IHSB Ch. 56

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The middle-aged man also tremblingly left with his wife, while carrying his unconscious mother.

Mother Gu raised the rolling pin in her hand from behind, “Remember to return my husband and son’s money. By the way, I have always been in charge of my husband’s money, so you have to return it!”

The middle-aged man carrying the old woman heard this, then the woman staggered and ran even faster, but they didn’t even notice that their two daughters had not been able to keep up.

And what was ridiculous was that Gu Tengfei, who was spoiled by their family, not only didn’t help the grandmother who loved him the most at the moment, but ran in the front quickly, and complained about his grandmother in his heart while running, if she hadn’t angered Gu Nan, they wouldn’t have been kicked out in such a mess.

Gu Wan hesitated standing there, she didn’t want to leave, and she became more envious and jealous of Nuan Nuan, just because of one sentence, it was the first time she saw Gu Nan being so angry, he was the type who would stand up to protect his sister without hesitation.

Why, why was such a brother not hers, why was she not Nuan Nuan.

Gu Wan bit her lips tightly, and Gu Ling’s irritated crying sounded in her ears. Not only did she not try to coax her, but she felt very disgusted.

Gu Nan beckoned expressionlessly, and Nan Feng, who was standing at the door, came over.


“Send them out.”

Gu Wan didn’t want to leave, but Gu Nan also didn’t want to keep these people.

Gu Wan’s face turned pale upon hearing his words, Gu Nan really…had no feelings for them at all.

“Miss Gu Wan, please.”

Nan Feng asked them to go out with a standard smile on his face.

With a forced smile on her face, Gu Wan hugged her sister who was sitting on the ground, her voice was soft and weak, and she seemed to be about to cry.

“Brother, I’m sorry, Wanwan will try to persuade grandma and father when she goes back, please don’t be angry, okay, they didn’t mean it, grandma is just… just used to talk indiscriminately, Wanwan will try her best to make her change in the future.”

It had to be said that in Gu Wan’s family, she was the only one who was a little smarter, but this little cleverness was as immature as a child’s for the bosses in the outside world who were used to all kinds of calculations and schemes.

Mother Gu curled her lips at Gu Wan, she had thought that this child was the one with the biggest eyes in the elder brother’s family, and it was as it should be.

Gu Nan turned a deaf ear, walked up to Nuan Nuan, and touched her ears with slightly cool fingers.

“Were you scared?”

The little girl sat obediently on her grandfather’s lap, looking at her big brothers with clear and clean eyes, she raised her small arms to hug his neck and was hugged over, the little girl was like a milky cat, fluffy, with her little head arched on his body, softly.


With her fair and tender face pressed against her brother’s handsome profile, she replied in a soft and small voice.

“Nuan Nuan wasn’t scared, big brother, grandpa, and mother all protected Nuan Nuan.”

Nuan Nuan felt that she was very happy, and now she was protected by her family, so happy.

“Miss Gu Wan, please…”

The smile on Nan Feng’s face disappeared this time, and he forcefully asked them to leave.

Gu Wan hugged the younger sister tightly in her arms, feeling jealous in her heart, but she also knew that if she wanted to have a good relationship with the Gu family, she might have to curry favour with this little cousin in the future.

Thinking of this, she felt a shock in her heart, and the strength of her hold made Gu Ling cry even harder.

After the two left, the entire Gu family villa finally calmed down. Mother Gu was worried that Nuan Nuan would be frightened, so she took her to the kitchen to make a lot of small desserts, several of which were cute animal-shaped biscuits or small cakes.

Wearing the warm and lovely Hello Kitty apron, Nuan Nuan’s tender little face was stained with some white flour, her black and white eyes were brightly looking at those freshly baked biscuits, and her pink and tender mouth was round as she let out an exclamation sound.

“Mom is amazing!”

The soft compliment made Mother Gu satisfied, she picked up a small rabbit biscuit and fed it to Nuan Nuan.

The little girl ate until her cheeks bulged, she was so cute.

Seeing her contented expression with crooked eyebrows and eyes, Mother Gu was relieved, she probably wasn’t frightened.

Mother Gu was worried that today she and her son would leave Nuan Nuan with the impression of bullying elderly relatives, so she planned to gently explain everything to her clearly.

“Nuan Nuan, those people who came here today are relatives of our elders, but we can fight back against those who bully us, however not all relatives are bad people, we have to learn to distinguish.”

Nuan Nuan bit the biscuit and nodded, “Yes, Nuan Nuan knows that good people are those who are good to parents, grandpa and brothers, and bad people are all bad.”

Listening to how she judged good people and bad people in her childish voice, Mother Gu was a little bit dumbfounded, and at the same time, she felt moved.

“What if someone bullies Nuan Nuan?”

Nuan Nuan’s voice was soft, and the answer was the same as when Gu Mingli asked her before.

“Bite him!”

Nuan Nuan with bulging cheeks while grinding her teeth in a vicious didn’t seem to be threatening at all, just like a puppy who had just cut its baby teeth, barking fiercely to bite and bully others, but others could easily put a finger on her head so that she could only groan and flap her little milk claws, unable to bite at all.

Mother Gu couldn’t help laughing as she imagined.

Nuan Nuan: “…”

Mom looked like she didn’t trust her very much.

The little girl snorted angrily, and started to eat another delicious and crunchy biscuit.

Mother Gu: “Nuan Nuan, do you think that old woman was bullied by mother and brother today?”

The little girl ate the biscuits, and shook her head when she heard this.

“No, they are bad!”

Nuan Nuan said softly, “They bullied me and mother, and my brother was venting our anger. I am happy to have brother protecting Nuan Nuan. When I was in Xiaoxi Village, Da Zhuang bullied me. Nuan Nuan threw stones. But Grandma Sun pinched me to teach me a lesson!”

She didn’t think about complaining, but just stated what happened to her in a very calm tone, talking about how she was bullied before, but her eyes were still clean and clear, without any shadow. She could only be happy, because she only knew that she was now protected by her family.

For this reason, Nuan Nuan didn’t pay attention to the grievances she suffered in the past at all, she only looked forward, and now she was very happy, so happy that she could forget all the suffering she suffered before.

But Mother Gu covered her mouth and her eyes were red, and a tear dripped down the corner of her eyes. Gu Nan, who was standing at the door, clenched his fists tightly and his phoenix eyes were cold and deep like a bottomless cold pool.

“My Nuan Nuan has suffered a lot.”

Mother Gu knelt down and hugged her precious daughter. From the information they found before, they only knew that there were one or two people in the village who were not good to Nuan Nuan. But they didn’t know that she was bullied so badly.

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