TMCF Ch. 19

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But Qin Muye was different, she had to face two at the same time!

There was Qin Muxiao, who was just robbing without being reasonable, and Qin Murong, a large-scale green tea player who was several levels higher than Yuan Keqing.

Her parents and her only brother were very busy.

Unlike her, although Yuan Keqing was here, Yuan Keqing’s green tea level was not good, and she was more than enough to deal with Yuan Keqing.

Her parents also kept an eye on her.

Her three brothers didn’t need her to say anything. They consciously believed that everyone might bully her, and they were wary of everyone around them in advance.

In such a comparison, Qin Muye’s situation was like dire straits.

“If you let your parents know that you have been bullied by the Qin Murong and her sister for so long under their noses, but they didn’t know anything, and they still loved those two as their blood descendants, the more love they give them, the more you let them bully you, the worse it will be, think about how sad your parents must be. They will feel that they have become an accomplice who encouraged others to be arrogant and let others bully their own daughter.” Tan Mo held Qin Muye’s hand.

“It’s…is it like this?” Qin Muye’s lips trembled and her eyes became moist, “I have never thought about this.”

Tan Mo knew that Qin Muye had an open-minded personality and was very informal.

So she didn’t think too much about it.

“Actually, it’s easy to think of. You just need to think about it from another angle.” Tan Mo’s voice was soft, neither fast nor slow, more like boiling a frog in warm water, instilling the words into Qin Muye’s mind bit by bit, “You don’t want your parents and brother to worry about you when they are busy. But in the same way, they certainly don’t want to ignore you because they are busy, and don’t want you to be wronged. If they knew, how uncomfortable it must be for them that they were so busy which made you feel wronged.”

“That’s right.” Qin Muye was reminded by Tan Mo, “I’m so stupid. If you hadn’t reminded me, I would never have thought about it from another angle. Just think about it.”

“You are not stupid, you are broad-minded.” Tan Mo said with a smile, “It is because of such a broad-minded mindset that even if you are always being bullied by the Qin Murong and her sister, you can still remain cheerful and sunny. This is not the case for many people, they can’t  do it even after trying.”

Qin Muye was beaming with Tan Mo’s praise: “Momo, you are so kind. Others say I am careless and skinny like a boy. Apart from my parents and brother, you are the only one who likes me. You even praised me.”

“Look how much they love you. Only the people closest to you know you best. Don’t take to heart the nonsense said by those who don’t understand you. You are good like this, and it’s not like you’re hindering them. It’s rude for them to point fingers at you.”

“Then tell me, is it still too late for me to go back and tell my parents and brother about what Qin Murong and her sister did today?” Qin Muye asked anxiously.

It was precisely because of her boyish temperament that although she was cheerful, she did not know how to get along with her parents attentively like other girls.

“Of course there’s still time. Tell your family what’s on your mind and let them know you better. There’s still time.”

The two little girls’ voices were crisp and pleasant to the ears.

The two hit it off immediately, and they didn’t notice that a beautiful woman who looked like she was only in her early thirties, with outstanding temperament and appearance, had heard the two little girls chatting the whole time.

There was a smile in her eyes, and her warm gaze fell on Tan Mo for a while before walking away.

She sat next to Wei Mingwen. Wei Mingwen smiled when he saw her: “What happened to you, you look so happy?”

“That little girl Tan Mo is very nice.” It turned out that this beauty was Wei Mingwen’s wife and Wei Zhiqian’s mother, Xiao Menghan.

Xiao Menghan looked at least 10 years younger than her actual age.

If someone didn’t tell you, no one would have thought that she had a son as old as Wei Zhiqian.

“On my way back just now, I happened to pass by Tan Mo and Muye, and I saw them chatting quite well.” Xiao Menghan told what she heard about the conversation between Tan Mo and Qin Muye.

“Let me just say, with the tempers of Qin Murong and her sister, how can someone with Muye’s carefree and innocent temper not be bullied? It’s just that no matter how good our relationship is, it’s still a family matter. I don’t know how their parents handled it, but if they knew it, and they still chose to let Muye endure it or whatever, we can’t rashly dictate other people’s affairs.” Xiao Menghan turned her head and looked at Tan Mo and Qin Muye from a distance.

She looked away and then continued: “I didn’t expect that silly girl Muye, she didn’t even say a word to her parents or Mufeng. Fortunately, Tan Mo talked Muye through, otherwise she wouldn’t have known how much that silly child would have to bear.”

“Mufeng may not not know.” Wei Zhiqian glanced in Qin Mufeng’s direction and found that Qin Mufeng’s eyes were also following Qin Muye.

Wei Zhiqian leaned back on the chair, relaxed his posture, and chuckled: “I guess he probably wanted to wait for Muye to take the initiative to tell him.”

“I really don’t understand what Mufeng is thinking all day long, even though he knows it, he still want to watch his sister suffer?” Xiao Menghan said disapprovingly.

“He probably want to change Muye’s temper a little. At least let her learn to take the initiative to confide in her family.”

Wei Mingwen looked at Xiao Menghan with a gentle face, “If Mufeng takes the initiative to solve the problem every time, Muye will probably be less and less able to tell her family, and it may even put pressure on her.”

“So I said this little girl Tan Mo is really good.” Xiao Menghan became more and more satisfied as she thought about it, “The little girl is pretty and she smiles as sweetly as sugar. The key is her good temperament, and she can understand things so clearly at a young age.”

Wei Zhiqian also laughed when he thought of Tan Mo, and said, “Otherwise, Mom, will you recognize her as your grandniece? That’s it. She is my legitimate niece.”

“Go.” Xiao Menghan spat at him, “She is loved by her parents and brothers, so where is she missing me? Don’t make people think that we are going to steal their daughter from them. If you really like her, just take more care of her.”

“Speaking of this, I really have an idea.” Wei Zhiqian asked Wei Mingwen and Xiao Menghan, “How about we give the little girl a place to enter Jixia Academy?”

Jixia Academy was one of the Eighth National University. A century-old school founded by one of the Qi families.

It covered primary school to high school.

Wei Zhiqian was currently in the high school department of Jixia Academy.

However, the number of places to enter Jixia University was limited, and you couldn’t just get in if you had the money.

As for the eight major families, in addition to their own direct admission to Jixia Academy, they also had the privilege of giving places to others.

There were not many places left for others.

And not just any family could get a quota from the eight major families.

Although the quota was a small matter, it still depended on whether the eight major families were willing.

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