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The pain in the little white fox’s body eased a little, and some color slowly returned to his pale face. He knew that it was because the demon power that had been destroying his body was exhausted, and when his body recovered a bit, the demon power on his body would also be accumulated at the same time, and then there would be another round of torture, it was endless, until death.

“Is there no other way?” Quan Juncai asked resolutely, their demon clan was born extremely strong, as long as the demon pill was not damaged, there was no incurable injury. Even if it was demon poison, it would have to wait until the entire demon pill had been corroded before the demon race could be called completely degenerated. But his nephew, a child who was only five years old with extraordinary talent and no evil poison in his body, actually had to have his demon pill abolished in order to survive.

If a demon clan didn’t have a demon pill, what was the difference between that and killing it?

Mi Wan shook her head, indicating that she couldn’t think of any other way.

“It’s okay, I’ll seal Xiao Rui up again later, maybe I can find a way to cure Xiao Rui in the future.” Quan Juncai said to himself, and he didn’t know if he was comforting others or comforting himself.

“Uncle.” The little white fox sat up from the sofa, with his short legs crossed, then he stretched out his hand to tug on his uncle’s strange clothes.

“Xiao Rui, are you not in pain anymore?” Quan Juncai hurriedly sat back beside his nephew and asked in a low voice.

“It doesn’t hurt anymore.” The little white fox shook his head, and in order to reassure his uncle, he even bent his lips and smiled, instantly filling the room with light.

Mi Wan shook her head for a moment, and when she came back to her senses, she found that her hand was on the way to touch the little white fox’s head, she was so frightened that she hurriedly withdrew back, and said to herself: I know why Xu Zhuang and the old professor had been smirking for so long. Yes, this little white fox really kills people when he smiles.

Suddenly, a chuckle sounded above Mi Wan’s head. She looked up and found the smile in someone’s eyes that hadn’t had time to dissipate.

Damn, he must be laughing at her for not having enough concentration. But the natural charm technique of the Ninth Grade Fox was really not something that ordinary people could resist, and the little white fox looked like a child at this time, which really caught her unprepared.

“Xiao Rui, don’t be afraid, you sleep again, next time uncle will definitely find a way to cure you.” Quan Juncai stroked his nephew’s soft long hair to comfort him.

“Uncle, are you going to seal me again?” the little white fox raised his head and asked.

“I know you hate being sealed, but until we find a cure, Uncle can only do this.”

“Uncle, if you want to seal me, Xiao Rui will not object. But when I woke up just now, I found that the aura of the world today is much weaker than before Xiao Rui fell asleep. If the aura is weakened, the strength of the demon clan will also be weakened, can you really find a way to cure me in the future?” The little white fox asked seriously.

Quan Juncai froze immediately, yes, now that the aura of the world was not as good the subsequent year, the strength of the demon clan had also been getting weaker and weaker, and it was difficult for the demon clan to advance, so the strength of the demon hunters would naturally be the same. Would there be any way to cure Xiao Rui in the future?

“Do you want to live in the present?” Fan Chen asked suddenly.

The little white fox looked at the man who had appeared with his uncle. He couldn’t detect a trace of demon power on this man, but he felt a very strong pressure faintly. This feeling was very similar to what he felt when his mother took him to visit a senior demon once.

“En.” The little white fox nodded honestly.

“Even if you can’t live for a long time?” Fan Chen continued to ask.

“Well. When I was in Qingqiu before, my uncle kept telling me stories of outside, and I wanted to see it with my own eyes.” Then, the little white fox turned to his uncle again and said, “Uncle, I just ate a lot of human food, as you said, it is really delicious. Uncle, Xiao Rui doesn’t want to sleep all the time.”

Quan Juncai only felt his nose turn sore, and he couldn’t help but hug his little nephew into his arms, and respond repeatedly: “Okay, uncle will take you to eat something delicious, and we’ll go to sleep after eating something delicious.”

The light in the little white fox’s eyes dimmed, do you still want to seal me?

She didn’t know if it was because the little white fox was too cute, or because of his natural charm, which made her, a demon hunter who had killed countless demons, feel a little bit unbearable. However, Mi Wan did not take the initiative to propose that the little white fox be her spiritual pet. This little white fox was so ambitious that if he really became a human spiritual pet, he may commit suicide before he was tortured by his illness.

“Mi Wan.” Fan Chen suddenly called Mi Wan.

“Huh?” Mi Wan turned her head in doubt.

“I remember that when you killed that camellia plant last time, you just pulled out her demon soul.” Fan Chen didn’t know Lin Manyu’s name, but only saw the body of the camellia that Mi Wan brought back.


“When you separated the demon soul, did you hurt her other half?” Fan Chen asked.

“I really didn’t pay attention to this.” Mi Wan recalled and said, “I was too anxious at the time, I just wanted to pull out her demon soul, and I didn’t pay attention to whether it would affect the other half of her soul in her body.”

“If you have enough time, can you not hurt the other half of the soul, but just pull out the demon soul?” Fan Chen asked again.

“It should be possible.” Mi Wan was stunned, and suddenly thought of something, “You don’t want me to separate the demon soul from the little white fox’s body, do you? No, the little white fox will become stupid.”

Three Spirits Seven Souls[1], no matter which one is lost, the human body will be affected, let alone if half of the soul was directly separated.

“It’s not separation, it’s a seal.” Fan Chen said.

“Seal? You mean to seal only the part of the little white fox’s body that belongs to the demon clan?” Mi Wan pondered for a while and said, “Theoretically speaking, if the part of the little white fox’s body that belongs to the demon clan is sealed, then it will hurt his body. Naturally, there will be no demon power. But if half of the soul is sealed and it is directly separated, there will not be much difference, the little white fox will still turn stupid.”

If there was any difference, it was probably that with the former, he would not need to experience the soul-tearing pain.

“What I want to seal is not the demon soul of the little white fox, but his demon power.” Fan Chen explained.

“My lord, do you have a solution?” Quan Juncai had been listening since the two of them had just started discussing. Hearing what Fan Chen said now, he couldn’t help asking again.

That’s right, why didn’t he think that his lord was the demon king and a tree demon that existed since ancient times, so he would definitely have a solution.

“It’s just possible.” Fan Chen wasn’t completely sure either.

“Then what are you going to do?” Mi Wan asked curiously.

“The demon soul needs the nourishment of the demon power, so it can’t be sealed completely, and a part of the demon power must be reserved to nourish the demon soul.” Fan Chen said, “I can put a branch of the Qiankun vine in to absorb a large amount of the demon power produced in his body, and then it would be transformed into flowers and plants to dissipate the essence. But Qiankun Vine has an effect on human souls, so you need to separate the demon souls in the little white fox’s body.”

Qiankun Vine, Mi Wan’s mouth twitched. Because of its impact, she had not been able to reincarnate for five hundred years, and now her soul was still drifting out.

“If everything goes as I expect, the little white fox should be able to survive as a low-level half-demon.” Fan Chen said.

“My lord, Master Mi Wan, I beg you to save Xiao Rui.” Quan Juncai seemed not to have heard Fan Chen’s word if, his trust in the Demon King was unconditional, so he begged loudly.

Although the little white fox was not as excited as his uncle, his big eyes looked at the two of them eagerly.

Naturally, there was no reason why Fan Chen would not agree to the method proposed by himself, so he looked at Mi Wan leisurely like Quan Juncai.

“I have no problem, as long as the money is in place.” Mi Wan had promised to cure the little white fox. Now that someone had provided the treatment, she would naturally not refuse.

“Thank you, sir, thank you Master Mi Wan.” Quan Juncai was overjoyed, hugging his nephew excitedly, “Xiao Rui, you are saved.”

“Yes.” The little white fox nodded excitedly.

The treatment plan was finalized, but the Qiankun Vine was not something that could be easily taken out, so everyone made an appointment to wait for Fan Chen to find the Qiankun Vine before treatment. After Fan Chen and the fox uncle and nephew left, Mi Wan planned to continue going back to school. Before leaving the pet shop, Mi Wan opened her phone and found an unread message in it, which was from the monitor, Han Xiao.

Han Xiao: You didn’t come back from shitting in the morning, and you left a very deep impression on the teacher. The teacher asked me to tell you that if you don’t score more than 80% in the final exam, you can just wait to fail.

“!!!” Mi Wan burst into tears. Nima, 80 points, she didn’t even get 50 points in the mock test these days, and she was thinking about fighting for her usual points, but now she was deducted of all of them.

The deep blow made Mi Wan want to faint. After struggling through the afternoon class, Mi Wan returned home in a daze.

“Hey, Miss, what’s the matter with you?” Butler Ye couldn’t help asking concernedly when he saw that his lady looked so unloved.

“Uncle Ye, I might fail my exam~~” Mi Wan replied miserably.

“Oh heh heh… the final exam is coming soon. It’s okay, miss, you had taken half a semester’s leave, and it’s normal to fail a course. It’s understandable. Just make up the exam.” Butler Ye comforted.

“I don’t want to make up the exam~~” She would die when she had to take the exam once, but if she had to take the exam again, she would really want to die.

“Relax, the test papers for make-up exams are usually easier. Moreover, when you graduate, the make-up exams will become a rare memory of your college days.” Butler Ye’s face was full of nostalgia, “Love, skipping classes, make-up exams, everything is a part of youth.”

“I don’t want to make up the exam~~” Mi Wan didn’t want this kind of youth.

“Miss, is the little white fox awake?” At this time, Mrs. Zhang came out with a pot of soup and asked about the little white fox like every day. Ever since she took a selfie with the little white fox and posted it on her Moments, and had received a lot of envious praise, Mrs. Zhang liked the little white fox very much, and every day when Mi Wan came back, she would ask the same question.

“Woken up.” Mi Wan said weakly.

“Really?!” Mrs. Zhang was pleasantly surprised, “Where is the little white fox, I want to take a video with it.” Up to now, some people in her circle of friends had suspected that she was holding a doll in her arms, and it must be a video. It was impossible not to slap them in the face.

“He was taken away by his uncle… the master.”

Mrs. Zhang was a little disappointed, but she soon asked concerned, “Is the little white fox cured?”

“Yes.” Mi Wan nodded perfunctorily.

“That’s good.”

“…” Mi Wan was speechless. Compared with the little white fox, was there no one who cared about her failure?

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[1] Daoist theories consider the Divine Soul to be constituted from the Three Ethereal Souls and the Seven Corporeal Souls. After a person’s death the Seven Corporeal Souls at first disperse, thereafter the Three Ethereal Souls depart.

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