IHSB Ch. 55

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The old woman turned her eyes to Gu Nan’s side, obviously acting like a rogue who planned to play tricks to the end, and she was planning to refuse to admit to anything.

Gu Nan’s cold eyes swept over her lightly, how could a short-sighted country old woman be able to compare to his fierce and aggressive aura, she was startled by the indifferent eyes that were cold and sharp without any emotion, she quickly looked away for a while before daring to look at him again.

He spoke in an unhurried voice, even in the face of an old woman’s unreasonable sarcasm, he was as calm as the superior boss in the company. His aura something they couldn’t resist.

His slender fingers with well-defined joints tapped the table rhythmically, as if they were tapping on their hearts, and each stroke could bring a sense of trembling to these guilty people.

“Your son begged my grandfather for that project.”

Gu Nan’s unique indifferent voice sounded, and as soon as he spoke, everyone’s eyes were attracted to him.

It was very quiet at the moment, and no one dared to interrupt Gu Nan when he was talking. This was his unique ability to control the field from the upper position as the future heir of the Gu family.

“Before that, all the security equipment was up-to-date, and I still have purchase records, but after your son took over, all the equipment became substandard old equipment within a few months, as for where the new equipment went…”

Gu Nan glanced at the middle-aged man indifferently, “I have the transaction records between you and Gao Huai here, as well as some account information, do you want to have a look?”

The face of the middle-aged man turned pale, his legs and feet trembled, he lowered his head and didn’t dare to look at Gu Nan, and could only look at his mother with the eyes of asking for help.

The old woman felt distressed immediately, of course it was her son and seeing him helpless she herself felt distressed, as in her heart, no one was as powerful as her own son.

The old woman did not allow anyone to say anything bad about her son, even in the face of the mighty Gu Nan, her preference for her son allowed her to go on a rampage against these obstacles.

“What are you doing?”

The old woman had always been the type to mess around without reason, so she started crying directly.

“It’s terrible, the whole family is bullying us orphans and widow, Gu Nan, you have no conscience, is that how you talk to your uncle? We are your elders, and we can’t write two Gu characters in one stroke, isn’t it just a few words?”

“Ten million, what’s wrong with you guys who have so much money helping us poor relatives? You will not be ashamed to haggle with us over such a small amount of money. It’s better than staying here and being bullied by them, woo…,woo…,woo…”

As she was howling, she saw Nuan Nuan, “Your uncle is the son of the Gu family, and the only son of your uncle, you spent so much on this little loser, why didn’t you help your uncle, I…”



There was a loud noise, and when the old woman said that Nuan Nuan was a money-losing thing, Gu Nan stood up abruptly, with a sullen face, he kicked the stool in front of the old woman over, and he gave the sloppy old woman a hostile look.

At that moment, the old woman who was always acting the rascal panicked and was also afraid. She looked at Gu Nan who was like an enraged tiger in horror, and sat down on the ground shaking her legs in fear.

“You, you…”

She tremblingly continued saying the word you, and her other words were frightened away by the indifferent and fierce eyes.

“You’re the one losing money, why don’t you try saying something about Nuan Nuan again?”

Mother Gu rushed over angrily with a rolling pin, “My Nuan Nuan is our Gu family’s treasure! You are also a woman yourself, and you have lived for such a long time. Are you happy when I call you an old loser?”

The old woman rolled her eyes in anger, and the sounds of old loser seemed to have poked her lungs.


“I advise you to think clearly before speaking. If you touch even one of my mother’s hair, I will cut off uncle’s finger.” The cold voice pulled back the old woman’s sanity who was on the verge of losing her mind.

Gu Nan slowly rolled up his sleeves, like a tiger whose territory had been violated, even if he was eyeing the people that had violated his territory, he was still elegant and noble, but the ferocious aura that belonged to the king of beasts had permeated the surrounding, every time he walked a step forward, it seemed to ooze killing intent.

The old woman’s son and daughter-in-law were all frightened, especially her son, who seemed to have seen the scene where his fingers were chopped off, his face was pale, and he trembled while covering his fingers.

Although the two also saw their mother falling down on the ground in fright, none of them dared to go forward to help her. They all hid behind like ostriches. They were also very scared now.

Gu Nan looked at them and sneered.

Mother Gu glanced at her son appreciatively, and then glared even more imposingly at this group of blood-sucking worm-like existences on the opposite side.

“I’ve wanted to say it a long time ago. This is my home. If you want to be a loser, you can go back to your own home!”

She was worried about the old woman calling Nuan Nuan a little loser. She was originally a mother who protected her children. Now Nuan Nuan was their reverse scale, they were holding her in the palm of their hands for fear of her falling and holding her in their mouth for fear of her melting, these people were very good, they come to other people’s house to be arrogant and domineering, and they dared to jump on their treasure, she couldn’t bear it anymore.

In addition to the resentment she had accumulated before, she now vented it all out.

The old woman was so angry and scared that she almost passed out when she was called out in public.

She looked at Elder Gu on the other side tremblingly, wanting him to take care of her daughter-in-law and grandson.

But she saw him taking a sip of tea unhurriedly, and greeting Nuan Nuan in a gentle voice, as if he didn’t see the swords being drawn, no… To be precise, they were being abused unilaterally.

What she saw was the little money-losing thing whom she looked down upon happily running to Elder Gu’s side, and the old man gently hugged her and covered her ears with a smile, as if blocking out all the filth of the world.

And the angry man in front of her was only so angry because of what she said about Nuan Nuan, calling her a money losing thing. They had done more extreme things before and they didn’t see him getting angry, but now it was just because of one sentence… the old woman thought about it, and took a bite unable to breathe, then she suddenly rolled her eyes and passed out directly.




Gu Ling, who was still young, was frightened and started crying while sitting on the ground.

Gu Nan said lightly to the middle-aged man, “Send her to the hospital.”

He didn’t feel ashamed for making the old woman pass out at all. For some people, if you bear it a little, they will become more outrageous, so it was better not to bear it.

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