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Three days later, shortly after Mi Wan finished school, she received a message from Fan Chen asking her to come to his yard at twelve o’clock in the evening. Mi Wan knew that the Qiankun Vine must have been brought back, and she was going to have to start treating the little white fox.

At twelve o’clock in the evening, Mi Wan was wrapped in a down jacket, as she climbed over the wall and went to the yard next door, but the yard was empty and there was no sound, Fan Chen did not seem to be at home.

“Hey, you asked me to come over, but you’re not here, really.” Mi Wan muttered a few words, but she wasn’t really angry. She walked to the living room familiarly, intending to wait for Fan Chen to come back.

At this moment, there was a sudden wave of demon power in the sky. Mi Wan looked up and saw a huge red fox flying over her head.

“Master Mi Wan.” The red fox also saw Mi Wan, and immediately spoke out.

“Quan Juncai?” Mi Wan remembered the voice.

“It’s me.” The red fox slowly descended from the sky, stopped in front of Mi Wan, and sat on the ground, “Master Mi Wan, come up, let’s go.”

“Going? Where are we going?” Mi Wan asked puzzled.

“Wanwu Park.” Quan Juncai said, “My lord is already waiting for us over there.”

Mi Wan didn’t ask any more questions. She guessed that the Qiankun Vine might be too powerful, so they needed to go to an inaccessible place, thinking this she climbed on the back of the red fox and sat firmly.

“Sit still.” Quan Juncai reminded, his body flew into the air, roaring away against the biting cold wind, and he disappeared into the sky in a blink of an eye.

Flying in the sky had always been the dream of human beings. Even now that there were airplanes, human beings still liked to pursue the feeling of flying freely in the air. Therefore, before sitting on the back of the red fox, Mi Wan was actually looking forward to it. She was going to soar in the sky on a big demon. But at this moment, if someone interviewed her about her mood, she would only want to say three words: “It’s so cold~~~~”

Mi Wan wrapped her down jacket around her tightly, tried hard to put a hat on herself, and was thinking whether to let red fox fly slowly, when she suddenly caught sight of a white mass, which was unusually eye-catching among the red hairs. Mi Wan stretched out her hand and directly fished out the white mass.

It really was a little white fox.

Mi Wan was overjoyed, hugged the little white fox in her arms and sighed contentedly: Ah~~~ finally warm.

“What are you doing?” The little white fox had regained a lot of demon power in the past few days. At this time, he was not feeling well. He was originally cultivating in the hair on the back of his uncle’s neck, but he was suddenly picked up by this woman.

“Why not, give me a hug.”

“You…have no shame~~” The little white fox’s face turned red with anger.

“What did you say?” Mi Wan narrowed her eyes dangerously, “Did you forget that you still have to rely on me to treat your illness. What’s wrong with hugging me, if I catch a cold after a while, I will leave you alone.”

The little white fox froze, knowing that he had made a mistake, he obediently did not move. (It had to be said that the cubs of this fox tribe were much precocious than other demon tribes, and they found it easy to have wrong thoughts at a young age.)

The interaction between Mi Wan and the little white fox happened on his back, how could Quan Juncai not know. Hearing Mi Wan say it was cold, Quan Juncai immediately felt guilty. He was covered in fur and never felt cold in winter, but he ignored Mi Wan’s human identity.

Ah~~~ It was getting warmer.

The strength of the eighth-rank demon was very strong, and it only took a few minutes to cross a city from air, and Quan Juncai was flying over the Wanwu Park a few minutes later.

“Master Mi Wan, we have arrived.” Quan Juncai said, and then began to land.

Mi Wan looked down curiously, and saw a dark area below, without a single light, but from the vaguely exposed outline in the darkness, it could be seen that there was a dense jungle covering a large area below.

This was the Wanwu Park, a man-made forest where a ticket cost 300 yuan, but people still came here in an endless stream.

The red fox landed steadily on a piece of lawn. Because of the cold weather, the withered yellow lawn was covered with a thin layer of frost. When Mi Wan got off the fox’s back, there was a crackling sound under her feet.

“You can let me down.” The little white fox who was carried all the way said.

“No.” Just now she came out of the warm fox fur, and at this time Mi Wan still hadn’t adapted to the outside temperature yet.

The little white fox puffed up his face, but he did feel that Mi Wan’s body temperature was falling, so he didn’t struggle, and quietly regarded himself as a heating stove.

“Where’s Fan Chen?” Mi Wan asked Quan Juncai who had turned back into a human.

“I’m here.” Fan Chen’s voice seemed to come from all directions, the voice seemed to be right next to her ears, and it seemed to be in the deepest part of the forest at the same time, making it hard to tell where he was.

While Mi Wan was wondering, Fan Chen came out from behind a huge unknown tree, holding a vine about ten centimeters long that exuded a faint aura in his hand. The moment he saw the vines, Quan Juncai immediately showed an excited expression. Although he knew that since the Demon King had promised to use the Qiankun Vine to save Xiao Rui, he would definitely do it. But the Qiankun Vine was too precious, until Fan Chen appeared in front of him with the Qiankun Vine, he couldn’t really feel at ease.

“You~~” Mi Wan’s expression was not very good, she frowned, and carefully looked at the wound on Fan Chen’s chest. She always felt that the hole had enlarged a little more, and at this moment, Fan Chen had a faint look of fatigue between his brows, as if a lot of his energy had been consumed by something.

Without waiting for Mi Wan to speak, Fan Chen first explained: “I need to convert the demonic power of the little white fox into wood energy, so I need to find a place with pure wood energy, which is why Quan Juncai brought you here.”

“Oh.” Mi Wan nodded knowingly, her eyes still fixed at Fan Chen’s chest worriedly.

“Let’s start, before dawn, when the spiritual power is strongest.” Fan Chen said.

Mi Wan nodded and let go of the little white fox in her arms. The little white fox fell to the ground and turned into a human again. At this time, the little white fox was no longer wearing ancient costumes. He had changed into a cute cartoon costume that was very in line with his current aesthetics. There were even two fox ears on its hat. The little white fox walked to the place between Mi Wan and Fan Chen, sat down cross-legged, and closed his eyes.

“Don’t resist.” Mi Wan reminded him before reaching out to cover the little white fox’s head, then pure spiritual power flowed in along the meridians, and began to separate his demon soul.

This time, it was only necessary to separate the demon soul, not to tear the soul of the little white fox out, so the spiritual strength required was not great. But if she wanted to separate the demon soul without hurting the little white fox, she needed extremely strong mental strength and concentration. Because once the mind was distracted halfway, or the spiritual power was interrupted, the demon souls that had been separated with great difficulty would re-integrate.

It took Mi Wan less than a minute to pull out Lin Manyu’s soul last time, but this time it took her two and a half hours to use her spiritual power to isolate the little white fox’s demon soul. She didn’t open her eyes until she had confirmed that there was no problem again and again and nodded to Fan Chen.

Fan Chen knew that the time had come, he flung out the Qiankun vine in his hand, and the little white fox’s brows followed the demonic force pointed out by Fan Chen. Mi Wan’s spiritual power had an inextricable relationship with the Qiankun Vine, so there was almost no need for guidance and searching. The Qiankun Vine quickly arrived at the place where Mi Wan’s spiritual power was located. There it saw two groups of souls, one cyan and one white, separated by a streak of golden spiritual power, clearly distinct. The cyan ones were the demon souls, and the white ones were human souls.

The Qiankun vine slowly submerged into the cyan demon soul, and then burst out a burst of light, and that burst of light shattered into countless light particles, penetrating into every part of the cyan demon soul. At the same time, in the forest outside, the vegetation in the entire forest trembled in unison, as if summoned by something. The burst of light became stronger and stronger, and there were more and more light particles, until the color of the little white fox’s cyan demon soul became darker.

“Okay.” Fan Chen’s voice came softly.

Mi Wan understood and withdrew her spiritual power. The moment the spiritual power disappeared, the two groups of soul power, one cyan and one white, instantly re-fused.

Mi Wan breathed a sigh of relief, and looked down at the little white fox’s face, only to find that the little white fox was biting his lip with a pained look on his face. She was surprised, “Why is the little white fox still looking so pained?”

“The demonic power in his body is too strong, it will take a while for the Qiankun Vine to absorb it.” Fan Chen thought for a while and said, “Let me help him take some out.” It just so happened that his demon power had not been completely withdrawn from the little white fox’s body, so he could take away the excess power and let the little white fox suffer less.

Saying that, Fan Chen mobilized the demon power to absorb the demon power accumulated in the little white fox. Then they saw a vortex of cyan demon power slowly condensing in the palm of Fan Chen’s palm, until it turned as big as a volleyball before stopping. At this time, the little white fox’s painful expression also calmed down.

“So much demon power?” Feeling the cyan vortex of demon power, Mi Wan was a little speechless. Was this little white fox still a cub?

“He is a ninth-rank celestial fox, and he has a natural charm, so he can cultivate faster than others.” Fan Chen threw the vortex of demon power in his hand into the air, and the vortex turned into countless cyan light spots, which fell from the air and scattered into the ground.

The weather in the past two days had been bad, and the night sky was so dark that there was no starlight. At this time, the sky was full of light spots, like a sky full of stars, which looked very beautiful. Mi Wan couldn’t help reaching out to catch a few light spots.

“Don’t touch.” Fan Chen was about to stop it, but it was too late.

“What’s wrong?” Mi Wan didn’t understand.

“The demonic power of the Ninth-Rank Sky Fox has its own charm…” Before Fan Chen could finish his explanation, Mi Wan’s eyes became blurred. She tilted her head, her face was flushed with an unnatural blush, and there was a hint of spring in her eyes, she was looking at Fan Chen stupidly, then she rushed over and hugged him tightly.

“Hee hee… You’re so pretty, come home and be my husband, okay?”

Fan Chen froze and didn’t reply for a while.

On the other hand, the little white fox on the side opened his eyes at this time, and asked his uncle in surprise: “Why did she get charmed?”

“Be careful not to touch it.” Quan Juncai explained with a smile, “You are still young, if you use the charm technique in the demon power, it will be weakened according to your mind. But the demon king is an adult, his demon power is powerful, and his mind is not as pure as yours, so~~”

Just as Quan Juncai had finished speaking, he received Fan Chen’s murderous gaze, the fox fur all over his body tightened immediately, so he turned around and fled with his little nephew in his arms.

“My senior brother said that when I find a husband and son-in-law for them, I need to find a good-looking one, and I have to kiss and hug~~”

What kind of teacher did you have, Fan Chen thought fiercely, while trying to stop someone who wanted to climb up and kiss people.

The author has something to say: After a long time, the two discussed who chased who first.

Fan Chen: You took the initiative, I have witnesses.

Mi Wan: It’s you who charmed me.

Fan Chen: You took the initiative to be charmed.

Mi Wan: The fox said, it’s because your mind is not pure, you have premeditated intentions.

Fan Chen: …

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