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The greenhouse that An Yi mentioned was located behind the Dao Ci Temple.

The three of them walked through a stone road in the forest from behind the main temple, followed the green tile eaves, passed the residence of the disciples, and finally stopped at a single house made of wood and stone.

An Yi walked to the end, climbed the two wooden stairs to the eaves, and knocked on the door.

Within a few seconds, there was the sound of the door bolt turning inside, and then the sliding wooden door in front of him was pulled open from the inside. A figure appeared in the room. His voice sounded like that of a young man between a boy and a young man. He bowed to An Yi respectfully and said, “Uncle Master.”

“Is the water boiled?”

“It’s ready.”

“Okay,” An Yi lifted up his robe and was about to enter. He turned around after thinking about something and signaled to Gu Nian and Luo Xiu who were stopping behind, “He is our guest.”

An Yi stepped aside, allowing the two sides of people to look at each other. Gu Nian saw clearly that the person was indeed a young gentleman. He should be around twenty years old, with a fair complexion and a delicate face.

Gu Nian waited for the other party to say the customary “Fu Sheng, Liang Li Zun” that he must be used to say, but she waited and waited and didn’t hear it.

She raised her head blankly, only to find that the young man’s fair face had turned a little red, and his eyes were staring at Gu Nian without blinking.

Gu Nian felt confused after being stared at like this.

This was… he had been trapped in the temple for a long time and had never seen a girl?

Luo Xiu noticed this and the pretense of gentleness on his face was blown away by the cool winter wind outside the eaves. He lowered his hands and was about to walk over to confront him, when the young man’s face turned red to the extreme. When he came back to his senses, he trembled: “Are you Mang, Teacher Mang Zhi?”

Gu Nian: “….?”

After enduring it to this moment, An Yi finally turned around. He put his hands behind his back and showed a lazy smile to Luo Xiu: “This is your Miss Gu’s loyal fan, the only disciple in my family. Back then, after Miss Gu retreated from the circle, he cried and was kicked out of the hall by his master, where he had to reflect several times.”


Luo Xiu’s warm smile did not change, but his eyes quickly cooled when he turned to An Yi.

Someone’s eyes were so gentle but he felt like he was going to be knifed. An Yi held back his laughter and turned around, stopping the little disciple who was completely unaware of his life and death danger. “It’s too cold outside. Let’s talk in the warmed room.”

The young scholar wanted to come up and say something, but his uncle master stopped him. So, he just nodded: “Okay… okay.”

While saying this, his eyes were still glued to Gu Nian like a puppy, and he was reluctantly carried in by his uncle.

The greenhouse had a consistent minimalist style, with a low wooden couch and a stove facing south. Through the half-open sliding door, the multi-layered and thickened floor-to-ceiling windows looked strange and out of place.

However, outside the floor-to-ceiling window was the back of Baiyun Mountain. The trees in winter were loosely arranged, and the scenery was quiet and pleasant.

Gu Nian just walked into the room and stared out the window for a moment. When she came to her senses, she couldn’t help but speed up and run to the window. She held the window and looked out for a while. Then she looked back at Luo Xiu with a smile: “This looks like the retirement home I described to you!”

Luo Xiu walked over, stopped beside her, and whispered softly: “You like it very much?”

Gu Nian turned back, looked at the back mountain and nodded quickly, excitedly: “This is exactly the scene in my dream.”

Luo Xiu nodded and turned around thoughtfully.

An Yi had already sat down on the low wooden couch in the square, and was slowly pouring the freshly brewed mountain spring water onto the warm teapot with a long-handled wooden tube.

After moistening the body of the pot, he put down the long wooden handle and said lazily, “Not for sale,” without raising his eyes.

The sentence without beginning or end made Gu Nian look back blankly.

Luo Xiu lowered his eyes regretfully: “Dao Ci temple’s right to use this piece of land is a legacy left to them.”

The amount of information was quite large. It took Gu Nian several seconds to digest it before she realized it. Then she asked softly: “Why do you want to ask whether he would sell it or not?”

After hearing this, An Yi sat down, lifted his robe, and said lazily: “Because you just liked it, and Luo Xiu wants to buy it.”

Gu Nian: “…?”

Gu Nian went to check with Luo Xiu, and when she received a tangible feedback from his eyes, Gu Nian suddenly felt a little embarrassed: “I didn’t mean anything by it, this is a place of compassion. Why…”

Luo Xiu turned around and said, “I can pay a sufficient price and then choose a new piece of land for you.”

An Yi: “Not for sale.”

Luo Xiu: “Why?”

An Yi: “I’m too lazy to move.”

Luo Xiu: “…”

Feeling An Yi’s determination, Luo Xiu turned back regretfully: “I will choose a similar place based on the scenery here.”

Gu Nian just didn’t have the nerve to stop Luo Xiu directly, but now she reluctantly tugged on his sleeve.

Luo Xiu understood and lowered his body towards her: “What’s wrong?”

Gu Nian lowered her voice: “Wouldn’t this be too sinful?”

Luo Xiu smiled, straightened up, and answered without concealing his voice: “It doesn’t matter, An Yi and I have known each other for many years. There is no need to beat around the bush between the three of us.”

“Three people?”

“Well,” Luo Xiu paused, his voice unnatural, “There is also Qiao Xi, we have known him since we were young.”

Gu Nian suddenly realized.

“Do people who are passionately in love really end up in a world of two people wherever they go?” An Yi’s teasing voice came over, “If you don’t come over and sit down, the tea will get cold.”

Gu Nian suddenly came to her senses and sheepishly pulled Luo Xiu back to the low wooden couch.

At this moment, the young gentleman finally regained his senses and helped Gu Nian spread the cushions and place the teacups. He was so attentive that he didn’t even notice the way Luo Xiu looked at him from the side.

An Yi, the instigator, could not hold back his laughter.

After a while, the master of the young master came to ask him to go back and talk to him about something, so the young master reluctantly walked out.

When he came to the door, what was he thinking about? Seeing Luo Xiu’s “gentle” eyes that were about to kill someone, he ran back without realizing it and looked at Gu Nian sheepishly: “Teacher Mang Zhi, please leave an autograph for me when you leave?”

Gu Nian smiled and nodded: “Okay.”

“Thank you!”

The young scholar ran away happily.

This “fan” was innocent and cute. Gu Nian turned back in a good mood. Before she could even close her eyes, she met a pair of brown eyes hidden behind thin and cold lenses.

For no reason, Gu Nian felt guilty and her smile froze slightly.

Luo Xiu lowered his eyes lightly: “…sign it.”

“Yes,” Gu Nian tasted a low and deep emotion in someone’s tone, and asked cautiously, “What’s wrong?”

Luo Xiu: “It seems that you have never signed for me.”


Gu Nian choked.

Before Gu Nian could figure out a logical answer for the question of “Why should I give Luo Xiu’s autograph?”, Luo Xiu lowered his eyes and said in a soft voice, “It doesn’t matter, just forget it. Forget it.”

Gu Nian: “——!?”

Gu Nian immediately woke up and said with a serious expression: “No, it does matter, just go back and sign.”

Luo Xiu nodded: “I still have to line up behind him and arrive last, right? I understand.”

“…No, where is the pen and paper? I’m going to sign now, right away.”

Gu Nian burst into tears——

Today’s evil dragon was flavored with green tea mixed with fruit vinegar.

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