TBVSR Ch. 27: Fake Shoes

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Fan Danxi completed a dance excerpt from The Nutcracker satisfactorily.

She was quite confident that she had played to her best level.

While dancing, she kept looking at Xue Jiayi.

In fact, the Fan family had already contacted Xue Jiayi, had dinner with her, and secretly made a deal.

In Beicheng, few people could say no to the Fans.

Therefore, Fan Danxi was full of confidence in this selection.

The game should be just a cutscene, Esmera, she was on her way.

However, Xue Jiayi’s thoughts were completely different from Fan Danxi’s.

When she saw Fan Danxi’s pair of Elita dancing shoes, Xue Jiayi’s expression was a little unnatural, she stopped watching her dance, and just lowered her head to give a score.

Bai Shu commented and asked in a low voice, “What do you think of her?”

Xue Jiayi said with a sullen face, and against her will: “The quality is good, you can consider taking her in, then putting her in Class F, and training her slowly.”

Bai Shuyi smiled: “Although we’re helping to select for Teacher Xia in Class F today, we don’t have to lower the standard so much.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“In Esmera, although Class F is the bottom class, it is important to keep an eye on it. In the whole country, there are few people who can match it. Our standard of picking people is not so low.”

Bai Shuyi said: “You should not just see that she is wearing Bu Tanyan’s shoes.”

Xue Jiayi was not a fuel-efficient lamp, she sneered and said, “How come, you and Bu Tanyan are the best friends. If you are really human, you should keep her.”

Bai Shuyi looked at the girl on the stage, and mercilessly the “Not qualified” was ticked: “She doesn’t meet my standards.”

Xue Jiayi gritted her teeth and could only say, “Me too.”

Bai Shuyi was Esmera’s chief instructor and had direct decision-making power.

Xue Jiayi had no family to back her up, and she had earned everything with her own hands. But in the face of Bai Shuyi, she still couldn’t be hard-hearted.

Fan Danxi saw the curtain fall confidently and walked off the stage.

The girls hurriedly gathered around and praised her repeatedly: “Danxi, you were really amazing!”

“Yeah, I have observed, the two teachers have been talking in a low voice just now, and they must be praising your dance. None of the contestants made them care so much.”

“It must be because Danxi was wearing Bu Tanyan’s dancing shoes, which aroused the memories of the two teachers.”

“No, it was Danxi’s dancing that moved them.”

Fan Danxi looked down at her dancing shoes and said with a smile, “Anyway, if I can enter Esmera today, I can make the best use of my Elieta dancing shoes.”

“They have a million dollar price! Wearing it on your feet, it matches your temperament so well!”

“I dare say that Bu Tanyan didn’t look as good as Danxi!”

Jiang Yu heard this, and couldn’t help but laugh.

The rainbow farts of these girls had blown up into the sky, were they really not afraid of embarrassment?

Fan Danxi didn’t get angry when she saw Jiang Yu laughing at her.

Let her be happy now, anyway, the person to enter Esmera would be herd Fan Danxi.

Jiang Yu just wait for the end to find a place to cry.

With the sound of the music, Jiang Yu took a deep breath, stood up, and stepped onto the stage lightly.

When they saw her, Bai Shuyi and Xue Jiayi changed their faces at the same time.

She made a big jump in a black swan dance dress, which reminded them of Bu Tanyan back then!

Seeing her smooth and neat figure, every movement had achieved the ultimate level.

That black swan dance suit… she was just like another Tanyan!

Xue Jiayi couldn’t help clenching the gel pen in her hand, and blue veins burst from the back of her hand.

Bu Tanyan had been dead for many years, but in Xue Jiayi’s heart, she was like a lingering shadow, haunting her like a nightmare.

No matter how hard she tried, she was never able catch up with Bu Tanyan.

No matter her dancing style, family background, or personality charm… in everything, she was incomparable to her! She could never be compared, she could only be her foil.

Even if she had died, her shadow did not fade away. Because Xue Jiayi could never win the queen’s position.

She couldn’t, and neither could Bai Shuyi.

Bu Tanyan was like a legend, because of death, the freeze frame had become eternal.

But now, looking at the black swan on the stage, Xue Jiayi felt that the second Tanyan seemed to have been born.

She looked back at Bai Shuyi.

There was also a look of astonishment on Bai Shuyi’s face, obviously she had the same thoughts as her.

“How is it, does she meet Esmera’s standards?” Xue Jiayi deliberately used her words to pierce the meaning.

Bai Shuyi said: “Not only has she met the standard of Class F, but also the standard of Class A.”

Esmera Art Center was divided into ABCDEF ballet classes. Class A was the class taught by Bai Shuyi, and Xue Jiayi led class B.

“It’s a pity.” Bai Shuyi smiled embarrassingly: “I only take seven students at most, and Class A is already full.”

“My Class B is also full at ten students.” Xue Jiayi said: “It seems that she can’t be recruited, it’s a pity.”

Bai Shuyi saw Xue Jiayi’s thoughts at a glance.

The girl’s talent was so high, but she lacked systematic and professional training. If she took time, she might really become a star, she was afraid that this Jiang Yu would be better than the Bu Tanyan of the year.

Xue Jiayi certainly did not want such a girl to enter the Esmera Art Center.

She had the shadow of Bu Tanyan on her body, which was enough to become Xue Jiayi’s worst nightmare…

After Jiang Yu finished dancing an excerpt from “Swan Lake”, and the curtain call came, the audience broke out into warm applause.

This was a professional performance. After comparing the previous performances, even students who were not very appreciative could definitely see that Jiang Yu’s level was not the same as that of the previous players.

Lin Quwen blushed with excitement and clapped vigorously.

From her professional point of view, Jiang Yu had definitely been stable!

After all the five contestants finished their presentations, the several judges invited all contestants to the stage for a final interview.

The questions in the interview were also relatively routine, introducing their home school, school performance, awards, etc., so that the art center could evaluate their development potential.

Fan Danxi took the lead in raising her hand as she said, “My name is Fan Danxi, my father is the chairman of Fengxi Media, and the teachers must be familiar with it. By the way, Jiang Shenmeng, who was very popular in the past, yes, he is an artist from our family. Of course, our family is also inextricably linked with the ballet art circle. For example, Teacher Xue Jiayi is very familiar with my mother.”

After that, she smiled at Xue Jiayi.

Xue Jiayi’s expression was slightly embarrassed, but her face was calm, as she changed the topic: “Tell me about ballet, why do you like to dance ballet?”

“I have liked ballet since I was a child, and I think ballet has a special temperament! My goal is to become the next best dancer, after Bu Tanyan!”

Bai Shuyi asked, “So, do you wear shoes similar to Bu Tanyan just to become the next Bu Tanyan?”

“These are not similar shoes.” Fan Danxi explained eagerly, “These are the one owned by Bu Tanyan. My dad bought it for two million dollars!”

Bai Shuyi smiled and said, “Is that so?”

“Yes, my dad bought them back from the United States on purpose.”

“But Bu Tanyan’s shoes, why did they go to the United States? Have you ever thought about this?”


Bai Shuyi continued: “When Tanyan was still alive, she was often isolated by the girls in the art class. There was a girl who was jealous of her, who was once in her school. There are English words starting with the letter b written on the soles of the Elieta ballet shoes, and very few people knew about it. If your soles have these letters, it means that you bought the real thing.”

After speaking, Bai Shuyi looked at Xue Jiayi next to her.

Xue Jiayi’s eyes dodged, and she just pretended to read the information in her hand.

Fan Danxi heard Teacher Bai Shuyi say this, and quickly took off her shoes to check.

The soles were clean and there was no sign of writing at all.

“It’s been… so many years, the handwriting must have long since disappeared.” She hurriedly covered up: “It must be the handwriting that has faded, so I can’t see it!”

Bai Shuyi: “The handwriting will not fade, because she bought a special ink core, which will not fade even if it is kept for 50 years.”

Xue Jiayi clenched the pages on the table and said, “Okay, today is our selection, not Bu Tanyan’s memorial service.”

Fan Danxi’s face was blue and purple, she was biting her lip, and she didn’t dare to look at the expressions of the girls below.

These pair of shoes, which she showed off in front of them for many days, was openly revealed to be fake, now she would have a hard time while showing her face in front of them.

The shoes that her Dad spent so much money to buy for her turned out to be fake and that too so obviously.

This was so stupid!

Xue Jiayi changed the subject and asked the second and third girls about their families and why they wanted to learn to dance.

The background of these girls were all good, only one girl named Huang Jiali, like Jiang Yu, had a very ordinary family background.

So, when Xue Jiayi asked her, Jiang Yu specially listened to her answer, “I don’t have a shining family, and my parents don’t have a prominent position, but I love ballet, I want to dance ballet, this is my dream.”

Bai Shuyi asked again: “If your family is not good enough and your parents are not able to support you in ballet, what would you do?”

Huang Jiali said loudly: “I heard that Esmera has a foundation and is willing to help us poor students.”

“It seems that you really want to enter the Esmera Art Center. I have heard all about it, but do you think your level is enough to enter?”

“I know, my level may not be enough now, but please believe me, I will definitely work hard!”

Xue Jiayi added: “Ms. Bai is asking you, what do you think you have over other classmates who are more talented than you?”

“There is no quality.”

“Yes, diligence is worthy of recognition, I hope you will persevere.”

Xue Jiayi recognized Huang Jiali very much, because she herself was born from grassroots.

At the beginning, she was not so energetic, and now she was sitting in the position of Esmera’s gold medal mentor.

Bai Shuyi looked at Jiang Yu and asked, “What about you, classmate Jiang Yu, why do you want to dance ballet?”

Jiang Yu said truthfully: “Like most girls, I also love ballet.”

“Give me a reason for your love for ballet, is it also because dancing ballet makes you look temperamental?”

“Why? Jiang Yu pondered for a moment and said, “Because I once gave it up, and now I picked it up again, I realized how important it is to my life. Without ballet, my life would be extremely mediocre.”

“But you know, the vast majority of ballet dancers are mediocre. They have nothing but love.

Jiang Yu looked at Bai Shuyi and said calmly, “I don’t have nothing, I still have talent.”

As soon as these words came out, Bai Shuyi and Xue Jiayi’s heart throbbed at the same time.

This sentence was what Bu Tanyan said in Esmera’s first ballet class!

“Because, I have talent.”

How confident!

As a ballet dancer, you can have a family background, have the best teacher, have diligence and love, but only… talent is something you can’t get no matter how hard you work!

In this industry, only talent could let you go to the most shining position!

After the interview, several judges and teachers discussed individually for five minutes, and then invited the contestants to the stage to announce the final result.

Everyone’s heart was raised, they all got up, including Jiang Yu.

Bai Shuyi looked at the nervous girls on the stage and said, “Our results have come out. Among the five participating students, one of them has successfully entered the Esmera Art Center for further studies.”

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