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“Oh my god, they’re coming!”

Hearing this cry, everyone looked at the monitoring station and immediately slapped the soldier. Didn’t they see the Suzaku following behind? The police were not here to look for them.

But, why was the Suzaku missing half its body?

The huge warship descended from the clouds and landed at the fortress training ground. The people of Saier who had been waiting outside immediately cheered.

A huge number of trees and flowers were transported from the Suzaku and planted immediately. All the machines were in operation. By the afternoon, looking down from the sky on Planet Purcell, it was already a sea of flowers. Unfortunately, it was missing four cabins, there were still many places that had not yet been planted.

He Yunting sent Su Yemu back to Saier Star and left, taking Da Zhuang and others with him while leaving Yuan Ying’s team behind.

Before leaving, He Yunting said to Su Yemu, “I hope you can continue your studies.”

Su Yemu didn’t realize it for a moment. After arriving at Saier Star, his goal was to send Xiaonan to school. As for himself: “I can’t even study. I have never been to school. I will definitely not be able to pass the college entrance examination. I didn’t even go to elementary school!”

Although he inherited the memory of the original owner, including the interstellar writing that father Su taught him, he could only read the words and did not understand the course at all.

“I’m here, and I’ll teach you.”

“By the time I finish learning, I’ll have grown a beard.”

“Do you want to pilot a mecha?”

After He Yunting finished speaking, Su Yemu’s eyes lit up and he nodded.

It could be done.

After sending He Yunting away, Su Yemu hurried home. Just now, Xiaonan got off the ship and returned home without saying a word, holding No. 2 in her arms. He didn’t know what happened to her.

“Where’s Xiaonan?” Su Yemu returned home and didn’t see Xiaonan, but only saw Mai Tian.

Mai Tian pointed to her room, put his arms around Su Yemu’s shoulders, and asked with a smile: “Brother, are you going to take the CET-4 test the day after tomorrow?” Su Yemu responded casually, and then knocked on Xiaonan’s door, but couldn’t open it.

Mai Tian said: “Stop knocking, she must be angry. When she came back just now, she glared at me.”

Su Yemu was depressed, what happened to Xiaonan?

At this time, the terminal rang, it was Mr. Chen.

Mr. Chen was talking to Su Yemu about the grade exams the day after tomorrow. After discussion with everyone in their chef association, they decided to arrange all the exams for the next few levels to be completed within two days.

Mr. Chen said: “Based on your ability, it is not an exaggeration to directly grant you the title of Royal Chef, but in order to stop some people’s mouths, this process still has to be done.”

Su Yemu replied: “It doesn’t matter, is there anything I should pay attention to?”

Mr. Chen thought about it and said, “No, you just have to pay attention to what the Su family said in front of the media before. Logically speaking, they would not release such news for no reason.”

“I understand.”

After hanging up the phone, Su Yemu looked at Xiaonan’s door and sighed; then, Su Yemu placed a lot of orders at Xingwang Mall, but until they delivered the things, Xiaonan hadn’t come out yet.

The star delivery had delivered soybeans. After Su Yemu soaked them, he saw that Mai Tian was still following behind him and asked strangely: “Why are you following me?”

Mai Tian smacked his lips and said, “Brother, are you going to make something new to eat?”

“Well,” Su Yemu said, “I will make spicy hot pot[1] and Mapo tofu[2].”

The names themselves sounded delicious.

The soybeans were soaked until the evening. Su Yemu grabbed Erha to ground the soybeans. The steps were the same as the last time when making soy milk. However, after adding the tofu, the steps changed.

The square mould was composed of four boards and a piece of clean, wet gauze was placed on the surface. The gauze was larger than the frame. He poured the bean curd into the mould surface, then he put the extra cloth together, covered the tofu curd, he kept a board on top, and pressed a clean flat stone on it. When he woke up tomorrow, it would have become tofu. Su Yemu made four pieces of tofu in total. There should be enough for tomorrow’s supply.

Su Yemu also made tofu skin, which was similar to making tofu. The difference was that when the tofu skin was poured into the mould, only a shallow layer was spread, and then a piece of gauze was placed on it, and another layer was spread until the remaining tofu curd was covered.

Of course, Su Yemu also left a few bowls of soybean milk for everyone to drink. After finishing these things, Su Yemu directly uploaded the video and announced the dishes he would make tomorrow.

Seeing the post in the middle of the night, it caused quite a stir. Some small media began to repost Su Yemu’s video. Many people left messages below to guess what the spicy hotpot and Mapo tofu were.

The next morning, Su Yemu got up to look for Xiaonan and found that she was not at home. Turning to the kitchen, the tofu was ready and the bean curd was ready. Su Yemu asked people to move the tofu and bean curd to the farm. By this time, there was already a sea of people waiting in the live broadcast room.

Su Yemu had been away from Saier Star for two days. During these two days, without Su Yemu’s support, everyone was quite disappointed. After Su Yemu announced the news on the live broadcast platform at midnight last night, many people came early today.

Su Yemu put on an apron and ordered the terminal to start the live broadcast. As soon as the screen appeared, a lot of people rushed in. The numbers were shocking. Su Yemu was stunned. When did he have so many fans.

I saw the news announced in the broadcast at midnight last night. I stayed up all night, just waiting for this moment.

There are more than three billion people, which I still think is small! There are more than 60 billion people in the empire, and with just this small amount, Bobo must have been suppressed.

Haha, Bobo is stunned, he didn’t expect it! Not only are there more people, but the level has also been upgraded, five stars, and the number one person on the TV platform.

Applause, cheer!

“I really didn’t expect it.” Su Yemu looked at the corner of the live broadcast room and saw a small dot dancing. Su Yemu called it up and it was a notification from the TV platform, to the effect of congratulating him on his promotion to five stars.

Spicy hot pot, and Mapo tofu. Just hearing the name makes me hungry.

Bobo, what is spicy hotpot and Mapo tofu? The video I watched is similar to the one you made last time. So what does it look like when it comes out?

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