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Duan Yihua and the others couldn’t bear it anymore, so they took off their shoes, rolled up their trouser legs, and wanted to walk into the sea, then Lin Qingning turned around and asked Yan Zhi: “Aren’t you going into the water?”

Yan Zhi shook his head.

Lin Qingning thought about it, and finally stayed by Yan Zhi’s side.

The program team also understood it well, of course they would not miss such a romantic scene, Yan Zhi and Lin Qingning were followed the camera one after another, almost circling around the two of them, Lin Qingning was still not used to being shot like this on camera, but around him Yan Zhi had long been used to it, and in such a bright gathering, Yan Zhi’s performance could be called perfect.

He was a gentleman, and just rightly alienated. Lin Qingning couldn’t help being confused when he thought of his fierce and aggressive style of play during the game.

Hu Ying bent down, poured water on his legs, but still turning his head to look at Yan Zhi and Lin Qingning from time to time.

The sunset gradually dimmed, the twilight floated up from the sea, and the wind became cooler. The program team suggested that they should not wait to go back and chat in the living room, but to start their career announcement this season by the sea only.

“But Pei Xu isn’t here,” Hu Ying said.

“We have contacted him and he will be here in a while,” the staff member said.

Zhai Xingchen asked, “Where did he go?”

“He went to Fuzhou Mountain.”

Everyone sat down on a clean beach and waited for Pei Xu to come over. There was a bright light, but the backing clouds were all black, and a golden light swayed on the sea surface, shattering, and then reassembling.

Zhai Xingchen picked up shells along the beach, and saw a familiar figure walking out of the twilight from a distance, surrounded by the blue sea and the faint white moonlight.

The opponent’s figure was too superior, reminding him of a European or American movie, the moment when the male protagonist walked out of the mist was a classic.

Pei Xu was really a born Jinjiang hero.

He stood up and waved to Pei Xu.

When Pei Xu approached, he asked with a smile, “I heard you were full?”

Pei Xu asked, “What did you do, you’re like a drowned chicken.”

Zhai Xingchen said, “I accidentally slipped and fell in the sea.”

“Is it cold?”

Zhai Xingchen said, “It’s okay. It’s not cold, but it’s sticky and uncomfortable.”

“Let’s go, everyone is waiting for you.” Zhai Xingchen said.

“Are you picking up shells?” Pei Xu asked.

“Yes.” Zhai Xingchen said and showed him the shells he had just picked up.

Pei Xu stretched out his hand: “Here are some for you.”

A tiger-spotted shellfish, an oversized landscape painting Luo, and a purple starfish.

“It’s so pretty.” Zhai Xingchen said.

The voice contained irrepressible excitement.

“Do you like this?”

“It can be made into handicrafts.” Zhai Xingchen said, “Some of them can be painted on too.”

Pei Xu said, “Yes”.

“Are you giving me these?”

“Here you go.” Pei Xu said.

Huo Cheng and the others had already sat down on the beach, only Yan Zhi squatted on the ground, a cleanliness obsessive, he was afraid of getting dirty.

Zhai Xingchen sat cross-legged on the empty seat between Yan Zhi and Wen Nuo.

Yan Zhi looked at the things in his hand: “I also picked up some for you.”

He said and gave Zhai Xingchen some shells.

Pei Xu glanced at them.

Duan Yihua and the others looked at Pei Xu and said, “How far have you travelled?”

Pei Xu didn’t sit down, but walked directly to the program group and the others, came back after a while, and brought a plaid shirt over and threw it on Zhai Xingchen’s knee.

Zhai Xingchen was looking at the shell that Yan Zhi gave him, and turned his head.

“Thank you.” He immediately took off the wet floral shirt on his body, Huo Cheng and the others all stared at his white body.

A dancer’s figure was good, with thin and well-proportioned muscles, a slender and flexible waist, both firm and soft.

“Why are you so white?” Hu Ying hated it.

It was really milky white.

Yan Zhi’s gaze unconsciously fixed at Zhai Xingchen’s chest, his thin lips pursed slightly, and he raised his eyes to look at his follow-up portrait, then he lowered his eyes and reached out to play with the shells on the beach.

Huo Cheng smiled, raised his hand and rubbed his nose.

No wonder it smelt like milk, he thought.

Pei Xu spoke at this moment, and said: “There is a camera, don’t you pay attention to the image?”

Zhai Xingchen smiled, and immediately looked at the cameras next to him: “Edit it out for me.”

After everyone sat down, the program team took another ambient light and placed it among them.

“I thought we would skip this party,” Hu Ying said, “Should we still guess the occupation? Everyone should know each other a little bit, right?”

“Wen Nuo and Xingchen are more difficult to guess.” Lin Qingning said.

“Xingchen is a college student.” Huo Cheng said.

“College student?” Duan Yihua and the others looked at Zhai Xingchen.

Zhai Xingchen nodded: “Sophomore.”

Well, he knew that as soon as this was announced, he would be completely passed by them.

Sure enough, Hu Ying immediately said: “I want to have a good talk with the program team. What do they mean by finding a male college student for us?”

The ambient light given to them by the program group was golden yellow. As the night darkened, the light shone on the faces of several people, as if a layer of beauty filters had been added, and their eyes looked affectionate.

“What about Wen Nuo? He also looks young.” Huo Cheng said.

“Student?” Yan Zhi guessed.

Wen Nuo looked at Pei Xu and the others, and Pei Xu said flatly, “I guess he is a student too.”

“I’m working,” Wen Nuo said.

He was probably feeling a little inferior and shy. After he finished speaking, he covered his mouth and smiled, his ears turning all red.

“You have already graduated from university?” Hu Ying said in surprise, “I thought you were a student too, you look about the same age as Xingchen.”

The rich second generation heirs who didn’t know the sufferings of the world may guess higher, which would probably make Wen Nuo even more embarrassed, so Zhai Xingchen hurriedly said: “We can’t guess, tell us soon.”

“I opened a cake shop with my friend.” Wino said.

“No wonder you told me in the kitchen today that you can help me if I want to make desserts.” Zhai Xingchen said, “Then I have to learn from my teacher how to make desserts. I can do everything, but my desserts are not very good.”

Wen Nuo was smiling and lying on his knees, he looked very embarrassed, soft and pitiful.

In fact, today’s age and occupation disclosure was a big hurdle for Wen Nuo.

Only at this time could he realize more deeply how big the gap between him and these heaven’s favoured ones was.

Some people were born such that he would never be able to catch up to them in his life. Life had never meant equality, but for a person like him, being a guest in a romance show where the wealthy and rich second generation heirs gathered was like being caught on a bicycle among a bunch of luxury cars, or a pile of high-end luxury brand-name clothing mixed with street stall bought clothes, it was actually cruel when you thought about it.

So he hid himself with a shy smile.

But Zhai Xingchen gave him a certain sense of security.

They were the same kind, so they should cherish each other.

He even felt that Zhai Xingchen sat beside him on purpose.

And Zhai Xingchen was so calm, warm, and didn’t show any trace of inferiority, which also gave him a lot of courage.

He felt that the sea breeze was a bit cold, so he moved closer to Zhai Xingchen.

Except for the two of them who were really amateurs, the occupations of the rest of them could surely increase the quality of their program.

There was no need to mention the three male protagonists, they were already famous figures.

Hu Ying could also be regarded as a representative figure in the Internet celebrity world.

Duan Yihua founded a milk tea shop called Yidiantian, which had recently become an Internet celebrity-level milk tea shop and was constantly on hot search.

Mature, stable and professional, wasn’t this kind of big brother good?

OK, you can stop thinking about it.

Lin Qingning was even more powerful. He graduated from Yale University with a master’s degree. He was now the youngest professor at a certain university in China, and he was the most knowledgeable among all the guests.

In fact, compared to Yan Zhi’s abstinent and almost sexy temperament, Lin Qingning was the type full of true indifference.

It was very plain, the kind that restrained one’s desires very much.

Well, they couldn’t tell at the moment who would be more popular as a young recipient, he or Duan Yihua.

The contrast and cuteness were really terrible. Thinking about it, they wanted to become a brother-con.

They made a final guess at their ages.

Everyone was a decent person, and the age was guessed at a younger side.

Finally, everyone announced their ages one by one.

Duan Yihua was the oldest, having just celebrated his 30th birthday.

Huo Cheng and Lin Qingning were the same age, both 28 years old.

Hu Ying and Yan Zhi were the same age, both 24 years old.

Pei Xu was 25 years old and Wen Nuo was 22 years old.

Zhai Xingchen was two years younger than Wen Nuo, only 20.

“Twenty…” Hu Ying laughed.

Huo Cheng looked up at the night sky and saw bright stars.


After watching the starry sky, he lowered his head again, and raised the corner of his eye, then he caught a glimpse of Zhai Xingchen’s two long white legs which were propped up.

In the end, when there was nothing to talk about, everyone sat on the beach watching the moon and listening to the sound of the waves.

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