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Qin Yize stopped breathing, rushed over in two or three steps, carefully held Luo Ning in his arms, and asked nervously: “Luo Ning, what’s wrong with you, Luo Ning?”

His hands were shaking, for fear that something had happened to Luo Ning.

Luo Ning frowned, and his voice was weak: “I’m so uncomfortable, send, send me to the hospital…”

Qin Yize immediately picked him up and shouted: “Cang Luan, go to the hospital!”

Looking at Luo Ning’s pale face, Qin Yize’s heart seemed to be pierced by a knife, and all reason was wiped out in an instant. He wished he could fly to the hospital in an instant! Cang Luan had never seen Qin Yize lose his composure before, knowing that something might have happened to his master, he quickly put the two of them into the cockpit, activated the intelligent navigation program, spread its huge wings, and flew off from the roof of the hotel.

The film and television city was two hours away from Capital Star’s hospital. Qin Yize was worried that Luo Ning would not be able to hold on, so he took him to the nearest Lyra Hospital.

He no longer cared about being recognized by fans or passers-by. After Cang Luan landed on the tarmac, Qin Yize, who wasn’t wearing a mask and sunglasses, immediately rushed into the emergency department with Luo Ning in his arms, his face looking terribly gloomy.

It was late at night, and many patients and family members recognized him and made way for him.

Qin Yize carried Luo Ning to the emergency ward and asked the doctor to come out for treatment. Knowing that this was the second prince, the doctor was also very nervous, so he hurriedly arranged VIP ward for him, and asked the vice president on duty to come and see in person.

In the ward, several experts surrounded Luo Ning to make an examination, while Qin Yize stood beside them anxiously.

He didn’t know medicine, so he couldn’t help at all. He could only pray in his heart: Luo Ning and the baby must be safe. As long as they were safe, he was willing to pay any price.

Qin Yize’s mind was in a mess, and it took a few minutes for him to calm down slowly.

Luo Ning needed him, and he couldn’t mess himself up at this time. Thinking of this, Qin Yize immediately sent a message to Li Xin, saying that Luo Ning was in the hospital and was seen by many passers-by just now, and there must be reporters who heard the news and asked Li Xin to help block them. After Li Xin received the news, he rushed to the hospital with two assistants, and stopped all the reporters who were about to rush in for interviews outside the hospital.

This matter could not be handled carelessly, so Qin Yize also bit the bullet and informed Father Ling Yuan. After all, Luo Ning was the second prince. If something happened to him, His Majesty and the Royal Consort would definitely be very sad. After receiving the news, Ling Yuan rushed to Lyra overnight, and also called Omega doctor Snow and other experts in childbirth.

After everything was settled, Qin Yize took a deep breath and looked at Luo Ning who was sleeping on the hospital bed through the glass window.

Luo Ning was still pale and hadn’t woken up yet.

The doctor who examined him walked out of the room and said, “The situation is complicated, and we are not sure yet. Just now, the vice president said that the capital star has sent authoritative experts over. Let’s wait for the expert to come for consultation.”

Qin Yize’s face was stiff: “Then Luo Ning, will something happen to him?”

The doctor said: “We injected him with medicine, and the second prince’s condition is still stable. Mr. Qin, you don’t have to worry too much.”

How could he not be worried? Qin Yize was about to go crazy, wishing he could lie on the bed and suffer this in place of Luo Ning.

He walked into the ward, sat on the edge of the bed, gently held Luo Ning’s hand, and said in a low voice, “Luo Ning, I will be with you…don’t be afraid, I’ll always be here.”

Luo Ning seemed a little uneasy, his brow was wrinkled slightly, but gently held Qin Yize back with his fingers.

Qin Yize immediately clenched his hands tightly, as if holding the most precious treasure.

Not long after, Ling Yuan, Snow and authoritative experts from Capital Star Central Hospital arrived. Ling Yuan drove the mecha in private and jumped directly into space at an extremely fast speed. As soon as he arrived at the hospital, he rushed into the ward through the back door that Li Xin had arranged in advance. Seeing Luo Ning’s pale face, Ling Yuan was so distressed that he couldn’t help but pat his son’s head and ask Qin Yize: “What’s going on?”

Qin Yi’s face turned pale: “I don’t know, Luo Ning was passed out when I returned to the hotel.”

Snow was very calm as he started to check Luo Ning.

The image presented in the abdominal ultrasound was very strange, but Qin Yize didn’t dare to make a sound, and stood anxiously by the side waiting for the result.

After a long time, the gray-haired expert took a deep breath and said, “This situation is too rare. His Royal Highness Luo Ning is pregnant with two babies.”

Qin Yize said with a blank face: “The two babies… are they twins??” When the pregnancy was detected on Capital Star, it was obviously one child. Qin Yize’s thoughts were a little confused, and he looked at the doctor nervously, “Why did this happen?”

Snow looked serious, and said, “When Luo Ning was diagnosed to be pregnant, there was indeed only one child. Now there is an extra baby, the probability of this happening is less than one in a million.”

The old expert nodded and said: “The biggest possibility is that the second prince conceived a child first, but he didn’t know that he was pregnant, and then during the pregnancy, you had sex without restraint. Your Highness has a special physique, so he got pregnant with a second one. So these two babies are not considered twins, but brothers and sisters who were conceived successively.”

Qin Yize: “……………”

Having sex during pregnancy – his lover was pregnant with two babies, the number of times this situation had occurred in the entire history of medicine could be counted on one’s fingers.

The surrounding medical staff looked at Qin Yize with strange eyes, and Ling Yuan’s eyes were even more murderous.

The ears of Qin Yize, who was watched by the crowd, instantly turned red, and he couldn’t argue with it.

The doctor said it too directly, and he really couldn’t refute it.

When they went on their honeymoon in September, Qin Yize marked Luo Ning thoroughly. After returning from the honeymoon, Luo Ning did not show any sign of pregnancy, but Qin Yize took it for granted that Luo Ning had taken the contraceptive pill and did not want a child for the time being. Therefore, during that time, Qin Yize did often make out with Luo Ning…

In the past, when Luo Ning slept in his arms, he could still stay calm, but since he tasted the sweetness of the marking, as soon as Luo Ning approached him, Qin Yize, couldn’t help it at all. Sometimes he became agitated and pressed Luo Ning several times a night, which was also common.

The most exaggerated time, he remembered, was in December.

On the night when the premiere of the Digital Code ended, Qin Yize and Luo Ning returned home after watching the movie, it was before the scandal broke out. Luo Ning was very happy and wanted to celebrate. The two sat on the balcony on the third floor after eating some supper, recalling the first time they met at the premiere of the Replicant Project last year, both of them were deeply moved. Luo Ning also said with a smile: “Time flies by so fast, we have known each other for a year now.”

After taking a shower, Luo Ning put on very thin pajamas, showing his fair and slender legs. Qin Yize couldn’t hold back, and directly hugged him to the bed, holding him down all night. Both of them had a great time and didn’t stop until it was almost dawn.

Could it be that time?

Luo Ning was pregnant at that time, but neither of them knew it. Looking back, Qin Yize really wanted to go back to the past and slap himself.

Facing Father Ling Yuan’s murderous gaze, Qin Yize immediately blushed and explained: “I, I didn’t know that this kind of thing would happen…”

Under normal circumstances, Omegas would not become pregnant with a second child after already conceiving. Why was Luo Ning’s physique so special?

The expert explained: “The reason maybe that His Royal Highness Luo Ning has been injecting long-acting inhibitors for more than 20 years. After the pheromones in Omega’s body experienced a burst, Alpha’s thorough marking did not completely suppress his pheromones, so there was a rebound after three months, just at this time, the two of you made out with each other unrestrainedly, and you had your second baby.”

Qin Yize: “………”

Just as Qin Yize was so embarrassed that he wanted to find a crack in the ground to drill himself, Luo Ning finally woke up on the bed.

Hearing these conversations, Luo Ning’s smile was a little weak, Ling Yuan immediately helped him up, and looked at him reproachfully: “Luo Ning, what’s the matter with you? Didn’t you know you were pregnant? You still messed with Qin Yize. Come on!”

Luo Ning blinked and said, “Dad didn’t teach me this kind of knowledge.”

Ling Yuan: “…”

It seemed that he had never taught it. He had only been responsible for teaching boxing and kung fu to the children since they were young.

Ling Yuan rubbed his nose in embarrassment, feeling that he was not a very qualified Omega father?

Snow walked up to Luo Ning, and said calmly: “Luo Ning, your situation is quite special, but don’t worry too much. The two babies were not conceived at the same time, so their development is out of sync. That’s why you had such a strong reaction. When the big baby gets used to the little baby grabbing the nutrients with him, your body will gradually get used to it, you should pay attention during this time and supplement your nutrition.”

Luo Ning nodded and looked at Qin Yize.

Qin Yize immediately strode up to him, held his hand lightly, him blaming himself could be seen all over his face: “It’s all my fault!”

Luo Ning smiled and said: “How can I blame you? I also have a great responsibility, besides…” He leaned close to Qin Yize’s ear, and whispered in a voice that only two people could hear, “That night, it was I who voluntarily seduced you. I can’t just blame you.”

Qin Yize’s ears turned red again.

Seeing this Alpha blushing at every turn, Ling Yuan knew in his heart that his own son must also be the culprit. These two shameless idiots got pregnant with a second one during their pregnancy. If word spread, they would probably be laughed to death by the people of the empire.

Thinking of this, Ling Yuan immediately rubbed his temples with a headache, and said, “Snow, are you sure there will be no problems with Luo Ning?”

Snow looked at the old expert, and the gray-haired professor smiled and said, “No, the current medical technology is so advanced, as long as you pay attention to nutrition and exercise during pregnancy, such that the nutrition of the children can keep up, the two babies will be very healthy. When the baby is born, both babies can be taken out at once, the one who is less than one month old, just put it in the incubator and raise it again.”

Ling Yuan felt relieved, glanced at Luo Ning, and said, “Did you hear that? Be more careful in the future, don’t be so self-willed! And Qin Yize, you… …I really don’t want to talk about you!”

Qin Yize blushed: “Dad, I will pay attention.”

Luo Ning smiled: “I know Dad, can you not tell the father about this? Otherwise, I will suffer being cursed again.”

Ling Yuan nodded, and did not tell Caesar for the time being, and when His Majesty asked, he lied that Luo Ning was pregnant with fraternal twins and fainted due to exhaustion. The imperial family had always had the gene of twins, so Caesar didn’t doubt it, and told his son to take good care of his body.

Qin Yize didn’t dare to tell his family, and only used “twins” as an excuse.

Passers-by and reporters who saw Qin Yize with an ugly face as he hugged Luo Ning for medical treatment late at night expressed their condolences on the Internet, and the fans were even more anxious, fearing that something would happen to the second prince and the baby.

Until the next morning, when Luo Ning posted a Weibo, saying: “Thank you for your concern, the babies and I are fine. In addition, there is another piece of good news. Yize and I are having two babies, which are different from ordinary twins. Maybe the two babies will not look too much alike…”

People thought he was talking about fraternal twins. Fraternal eggs would sometimes not be too similar.

No one thought that it was actually a certain Alpha who had no restraint during Luo Ning’s pregnancy and pressed His Royal Highness Luo Ning for a whole night. As a result, the pheromones in his body were disturbed, and he became pregnant with a second child.

Li Xin, who knew the truth, couldn’t help complaining: “You two really save trouble, you had a second child at once!”

They didn’t know if it was sister and sister, or brother and brother?

Qin Yize looked at the two babies, one big and one small in Luo Ning’s stomach, very curious.

However, judging from the dynamic monitoring, the little baby was particularly domineering. He was obviously conceived three months later than the big baby, but after slowly developing, he pushed the big baby aside. The little baby occupies too much space, and the older child curled up in the corner aggrieved.

Luo Ning thought to himself, this little one might look like him, right?

When he was a child, he often kicked his elder brother out of bed, and Luo Fei was bullied by him for many years…

He really hoped that this bad premonition was wrong.

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It’s boring to write about twins all the time, Luo Ning’s two cubs are quite special this time, hahaha!

Qin Yize died of embarrassment…

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