RNMG Ch. 5 (Vol. 2)

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“What is your purpose?”

Si Huang asked.

Feng Manzhu knew that when communicating with some people, it was best to tell the truth and not beat around the bush. “Will you believe me when I say there is no purpose?”

Si Huang smiled, “I believe it, but assistance without purpose will make me feel very insecure.”

Feng Manzhu cursed the little monster in her heart, smiling like that, he looked like he was willing to die, but his words were a real warning.

“To be honest, I admire your talents very much and want to accept you as my direct student. As for other things, I probably just find you interesting.” Her beautiful eyes looked at Si Huang’s body, “If it weren’t for me, where I could smell it, I really couldn’t think you were a woman, it’s like I saw something that didn’t exist.” In the end, she couldn’t help but curiously ask: “Why and what circumstances made you pretend to be a man for so long since you were a child?”

“Can one smell something that’s not there?” So what exactly was this smell, and where did Feng Manzhu smell it? Si Huang was surprised by Feng Manzhu’s natural attitude when she said these words, as if she believed that she would not be surprised and could understand.

Si Huang felt as if she had accidentally come into contact with a mysterious field, a field that she had never noticed or been exposed to in her previous life.

Her mind kept turning, and the expression on her face became calmer. She could not see the doubts in her heart at all. She said to Feng Manzhu: “Teacher can promise not to reveal my gender, and I will tell you the reason.”

The terrifying momentum from before faded away. Finally, the young man’s eyes were clear and clean, his brows were soft and elegant, and he looked quite elegant and harmless. Feng Manzhu knew that she might be acting, but she couldn’t help but feel stunned and itchy in her hands. She thought: Even if she knew she was a woman, she wouldn’t feel uncomfortable at all. She is so handsome!

“How could a teacher expose her own students?” Feng Manzhu wanted to accept Si Huang even more. She had an intuition that as long as she accepted Si Huang as a student, the campus life in Jinghua would no longer be so boring and would become more interesting. It would be colorful. The most important thing was, if for no other reason than because Si Huang exuded a scent that was very suitable for her, as well as his perfect and exquisite appearance and special personality, she felt that booking the person and keeping her by her side would be delightful for the eyes.

“Okay.” Si Huang shrugged helplessly and stared directly into Feng Manzhu’s clear eyes. People with such eyes would not say one thing and do another. Otherwise, the other party didn’t have to tell her directly when she found out. She could do things secretly and catch her off guard.

“It’s an honor for me to have such a beautiful woman as my personal teacher.” She naturally smiled like a gentleman, with gentle ripples in her eyes.

If it were a young girl, seeing her look like this, she would probably blush and feel overwhelmed. On the other hand, Feng Manzhu’s cheeks turned red and her eyes gleamed. She rushed to Si Huang and held her in her arms, shouting: “Oh my God, you little goblin and little scourge. You are simply here to bring harm to the world. How many women’s hearts can be lost with this look?”


Being hugged like this, for Si Huang, who didn’t like to have too much physical contact with strangers, it was the first time, and she was really not used to it.

However, what surprised her was that her body did not instinctively reject Feng Manzhu.

Probably because there was no evil thought in Feng Manzhu’s eyes. The sparkling look in her eyes clearly showed the love of an elder for the younger ones. This kind of look was very familiar to Si Huang and could often be seen in Grandma Yu’s eyes.

Feng Manzhu’s body was plump and she was about 1.75 meters tall. When the two of them were pressed together, Si Huang felt the softness of her chest. When she lowered her head and looked down, her eyelids twitched. From this angle, she could just see the woman’s white and delicate half-snowballs hidden in the black collar.

Just as Si Huang was about to turn her eyes away, she heard a voice full of smiles, “Look at the teacher, and let the teacher also see how you are developing?” Then se stretched out her sinful hand.

Unfortunately, before the hand could reach its destination, it was easily grasped midway, “Teacher, I’m curious how you can smell the non-existent smell on my body? Is there anyone else in this school who is like you?”

“What’s so strange about this, because you and teacher are the same kind of people.” Feng Manzhu tried to exert force but was held motionless and stared at Si Huang sadly.

It’s a pity that beauty couldn’t seduce Si Huang. She asked calmly: “Why don’t I know about this kind of people?”

“Still pretending.” Feng Manzhu stared at her neck, “This Adam’s apple is very real, it doesn’t look like a fake. Is this your ability or is it disguised by props? Is it a small-scale change in the bones of your body, or are you really an asexual person? Ah, no. This is not how asexual people smell.”

The amount of information in this sentence was too big…

Si Huang’s eyes trembled, but a hint of excitement ignited in her heart.

It was as if there was a Pandora’s box in front of her, tempting her to open it, presenting her with a different world.

She never thought that she was not the only one who was special. It turned out that there might be special people around her, but she could not come into contact with them in her previous life.

This kind of unknown was very dangerous, but it was because of the unknown that she needed to integrate and figure it out faster, and have everything clearly before her eyes, so that she would not be passive in the future.

In this life, Si Huang was not afraid of the unknown, and even pursued it a little morbidly, in order to see through the truth behind all the fog in her previous life, and also because she loved challenges.

“Teacher knows a lot.” The smiling voice was like pure white silk soaked in red wine, with a bright and alluring color revealed from the clarity.

Feng Manzhu was stunned for a moment by this sudden smile. She smiled clearly, lightly and gracefully, and her eyes were filled with mist, which contained an inner edge. This edge did not sting but was like an exquisite and gorgeous sword. It was not meant to kill people. Just to be enshrined and appreciated by others, even the blade’s light was as beautiful as the ice of winter snow reflecting the beauty of the sun.

The most touching thing was her voice. Feng Manzhu went blank for a moment and didn’t even know how to describe it. She just felt eager to listen for a while longer.

“The teacher hasn’t answered me yet. Is there anyone in the school who can recognize my true identity at a glance like the teacher?”

“No… uh!” The words were blurted out, Feng Manzhu suddenly came back to reality, and then she stepped back like she had received an electric shock, breaking away from the close contact with Si Huang. Her expression was a bit dissatisfied and cautious, “There’s something wrong with your voice too!?”

She forgot that her hand was still being held by Si Huang. At this time, Si Huang also happened to be focusing on the issues of identity discovery and the strength of special groups and forgot to let go of Feng Manzhu.

Feng Manzhu retreated quickly, pulling Si Huang’s body and taking two steps backward with inertia. Feng Manzhu in front of her became unsteady on her heels, and half of her body fell on the desk behind her.

Si Huang had already reacted when she was pulled down and reached out to support the table in time without putting any pressure on her. When she lowered her head, she saw Feng Manzhu’s unhappy expression. She paused and explained: “Sorry, I was in a bad mood, so it went a little out of control, but I didn’t deliberately influence the teacher with hypnosis.”

Feng Manzhu understood what she meant after two seconds, and asked incredulously: “What do you mean… In fact, your voice is usually controlled with emotions, and you have restrained your true voice?”


“Oh my god, you were born to be an artist!”

Feng Manzhu’s eyes burst out with intense light, and she excitedly stretched out her arms to hug Si Huang, and praised charmingly: “Oh, baby, you are so great!”

Si Huang smiled helplessly.

This woman was so unscrupulous now because she clearly saw her gender.

However, there was always something called coincidence in this world. When a coincidence occurred at a very inappropriate time, it was commonly known as bloody drama.

The office door was just pushed open from the outside.

The sudden sound of the door opening made both Feng Manzhu and Si Huang turn their heads.

The tall and handsome man stood at the door, staring at them expressionlessly. For a moment, his expression seemed to have changed, but then it seemed not.

However, Si Huang felt Feng Manzhu’s body tremble a few times, and even the charming expression from before became stiff.

“Oh, baby?” The man at the door walked in and repeated these words in his deep, magnetic voice. His tone was a little meaningful, as if he was savoring the depth of these words.

A pair of dark eyes stared at the two of them, as sharp as a saw blade.

Under such intense gaze, Si Huang felt for a moment that she was the one who was caught stealing.

Putting away this funny thought, Si Huang stood up straight and asked Qin Fan, “When did you come?”

“Just came.” Qin Fan stared at her coldly, paused, and a trace of ridicule appeared at the corner of his mouth. “I came just in time.”

Both people present felt his anger, but they understood the source of his anger differently.

Feng Manzhu’s face recovered a little, and she greeted Qin Fan with a smile: “Why did Mr. Qin suddenly come to my small temple? I’m so sorry that you caught me just making a little joke with a student.”

Si Huang raised her eyebrows when she heard this. From the way she moved, and from the tone of her voice, it seemed they knew each other.

“This is no joke.” Qin Fan’s eyes deepened and he warned Feng Manzhu: “Boys of this age cannot resist temptation. Your behavior has exceeded the standard. It seems that your character has not been restrained. You should be sent to another place to go and train.”

As soon as she heard that she was going to be sent away, Feng Manzhu’s face changed and her eyes were a little frightened. Even Qin Fan saying that Si Huang was a boy couldn’t make her laugh in her heart and she hurriedly tried to save herself, “It’s a misunderstanding. Mr. Qin, you know where my thoughts are, how could I really hook up with someone else! It’s just that Si Huang just agreed to be my direct student, and I was a little too happy. It’s definitely not to harass and play with students!”

“Si Huang was also willing, don’t you think so?” Feng Manzhu turned to Si Huang for help.

As a result, Si Huang received her look and said, “You should say less and make fewer mistakes.”

She couldn’t help but remain silent and choked on her words. What did this mean?

“Personal student.” Qin Fan repeated this sentence.

Si Huang raised her forehead and admitted, “Yes, I promised to be her direct student.” In order to appease the man, she emphasized the word ‘student’.

As a result, the man’s face obviously darkened a few degrees, “Let’s go.” He walked out first.

Si Huang thought she had nothing else to do here, so she followed him out. Before leaving, she asked Feng Manzhu: “The teacher hasn’t answered my question just now.”

Feng Manzhu knew what she was asking as soon as she thought about it. So, she responded: “Don’t worry, there are very few people like teacher.”

After getting the answer she wanted, Si Huang went out and helped her close the door.

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