and the flowers directly filled the entire window one after another. At this time, Mi Wan directly squeezed her head out of the flowers to come out and yell at him. And it was not just these, all the plants around him had grown dense branches and leaves, and the flowers and plants in the garden were all in full bloom. Even the creeper on the wall across the road, which was originally just sparse with half-grown leaves, had already layered on top of each other and stacked up on the wall.

“Hey, Xiao Wang, why did so much turf grow in the yard overnight?” The conversation between Butler Ye and the gardener Xiao Wang was heard from far away in the yard.

“Impossible, only half of it had grown when I watered it in the morning.” Xiao Wang seemed to come out of nowhere, “Ah, why did it grow so fast?”

“Did you get blurry in the morning?”

“But… maybe let’s go.”

“…” Fan Chen looked at everything in front of him speechlessly, the mutation had already been discovered, and he couldn’t do it even if he wanted to withdraw his demon power.

“What happened to you just now? Why did you suddenly lose control of your demon power?” Mi Wan’s face was full of worry, “Is the injury still not fully healed?”

“No, my mind wandered suddenly.” Fan Chen was embarrassed, ah, I wish I could grow a bunch of flowers and bury myself in it.

“Mind-wandering? What were you thinking about? The mind-wandering was still so serious.” Mi Wan asked curiously.

“Cough… just some things about the company.” Fan Chen didn’t dare to look at Mi Wan anymore, he couldn’t say, I thought you liked me just now, so I was happy, in fact I was… elated?

“Oh, then go to the company and get busy, I’m going to go to school too.” He was so worried that his mind was distracted, it must be a very important thing, Mi Wan decided not to delay Fan Chen’s time, and waved her hand as a farewell, then the whole person retreated into the room.

Fan Chen was speechless for a moment, and then lightly tapped his fingertips, sending a ray of demon power over, scattering the flowers on the window sill into countless petals. What spread out at the same time was the blush on his face.

At noon, Mi Wan made an appointment with Xiang Zhen at the pet shop, because the wanted list which was to be given to her by President Bai was ready. After the two met, Xiang Zhen explained to Mi Wan while showing the wanted list.

“The demons above are all difficult and habitual offenders.” Xiang Zhen said, “Most of them are above the sixth level, and many of them have racial talents. For example, this seventh-level bat demon not only has the ability to fly, but also emits an ultrasonic wave that can directly attack the human brain.”

“I guess, when I asked you for the wanted list, I knew that you would not give me some weak little demons.” Mi Wan glanced at the wanted list, very satisfied and said, “But it’s just right, the higher the cultivation level, the more trees they can plant.”

Seeing that Mi Wan had no objection, Xiang Zhen didn’t say anything else.

“Okay, just catch them one by one according to this list.” Mi Wan looked at them one by one, and there was no difficulty. In the current demon clans, apart from Fan Chen, it was estimated that only the mysterious tortoise could make her afraid. Of course, if her strength had fully recovered, she would not even need to be afraid of the ninth-level mysterious tortoise. Therefore, it was basically not difficult for her to catch these kind of little demons who were at level six or seven.

“Then when do we start?” Xiang Zhen asked.

“Tonight, after my afternoon class is over, I’ll see which one to catch first.” Just as Mi Wan finished speaking, her phone rang suddenly. She picked it up and found that it was Wei Ji calling.

Wei Ji, was there something wrong with Xuanwu Mountain?

“Hello?” Mi Wan answered the phone.

“The head… that sister Mi.” Wei Ji’s voice came from the other end of the phone.

“What’s the matter?” Mi Wan felt another headache when she heard the word head, but she didn’t have the initial violent reaction, as if she was becoming used to being called that. Speaking of which, getting used to something like this was really a scary thing, but let them shout, anyway, she was determined not to intervene in matters related to the sect.

“It’s like this. I heard that you recently asked for a wanted list from the Demon Hunters Association and plan to catch demons. Is it true?” Wei Ji asked cautiously.

“There is such a thing.” Mi Wan nodded.

“Then… can you take me with you when you catch demons?” Wei Ji asked expectantly.

“Bring you along?”

“Sister Mi, don’t worry, I assure you I won’t mess around. I just think that your magic skills are very powerful, so I want to study hard next to you.” Wei Ji said.


“Is it okay?” Wei Ji asked cautiously, as if he was afraid that Mi Wan would reject him.

“Okay, then you can come over at night.” Mi Wan thought for a while and agreed. In any case, Wei Ji was also the descendant of Xuanwu Mountain. As the senior of Xuanwu Mountain, she should actually give advice to the younger generation. Just in time, let’s take this opportunity to give Wei Ji some pointers.

“Okay, I’ll definitely come over at night, what time would be better, Sister Mi?” Wei Ji’s voice suddenly became excited.

“Six o’clock, let’s start after dinner.” After setting the time, Mi Wan hung up the phone and explained to Xiang Zhen, “Wei Ji also wants to go to catch demons, so I let him come over at night. By the way, do you know Wei Ji?”

“Of course I know the next generation descendant of Xuanwu Mountain.” Xiang Zhen glanced at Mi Wan, thinking about a recent rumor in the Demon Hunter Association, he couldn’t help asking curiously, “That… senior sister, are you also a descendant of Xuanwu Mountain?”

“How do you know?” Mi Wan looked at Xiang Zhen in surprise, she had never told anyone about her origin.

Oh God, it’s true.

After being surprised, Xiang Zhen explained: “Because Old Wei went to the imperial capital a few years ago, and he said that you are also a descendant of Xuanwu Mountain, and he publicly stated that if the Demon Hunter Association targets you again, it will be the same as making things difficult for Xuanwu Mountain.”

“…” This old man!

Mi Wan was not surprised that Mr. Wei found out that her master came from Xuanwu Mountain. After all, she had never concealed her skills. Others might not be able to guess her skills, but as the descendant of Xuanwu Mountain, Mr. Wei could not be more aware. In fact, when she met Old Man Wei for the first time in the main hall of Xuanwu Mountain, the two had already tacitly agreed. Otherwise, no matter how unreliable Mr. Wei was, he wouldn’t just give his family’s head sword as soon as he saw someone. He was sure that she was also the successor of Xuanwu Mountain’s skills, that’s why he did that.

But she didn’t want the old man to stab her in front of herself, so he stabbed her when he went out, such that the whole world would know about it.

The author has something to say:

Fan Chen: What if I get too excited and bloom?

Quan Juncai: Then don’t get excited.

Fan Chen: Get out!

Quan Juncai got out all the way and didn’t know what he said wrong.

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