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So Gu Nian’s tea tasting in the hot room turned into an autograph session. After signing ten of them, Luo Xiu “generously” agreed to leave the eleventh one to the young man.

As a result, Gu Nian wrote an extra sentence on the eleventh card, and when Luo Xiu glanced at it, the Green Tea Vinegar Dragon came online again.

In the end, Gu Nian tearfully added a “heartfelt message” to each of the ten autographs written for Luo Xiu.

An Yi was beside them, drinking tea and watching the fun in an enjoyable way.

Unfortunately, joy was always short-lived.

Gu Nian had just finished her autograph signing trip when she heard a vibrating sound from her handbag that had been hanging next to her.

Gu Nian said: “There should be a call on my mobile phone.”

Luo Xiu paused on the wooden couch and raised his hand to collect and arrange the signatures scattered on the low table.

Gu Nian took out her cell phone and saw that it was Jiang Xiaoqing’s number.

Thinking of the instructions she gave Jiang Xiaoqing before leaving the company in the morning, Gu Nian’s expression changed——

She had a bad feeling.

“Xiaoqing?” Gu Nian answered the phone.

“You finally answered the phone, I was so anxious!” Jiang Xiaoqing complained on the other side of the phone, “Where are you now? Come back to the company quickly!”

“What’s wrong? Take your time.”

“…You didn’t pay attention to the follow-up??”

“Follow-up? Follow-up to the morning news?”

“Yeah, you really didn’t see it?” Jiang Xiaoqing choked for a long time, “You are really heartless, and you don’t pay attention to so many things.”

Being reminded again, Gu Nian thought in pain: “Luo Xiu said that the public relations department will take care of it. I just came to Dao Ci temple to relax. Is there any follow-up?”

“Yes, the website that first broke the news has posted new photos. They are of you and him having dinner together, the last photos of you and Luo Xiu leaving alone, and a few more photos of you entering and leaving the villa area together.”


Gu Nian stayed still for a few seconds and finally came back to her senses.

She turned back and looked at Luo Xiu sitting on the wooden couch: “So the current direction of public opinion on the Internet is…?”

“What more, the Internet has identified you as the financial backer behind Luo Xiu; someone else exposed the fact that you and Luo Xiu signed a contract with BH media, all because you brought Luo Xiu in.”


Gu Nian rubbed her forehead in despair.

She turned back to the hanger where the handbag was hanging and lowered her voice: “I’m coming back to the company now. I’ll check it out later on the way.”

“Okay, hurry up, everybody in the studio is like ants on a hot pot.”


Gu Nian hung up the phone and clarified the matter with Luo Xiu in a few words. The two of them just proposed to end the afternoon tea meeting and left in a hurry.

Not long after they left, the door that was not locked with wooden bolts was hurriedly pushed open. The young priest ran in, saw half of the wooden couch that was already empty and slumped his shoulders in disappointment: “Uncle Master, Teacher Mang Zhi has already left?”

“Well, it was time to go down the mountain now.” An Yi put down the tea cup, “She left you an autograph.”

“Oh oh.”

The young gentleman hurried over and, half disappointed and half happy, took over the signature and held it in his hand to read.

After reading it, he wondered what he was thinking. But he raised his head and asked An Yi: “Uncle Master, the person who just came with Teacher Mang Zhi was your friend who wanted to come to our temple to become a monk, right?”


“He’s not coming now?”


An Yi murmured softly, swaying the tea cup with lazily lowered eyes, “Do you think he still has the intention to become a monk?”

The young monk scratched his head and said, “It’s a pity. I also heard from the abbot Master, that this friend of yours was not supposed to be born in this world, so it is difficult for him to be a spiritual practitioner.”


An Yi laughed suddenly.

The young scholar was confused by the meaning in this smile: “You don’t seem to agree with this?”

An Yi turned around with a smile: “What senior brother said may be completely right, or it may be completely wrong.”

“Huh? Disciple doesn’t understand. Asking my uncle for advice.”

“You’re young, don’t imitate your master’s lineage and chew words or speak human words.”


An Yi joked and walked lazily to the sunshine by the window: “It’s really good that Luo Xiu was born. There are so many people, things, and so on. You can’t see anything in his heart, let alone nothing. Also what matters is not birth.”

“Why did it go wrong again?”

“Because it’s different now.”

The young scholar thought for a moment: “Is it because of Teacher Mang Zhi?”

“Sort of, not quite.”


An Yi turned back from the window, lazily holding his robe in his arms, half leaning against the glass warmed by the sun.

“Because he was not really supposed to be born from the beginning, he just never was loved wholeheartedly by anyone. In this world, he has everything, everything is at his fingertips, except love, he lacks nothing. And this is the only thing, but it has never happened.”

The young scholar suddenly realized: “So the appearance of Teacher Mang Zhi… But what if someone else appears in the future?”

An Yi clasped his hands, looked out the window and smiled lazily and happily, “You don’t understand people like him.”


“Once Gu Nian gave it to him, he wouldn’t want anyone else’s. He won’t want even a penny more.”

“…” The young scholar was obviously relieved for his teacher Mang Zhi, “Good.”

“Good? It’s not necessarily good.”


An Yi walked back, flicked the signature paper that the young man held in his arms like a treasure, and then walked away with a smile——

“Since he only wants one person, he will want everything from her.”

“…He won’t let go of anything.”

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