TBVSR Ch. 28: The B Letter

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The several judges and teachers announced that one of the students in the Lingque Art Class had been given the opportunity to enter Esmera.

Including Lingque’s teacher and classmates, everyone was excited.

God knows how difficult it was to get into the Esmera Art Center, there was more than one pick in a thousand candidates. In this national selection, among the thousands of students in so many art classes across the country, only a hundred or so seedlings were going to picked out, “Our art class didn’t all die in action!”

“This is too good!”

“Who else could it be!”

“Who else could be, it must be Fan Danxi, who is more qualified to enter Esmera than her.”

“But I think Jiang Yu is also good at dancing.”

“One thing, Jiang Yu is actually much better.”

“You bastards.”

“It’s just a matter of fact, everyone can see it with their eyes.”

“I didn’t realize that before, Jiang Yu is really a potential dark horse.”

Xue Jiayi glanced at the five nervous classmates on the stage and slowly said the name, “Huang Jiali.”

As soon as the name was announced, the auditorium suddenly fell silent, and then, the classmates whispered in a low voice, “What the hell! It’s shouldn’t be her!”

“It should be either Fan Danxi or Jiang Yu, she is simply not better than these two. She is not even worth a star and a half!”

“I’m shocked, is it because Huang Jiali and Xue Jiayi both have the word Jia in their names, so Xue Jiayi chose her!”

“Esmera’s criteria for selecting people has degraded.”

Hearing Huang Jiali’s name, Jiang Yu’s mind felt a little dull.

Although she never thought that she would always make steady progress, she absolutely never thought that she would lose to Huang Jiali.

She had seen Huang Jiali’s dance, and to be honest, she didn’t think it was very good, at most it was just satisfactory.

Jiang Yu was dissatisfied, and of course Fan Danxi was even more dissatisfied.

She had already reached a tacit understanding with them, why would she still be eliminated…

Taking 10,000 steps back and losing to Jiang Yu, she could still accept it convincingly, but losing to Huang Jiali…who had no talent and no family background, why!

Fan Danxi had never suffered such grievances before, and immediately raised an objection: “I’m no worse than Huang Jiali, why should you choose her! I protest against Esmera’s selection criteria!”

Xue Jiayi looked at Fan Danxi calmly, and did not respond immediately.

She had had a meal with the Fan family before with the help of a friend, and when she went to the dinner, she knew that they were going to ask for admission.

At that time, she did not agree, nor did she disagree. The most important thing was that she didn’t receive any gifts from their family.

Therefore, even at this time, there would be no problem.

Xue Jiayi asked calmly: “Student Fan Danxi, why do you think she is not qualified?”

“She…she can’t dance well at all, it’s just because of repeated training, her movement proficiency is high. Many of her movements…don’t jump at all, she has no talent at all.”

“So, do you think that talent is more important than diligence?”

“Of course.” Fan Danxi gritted her teeth and said, “Without talent, is diligence useful? In the end, do they not end up a foil, just following others. They end up becoming the backdrop for the stage.”

After speaking, she looked at the girls under the stage.

The girls usually gathered around Fan Danxi in clusters, but they didn’t expect that at a critical moment, she would actually use them as a negative example.

The girls felt a little uncomfortable in their hearts.

But it was undeniable that Fan Danxi was right. They were the foil on the stage. Whether it was a big swan or a little swan, they were not the swan queen.

Xue Jiayi did not immediately refute Fan Danxi, but said: “You are right, compared with talent, diligence is indeed not worth mentioning. But let me ask you a question, do you think a perfect stage is only one of the queen of swans. Will the audience pay for that performance?”

Fan Danxi was shocked.

She hadn’t thought about this, because from the time she got into ballet, the goal she set in her heart was to become a brilliant heroine.

Xue Jiayi had a bit of contempt in her eyes: “You can’t become Bu Tanyan, even if you put on Bu Tanyan’s shoes. There is only one swan queen. But the stage is supported by those little swans and big swans in the background. Therefore, talent is important, but compared to talent, we value the diligence of students in the selection criteria of Esmera Class F. This is also the reason why we chose Huang Jiali. “

Fan Danxi was still confused, but Jiang Yu, who was beside her, suddenly understood.

There was only one Bu Tanyan in the world, but there were thousands of ballet dancers.

This was why Esmera’s F class had a hundred people, while the ABC class added up to less than 50 people.

The criteria for selecting people today must have been discussed by the two tutors a long time ago. They didn’t choose the most talented person, nor the one who danced the best, but only what Class F needed the most…

That person couldn’t be too proud, couldn’t be too complacent, and at the same time she must be willing to be ordinary, and willing to be a foil.

She understood it thoroughly, after all she understood the rules of this circle.

Bai Shuyi saw the disillusionment in Jiang Yu’s eyes. She raised her head and asked, “Jiang Yu, looking at your expression, you don’t seem to be very convinced, do you?”

“I respect your choice.” Jiang Yu raised her head and looked towards Bai Shuyi said: “But is it fair for you to do this?”

For the final evaluation, they worked hard day and night, trying their best to be the best, but… they lost to the so-called “rules” in the end.

The “rules” to pick…not the best one.

“This circle has never been fair.” Bai Shuyi said to Jiang Yu clearly: “This is the cruelty of the adult world, Jiang Yu, I hope today’s events can help you understand a little about society.”

“Ms. Bai Shuyi, I know the cruelty of this world. But I still firmly believe that ballet is pure, and maybe some people use it to gain fame and fortune, but if you dance only for fame and fortune, you will never be able to dance the feeling of beauty.”

Looking at the sharp light in her eyes and the courage of a neborn calf not being afraid of tigers, she was exactly the same as Bu Tanyan back then.

Bai Shuyi listened to her words, and suddenly felt stabbed in her sore spot!

Yes! Why couldn’t she reach Bu Tanyan in her whole life!

Bu Tanyan danced, never for any competition or trophy. She could dance on the street where people came and went, or on the empty grass. She danced when she was happy, but also when she’s not…

That’s why she was still so beautiful and strong, and her 32 “whiplashes” of a black swan had amazed the world.

Who wouldn’t fall for her!

Xue Jiayi laughed, her eyes filled with absurdity: “Over the years, I have seen people more arrogant than you, but do you know where they are now? These people don’t even have names. And you will be one of them.”

Jiang Yu’s hand clenched her fist tightly, and she said word by word: “I will never.”

At this moment, only a high-pitched female voice sounded, “Of course she won’t!”

Everyone turned back to look at the door of the auditorium, there they saw a tall, thin woman walking in.

The moment Jiang Yu saw her, she was as surprised as she was at losing the competition today.

That woman was… Jiang Manyi!

Mom was here!

Why did she come? Did she come to take her home!

For a time, countless thoughts flashed through Jiang Yu’s mind.

She just confronted Bai Shuyi, she was not afraid, but now she felt a little scared.

She watched helplessly as Jiang Manyi walked into the auditorium, her light-coloured woollen coat was stained with frost and snow. After entering the auditorium, she took off her cold-proof mask, revealing a gorgeous face.

Jiang Manyi went straight to Xue Jiayi and Bai Shuyi.

Xue Jiayi glanced at the woman in front of her.

The clothes she wore were of ordinary quality, but they were made into designer styles, which were at most high imitations, and would cost no more than five hundred. The bag in her hand was also an ordinary cloth bag.

Xue Jiayi frowned and asked, “Who are you?”

“I’m her mother, Jiang Manyi.”

Jiang Manyi and the two teachers were about the same age, and both had the charm of a mature woman, but Jiang Manyi’s body was full of a commoner charm.

It couldn’t compare to Xue Jiayi’s elite temperament, and it couldn’t compare to Bai Shuyi’s full-fledged ladylike flavour.

Xue Jiayi said in a sarcastic tone, “You may not feel comfortable when you say this about your daughter, but as teachers, we must tell the truth that your daughter cannot enter Esmera.”

Jiang Manyi looked at Xue Jiayi asked, “Esmera is opened in your house?”


She looked at Bai Shuyi again: “Or did you own it?”

Bai Shuyi said calmly, “As the chief teacher, I am entrusted by the general shareholders. We have the right to select students.”

“As far as I know, the biggest boss of Esmera is Xie Yuan.”

“It’s Mr. Xie.”

“Then I suggest you give him a call and ask him, if Jiang Yu wants to enter Esmera, will he let her in.”

Bai Shuyi and Xue Jiayi looked at each other.

Xue Jiayi said excitedly: “What do you mean?”

“What do I mean, you can ask him if you don’t know.”

Bai Shuyi said: “Ms. Jiang, I am afraid you have misunderstood Mr. Xie, even if you or your daughter know him, but it will not affect today’s results in the slightest, Mr. Xie is by no means the kind of person who will open the back door.”

Jiang Manyi smiled: “Whether he is such a person, let’s talk later, I’m here today, I just want to ask the two teachers, are you really eliminating her because she has no potential, or is it because of fear?”

Xue Jiayi sneered: “What am I afraid of?”

“You are afraid that she will become the second Bu Tanyan.” Jiang Manyi’s eyes clasped them tightly: “The woman you can’t surpass in your entire life.”

Xue Jiayi looked at Jiang Manyi in shock, her veins bursting: “You are talking nonsense!”

Jiang Manyi said loudly, “Am I talking nonsense ? You all know very well!”

Jiang Yu on the stage was dumbfounded, how could her mother… say such a thing!

Didn’t she lock the door in the morning to prevent her from participating in the competition!

Did she become deranged out of anger?

“What’s going on with your Lingque Art Class, drive this irrelevant person out!” Xue Jiayi finally couldn’t hold back her emotions and shouted excitedly: “Security guard, drive this nonsense person away!”

Jiang Manyi ignoring Xue Jiayi’s fury, she took out a pair of old ballet shoes from the cloth bag she was carrying, and calmly said, “Come on, Teacher Xue, recognize it, the English words starting with the letter B on the soles of these shoes come from Teacher Xue. This is the handwriting of your youth.”

After she finished speaking, she handed the old pair of white satin dancing shoes to Xue Jiayi.

Xue Jiayi recognized the dancing shoes at a glance.

She trembled uncontrollably, as if she had fallen into an endless dark night nightmare.

Bu Tanyan’s beautiful face appeared in her mind, her frown and smile, for her, were endless abyss and nightmares.

Xue Jiayi picked up the dancing shoes tremblingly, and saw that the vague handwriting on the soles was her “masterpiece”

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