TMCF Ch. 18

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“You are 6 years old. Are you about to go to elementary school?” Wei Zhiqian asked.

Tan Mo didn’t know why Wei Zhiqian suddenly asked this question. But she nodded: “Yes, I can go to elementary school this year.”

“I know, you go find your family.” Wei Zhiqian didn’t know what he was thinking about.

Tan Mo thought this uncle was extremely strange.

She slid off the chair and was about to leave when she suddenly saw a little head popping up next to her.

“Muye.” The old lady also saw it.

Qin Muye simply stood up straight and called out, “Grandma.”

“Have you eaten yet?” Wei Zhiqian’s father, Wei Mingwen, asked with a smile.

“Well, I’m here to talk to Momo.” Qin Muye said.

Tan Mo was secretly observing Qin Muye from the side lines, but she didn’t expect to be called out suddenly.

“You want to play with me?” Tan Mo pointed at her nose and looked at the little girl in front of her.

Qin Muye looked about the same age as her, with fair skin, thick eyebrows and big eyes, very beautiful.

There was a cheerfulness between her facial features and her brows.

“Yes!” Qin Muye nodded with a clear face, “I liked you as soon as I saw you.”

Tan Mo covered her face with her hands. She was indeed very likable.

Qin Muye said this, and she believed it.

“Go play with Muye.” Wei Zhiqian said, “She is the same age as you and is going to elementary school this year.”

Wei Zhiqian said this, which showed that Qin Muye was very good.

Hadn’t she seen that Wei Zhiqian didn’t like her talking to Qin Murong and Qin Muxiao?

Therefore, Tan Mo readily agreed.

Wei Zhiqian chuckled slightly when he saw Tan Mo’s trusting behaviour.

What a smart little girl.

Qin Muye happily pulled Tan Mo away.

“Your surname is Qin, so are you from the same family as Qin Muxiao and her sister just now?” Tan Mo discovered this problem.

Qin Muye puffed up her cheeks and said, “We are from the same family. Brother Zhiqian just called Qin Mufeng, he is my brother. Qin Murong is my cousin, and Qin Muxiao is also my cousin, but she is only one year younger than me. It’s just the moon.”

She and Qin Muye had just met, and Qin Muye introduced herself so clearly.

Either she was not scheming, or she was scheming and deliberately told her.

However, Qin Muye had everything written on her face, with a cheerful look on her face, plus Wei Zhiqian’s affirmation.

Tan Mo thought it was the former.

Qin Muye’s face showed no signs of wariness at all. She hugged Tan Mo’s slender arms, leaned closer and said, “You are so powerful. Just a few of your words made Qin Murong and her sister deflate.”

Qin Muye didn’t show any concern at all. Concealing it, she said embarrassedly: “That’s why I came here to get to know you.”

Tan Mo: “…”

Sister, you are really straightforward.

To put it bluntly, you came here not because you liked me, but because I’m a good talker.

Aren’t you afraid that I will get angry and just throw my hands away and leave?

Tan Mo had basically figured out Qin Muye’s character now.

She was thinking that Qin Muye couldn’t hide anything on her face and had no scheming temperament. How could she not be bullied to death by the Qin Murong and her sister?

It was said that Qin Mufeng was so smart as a young man, then why was his sister so innocent?

Were all the brains focused on Qin Mufeng?

“Have you ever been bullied by them?” Tan Mo thought the answer was surely yes.

When she talked about this, Qin Muye felt so bitter that she wanted to vomit.

She pulled Tan Mo aside and said to her: “Actually, it’s not strictly speaking bullying, but what they say always makes me very unhappy. Qin Muxiao often takes things from me. I don’t care about some things when they take them away. Anyway, there are plenty of them, so I’ll give it to them.”

“But there are some things I really like and don’t want to give.” Qin Muye got upset when she talked about this.

“But, obviously everything belongs to you, and it’s up to you to decide whether to give it to them or not. You have the right to choose whether to give it to you or not.” On this point, Tan Mo and Wei Zhiqian’s views reached an unprecedented consensus.

“That’s the truth!” Qin Muye nodded vigorously and found her confidant, “Every time I think about it afterwards, I think the same thing. But you don’t know, Qin Muxiao is okay, she is used to being wilful and speaking unpleasantly, but fortunately, I could still quarrel with her if we went at it. But every time Qin Murong says something weird and turns on me. It is obviously a taunt about me, and when I hear it, I know in my heart that what she said was unreasonable and wrong, but I find that I don’t have anything to say to refute.”

“She kept saying that we are all sisters and shouldn’t care so much about things. It seems that if I don’t give it, I was being selfish. So I always suffer from her, and it’s unspeakable.”

Qin Muye said depressedly, “Qin Murong is already 15 years old. She is already so big, but she is helping Qin Muxiao to bully others. She can bully a 6-year-old like me when she is 15 years old. I’m so sorry! Every time I think about it, I get so angry.”

“So just now you said Qin Muxiao didn’t care if you wanted a doll, and I can already think of what Qin Murong would say.”

Qin Muye said, “She’s the best at it. What she does is say something with some meaning in it, which sounds weird but cannot be refuted. Instead, we are being squeezed by her.”

“Before I met you ,I didn’t expect that Qin Murong could also be speechless sometimes.” Qin Muye clapped her hands and applauded.

“Just now was the first time I saw her blushing from being crowded. Momo, you are so amazing.”

Tan Mo said that Qin Muye had become quite familiar with her.

Before the two of them got to know each other better, she had already started calling her Momo.

But even though Qin Muye was always being bullied by Qin Murong and her sister, her features were still bright and not at all depressed.

It could be seen that Qin Muye was really an open-minded girl.

She was so young, but she could still have such a big heart.

This was what a girl from the Qin family should look like.

People like Qin Murong and her sister, they really couldn’t get on the stage.

“Then does your brother let them bully you like this?” Tan Mo thought of Qin Mufeng, the next head of the Qin family.

How could he let his own sister be bullied like this?

“I haven’t told my family.” Qin Muye lowered her head and said.


“They are all relatives. They are the children of my uncle’s family. Even if they say it, their parents won’t blame them. Moreover, it would make my parents and brother worried. They are already very busy. Don’t look at my brother being underage, but he’s under a lot of pressure.”

Qin Muye smiled, with two dimples looming, “Moreover, I didn’t give anything to Qin Muxiao that my parents and brother gave me. In fact, I didn’t eat a loss either.”

Seeing Qin Muye’s smile without any haze, Tan Mo reached out and poked the dimple on Qin Muye’s face: “Are you stupid? Even if they are a relative and a child of your uncle’s family, can their parents love them more than yours do you?”

Tan Mo sympathized with Qin Muye.

She only had one green tea cousin, Yuan Keqing.

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