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Tang Qinlan had never served anyone, and she had never even seen a man from so close, let alone wipe the corners of his lips with her gold handkerchief. Everything was the first time, all for this person.

But this person didn’t know what to do, so he shied away from her good intentions. Really hateful.

The potion touched his lips little by little, and he drank less and most of it flowed out. She needed to keep wiping his face with a handkerchief. At the beginning, she was in a hurry but couldn’t feed him, but she didn’t want Cen Baoqian to see her embarrassment, and she didn’t want others to feed him.

After feeding medicine and pouring soup, the person still hadn’t woken up.

Cen Baoqian watched Her Majesty trot to and fro across the room. The Imperial Physician kept wiping the cold sweat from his forehead every few seconds.

After a while, Tang Qinlan strode out and asked why he was still not awake.

The imperial doctor knelt down with a thud, shivering and saying that he might have been hungry for too long and needed time to recover.

Who starved people for too long? Or who insisted on kneeling and not eating or drinking? The Imperial Physician really did not dare to say anything.

Tang Qinlan’s cold eyes made people shudder, “The Empress passed away suddenly, don’t think that you did everything flawlessly, and I couldn’t find your fault.”

The imperial doctor collapsed to the ground in fright.

Cen Baoqian was terrified and frightened. The empress had already passed away for more than half a month, and the palace was calm. It turned out that Her Majesty had always had doubts about the emergency.

The palace had never been peaceful.

Tang Qinlan turned around and went back, Cui Ling had not woken up yet. She stood by and stared at him for a while, then sat back at the table to read the memorials.

She never believed that the Queen Mother died of an emergency. Seeing that she didn’t move, those people hiding in the gutter were probably laughing at her stupidity.

She just leaked the words, and they wouldn’t be able to help but jump out.

Prime Minister Su Changqing held courtiers on the day of the death of the mother emperor, intending to seize power. If Cui Ling hadn’t persuaded her not to rush into the palace tower, she might not have seen that scene.

He said that it would be good to wait for the spooky sprite to jump out on its own.

At that time, she laughed at the other for being timid, but she still listened to his advice and waited for a long time before entering the palace.

Now that she had endured for half a month, she must be able to see a good show soon.

Her mind wandered, and she kept writing. The deployment of food and grass to various military camps and the deployment of generals were the top priority, and she must hold it in her hands.

After she had approved a series of memorials and practiced three pages of calligraphy, Cui Ling still had not yet woken up.

She simply stood beside him, stared at him, looked at his eyelashes, between his eyebrows, and the corners of his lips, looking for some movement which would indicate that he was awake.

The light and shadow gradually moved, of the two of them, one was lying down while the other was standing alone. It was quiet all around, if she listened carefully, she could hear Cui Ling’s shallow breathing.

All kinds of annoying emotions were restrained, and her eyebrows and eyes were as soft as the snow light of Mount Mordor. He rescued her twice in her times of distress, once he rescued her from the assassin’s knife, and the second time he helped her sneak into the palace tower to regain power.

Now that she thought about it, she actually missed the night when she first met him. He was lazy and free, dared to tease her, and even put his arms around her. After learning her identity, everything changed. He became boring and even pedantic.

The Queen Mother said that the women of their Dongnu Country had always lived for themselves. When you meet a man you like, you don’t need to say much, just show your favor and invite him into the watchtower. Love is love, you should never regret.

Perhaps since Cui Ling dared to climb her palace tower, she was moved.

It’s just that the mother emperor had no way of knowing about all of this.

When Cui Ling woke up, his gaze happened to bump into the two tender and sweet eyes that Tang Qinlan was casting towards him.

He twitched his eyelashes, and his Adam’s apple couldn’t help wiggling.

Tang Qinlan found he was awake, with surprise in her eyes, but before the joy reached her heart, it turned into a stern expression.

She turned away with a cold face.

Cui Ling looked left and right and found himself lying on the dragon couch. Immediately, unexplainable feelings surged in his heart.

If it wasn’t for Tang Qinlan’s order, no one else would dare to do so.

He forced himself to roll off the couch, prostrate on the ground, and kowtow to apologize, “This commoner person thanks Her Majesty for her love.”

Tang Qinlan said with a stern face: “I said you can, so you can!”

Cui Ling clenched his fists and bowed again. He mentioned that he was from a neighbouring country. The Gelinguo was one of the eight subordinate tribes of the Dongnuguo. He moved around and sold goods in neighboring Dongnuguo, and Yizhou City in the Tang Dynasty all the year round. His status was low, and he was no different from an ant. It was all said tragically, with a deep sense of righteousness.

Tang Qinlan put her hands behind her back, looking down at Cui Ling and talking about the facts she already knew.

After he finished talking, she shook her sleeves, “Although the men in the Dongnu Country are not to stay at home, but once they climb a woman’s watchtower, they recognize their master. The sacred mountain has a spirit and it cannot be changed in life.”

Cui Ling was stunned.

Tang Qinlan laughed coldly, “Cui Ling, you climbed my palace tower, you dare to go back on it?”

When Tang Qinlan said the last sentence, she showed that she was determined that Cui Ling would hate her, but also that he would be forced to stay.

Cui Ling was dumbfounded and at a loss.

The last smile of Jiang Zheng in the camera was too amazing. She didn’t know whether she was laughing at her own stubbornness or Cui Ling’s stubbornness. Xing Weimin shouted cut with satisfaction, got up and extended his thumb to praise them.

Ji Muye said calmly to Jiang Zheng that it was hard work, and then he returned to his seat clutching his trembling heart, unable to calm down for a long time.

Just now Jiang Zheng looked at him with such lingering and warm eyes, and her eyes were full of a soft light and sweetness. His heart like the Cui Ling he played was pounding, and he was unable to control himself. Then the lines he recited seemed to cover up, blocking his already moved heart, but only he himself knew that it was hard to hide his heartbeat, no matter how many reasons he said, he couldn’t resist this one heartbeat.

After Jiang Zheng finished the most difficult scene so far, she walked over to Han Yi happily. As a result, a person came out from behind Han Yi. She concentrated and saw that it was her brother Jiang Ran.

She screamed twice, rushed over and hugged him tightly.

Everyone turned around when they heard the voice, including Ji Muye.

Onlookers 1: Is this Teacher Jiang’s boyfriend? So handsome!

Onlookers 2: I heard that there is a gold master behind Jiang Zheng, is it this one?

Onlookers 3: Wow. Eating melon scene.

Jing Meini recognized Jiang Ran. She had seen Jiang Ran in the photos of her friends in the media, and she had also checked his information privately. Seeing the real person, he was indeed more handsome than the photo. She silently turned her head to look at Ji Muye.

She saw that he was the only one in the entire crew, who was able to maintain a calm heart and concentrate on watching the script that had been filmed today.

He felt her gaze, so Ji Muye raised his head and looked at her coldly, “What? Have you never seen a hard-working actor?”

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