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Because Xu Maomao sprained his hind leg, although he didn’t get a fracture and he could still walk, but every step was accompanied by a dull pain and he had to walk with a limp, Shen Yu felt sorry for it, so he decided to limit its playing time, unless necessary, he didn’t need to interact directly to the public.

In addition, the shadow that Oji brought to him was really a bit big, and Xu Maomao was not willing to go out with Shen Yu very much in those few days, so Shen Yu let him rest at home.

The matter of the cameras had not been exposed so far. Shen Yu believed that even if it was becoming an immortal, it was only a cat after all. As the owner, it was necessary to pay attention to its safety at all times. However, after confirming that Oscar could understand a lot of his own words, he had become more cautious in his words and deeds. Sometimes when people from Digital City called to inquire about the after-sales situation, he avoided answering them.

Xu Maomao didn’t turn on the live broadcast or the computer because of his limited mobility. In addition to eating and sleeping these days, he just squatted in the nest and played with the bell.

Fortunately, the interface opened with the bell could not be seen by humans. What Shen Yu saw was that it was always poking at the air, he imagined that it was practicing, such as absorbing the aura of heaven and earth…

The chat group was as active as ever, it had become a good place for cats to relax and entertain.

On this day, the group chatted about the human network, which focused on the news that Oscar had become popular on the cute pet channel.

[Rice]: Oscar, you are amazing! You can write and you can also break dance!

Xu Maomao: Nose picking.jpg

What was break dancing? Did it sound like a killer?

[Migu]: Can anyone forward Oscar brother’s dance video to Migu?

[Alalei]: Shocked! Little Apple Cat Teaching Edition (Part 1).avi

[Alalei]: Shocked! Little Apple Kitty Teaching Edition (Part 2).avi

[Alalei]: Shocked! Valley of the Wind pet shop group pets dance together on little apple.avi


What the hell was this shocking body of the second in a row?! Was it possible that Alalei downloaded them from websites like UC?

[Rice]: Thank you Goddess for sharing the cat videos.

Xu Maomao couldn’t help typing down a line of words.

[Oscar]: Enough goddess sister, laughing and crying. jpg

[Alalei]: Hee hee, brother Oscar is shy?

[Oscar]: Cat lost face…

[Alalei]: Don’t lose face, it’s majestic.

As a result, a few minutes later, some cats that had almost never talked here exploded.

[Hua Piaoling]: (*@ο@*) So handsome~~~ Star Eyes

[Fish Demon]: So handsome! I love you, Oscar~~~~

[Luoluo]: Oscar asking for some face! This one is a Persian cat, are you interested?

[Big Red Lantern]: Don’t fight with me upstairs, I’m also a puppet cat like Oscar, I think we are more suitable for each other

[Lan Lan]: The male god male god asking for a hot photo, please mate!

The female cats in the group were so enthusiastic that they were about to fight, but soon, a series of red warnings appeared at the bottom of the interface.

The administrators silenced [Hua Piao Ling], [Fish Demon], and [Big Red Lantern] for 3 hours, among which [Lan Lan] was the worst, being stuffed with a rag for 48 hours.

[Ginger]: Public chatting is prohibited in this group! Even the shit-shoveling officer knows that if you want to play with your friends, you have to open a room. Why can’t you ladies be more reserved?

In fact, according to Ginger’s usual style, usually at this time, he would put a rag on Oscar, the leading actor, but Oscar was a member of the group since some time ago. He had also made a great contribution to the upgrade, and there were still 10 million which remained unpaid. As the saying went, the debtor was the uncle, so Ginger dared not be too cruel to him.

[Ginger]: @ Oscar, take good care of your fans, don’t let them talk nonsense

[Oscar]: _(:з」∠)_I, I don’t want to attract so many female cats either! Baby feels wronged!

[Migu]: Migu has finished watching too, brother Oscar is really handsome, look at those shit-shoveling officers who are so fascinated by you

[Rice]: This must have earned you a lot of likes

[Ginger]: This seat is also concerned about this issue

After all, it was the group leader who was always looking for development, and Oscar’s love value was related to whether his group could be upgraded smoothly.

[Oscar]: It’s still not as good as the goddess sister. It’s just more than three million yuan.

He earned so hard, and it was only seven million. After all, Alalei had been popular for a long time, and its owner was very powerful, who seemed to have the ambition of hoping that people all over the world would love her cat.

He didn’t want to tag [Alalei] but he was a little distressed.

[Alalei]: Don’t mention it, my love value is not enough to make ends meet recently.

[Migu]: What’s wrong with my sister?

[Rice]: Is there someone who doesn’t love the goddess? Frightened

[Alalei]: That’s not true, the main reason is that I spent a little too much recently

[Oscar]: Where can this be spent?

[Alalei]: First, I continued to pay the Internet fee, and recently I became obsessed with a human literature website. From time to time, cats translate articles from that website, and I have to buy the translator with the love value

[Migu]: What is a translator?

[Alalei]: It’s just a magic tool, hehe, I bought it in another group, about 1,000 likes can translate 1,000 words, it’s quite expensive

[Rice]: What’s the point of that, besides canned food and balls of yarn, I’m not very interested in anything else

[Alalei]: You don’t understand, human novels are so good! Although all I see are harmonized

[Migu]: What does harmony mean?

[Alalei]: Harmony means that some content translators feel that they are too mentally retarded and not suitable for us cats who are too smart to read that. In order not to waste our time, they edit that content. It can be said that it is very in line with the cat’s superior view of cats


Xu Maomao was stunned, he did not dare to think that even the cat world was so fashionable and harmonious? And the strength seemed to be stronger than the human world.

[Rice]: With all due respect, human beings like to waste time on meaningless things. For example, they have a phrase called “Bobotu’s Love”. It is said that when two young humans like each other, they would stay together until they all became old uncles, but they don’t even stay together until they died, you say, isn’t it a waste of time?

Xu Maomao: …Brother Rice, is it Plato’s love? Besides, Plato’s love doesn’t mean that, okay?

Some cats in the group curiously asked Alalei for more information about the novels. Alalei began to live broadcast a novel she was chasing for them. Although most of the cats were not interested, it was rare that Goddess Meow was so excited. Even if she talked nonsense, they would cheerfully follow her along.

Although the novel she was talking about was heavily deleted and edited by the “translator” according to the cat’s taste, until it could be called beyond recognition, but the basic plot trend could still be glimpsed.

The story was about a stinky Taoist priest human who travelled to the future interstellar era, and then was forced to marry a stupid half-orc prince. The cat seemed to be dawdling enough.

As Xu Maomao listened, he suddenly felt that this story gave him a bit of a… déjà vu…

His eyelids twitched and he interrupted Alalei’s live broadcast.

[Oscar]: Goddess, wait, is the article you mentioned published on Jinjiang Literature Network, a website that always twitches?

[Alalei:] How do you know? This is the website! After reading the content of the translator, I exchanged my love value for JJ coins to support the original version!

It could be said that she was a very authentic little angel[1]!

[Oscar]: …Is that article called “Interstellar Charlatan Princess”…

[Alalei]: Ah! That’s it! How do you know! Are you following it too!

[Oscar]: … The World Famous Painting Scream.jpg

He wasn’t looking at it! Rather! He was the author of this article!!!

Xu Maomao weakly typed out a line: Thank you for supporting the genuine version, and there is no need to vote for mines

[Alalei]: What are mines?

[Migu]: Meow! Brother Oscar, don’t interrupt! Goddess sister, you continue to talk, what happened to that stinky Taoist priest? Did he help the prince usurp the throne?

[Alalei]: QAQ is sad to say, the author recently broke the update

[Migu]: What does it mean?

[Alalei]: It means that there is no more story

Xu Maomao: !!!?

How could he stop updating, he had all the articles! Live! Drafts! And he had set the release time!

[Migu]: I hate it, Migu is happy to hear it

[Oscar]: The author can’t stop updating! Are you reading it wrong?

[Alalei]: That’s right, I just went to Jinjiang to urge the update, and the comments below all said that the author is an eunuch, Oscar, you seem to know the Jinjiang website of human beings quite well? Have you read this human article?

[Oscar]: …I know a little bit.

Xu Maomao could not be calm anymore, he was not an eunuch, his balls were still fine even though he went through the cat crisis before, and he was still a big guy who liked to complete the full text.

There must be something wrong!

In fact, Jinjiang Literature Network was different from other websites. It did not have any rigid requirements for the author’s updates, but how could Xu Maomao, who had a strong sense of responsibility, tolerate himself interrupting updates for no reason, and he was also reluctant to keep soft-cut readers waiting for a long time. So he immediately quit the chat group, and enduring the dull pain of his claws, he limped into the study, jumped onto the desk and turned on the computer.

It was so strenuous for the injured paw to control the mouse and keyboard, but he still worked hard and finally entered Jinjiang Literature City, and then entered the account password to log in to the background.

As a result, as soon as he entered, he received a large block of locked chapter prompts.

It turned out that when he became a cat, the relevant departments cracked down again. In order to avoid being invited to drink tea, Jinjiang administrator 03 locked many articles on the list and asked the authors to self-examine. Originally, Xu Maomao’s article was empty, and it hadn’t been serialized to the driving part. At most, it released a handful of exhaust gas and showed a car wheel. But still some people reported him. In addition, the article involved a little bit of sensitive material. Even if it was an overhead background, someone could use it to make an issue. The administrator locked it and asked him to clean up the discordant content. The style of writing must be great, light, and upright!

His editor was in a hurry and sent several messages in the background to ask him to quickly change the article, because in the opinion of the editor, his content could be revised within two hours at most, and it would not affect the matters related to the list. However, the editor waited and waited, but there was still no response, so he could only lock his entire article with tears in his eyes and issue a stern warning: If you don’t edit the article in time, this article will be black forever! Please be sure to edit and unlock the article before December 3, thank you!

And today’s date happened to be December 2nd…

In fact, there were more than a dozen chapters that had been reported. But he just had to separate some sensitive words, then modify the political content in the article, and modify the exhaust gas above the neck.

But… he looked down at his claws, which were too bulky for a keyboard, should he use them to type?

Xu Maomao would not consider using Transformation Potion unless it was a last resort, but when he tried to use the body of the cat to write, he realized how difficult it was! Not only was the speed extremely slow, but the error rate was extremely high, and the paws hurt badly just after typing a few words.

With this kind of efficiency, even if he didn’t eat, drink or sleep, he wouldn’t be able to change all the chapters before tomorrow. Xu Maomao had no choice but to enter his big backpack.

His current transformation potion had a total of eighteen hours, but he only took out the half-hour bottle very sparingly.


Valley of the Wind Pet Shop.

Shen Yu had been busy for most of the day, and he was lying on a chair for a short rest at this moment. He habitually opened the mobile monitoring app to observe Oscar’s movements.

He saw it squatting in front of the computer screen and stepping on the keyboard all the time, looking anxious.

Shen Yu was no stranger to it playing computer games, but just when he thought it was going to play a live broadcast, he unexpectedly made a strange movement.

It held up a handful of air with its two front paws, its head was tilted back, and its small mouth was slightly opened, as if it was eating the “spiritual energy of heaven and earth”, which was also a lot of drama.

Just as Shen Yu was about to laugh, the scene in front of him almost turned his outlook on life upside down.

In the picture, Oscar wiped his mouth with his paws, and then his fluffy and chubby body gradually elongated, and his beautiful fur shortened, became thinner, and disappeared completely at a speed visible to the naked eye, turning into the unique smooth skin of humans.

Instead of his Oscar, a fair, naked teenager was now sprawled across his desk. The boy’s body was flexible and slender, the desk couldn’t completely hold his body, two straight and thin beautiful legs naturally drooping to one side, so beautiful that people couldn’t take their eyes off them.

The author has something to say:

There are three hooligans in this chapter, did you see it Quack quack, Xu Maomao trembling and Shen Shen: I heard that someone (cat) took my place, so it’s not fun! So I’m going to pick up my wife’s vest╭(╯^╰)

T/N: this chapter had so much going on… XM almost losing his virtue, Oji first revenged by SY to be neutered and then an unknown entity, XM gaining fangirls in the chat, Alalei being his book fan, his book being blocked and his vest being stripped… PHEW!!!!

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[1] Fans who support works on Jinjiang network are called angels.

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