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The protagonist’s heart was tingling, but the woman in military uniform came to the ward and gave him a standard military salute. The dusty and seductive temperament at the time was swept away, and she looked heroic.

She got very close. Because of the lack of supplies during the war, including inhibitors, the pheromone smell on her body was not completely concealed, and the protagonist was surprised to find that she was an Alpha.

“She used to be our intelligence agent.”

The assistant of the officer walked into the ward and explained to the protagonist: “Now that the war is about to end, and the confidentiality regulations have been abolished, we can finally tell you that in fact, all the ‘lovers’ around the officer were intelligence officers and related informants.”

A few years ago, on the surface, the officer was just an ordinary senior officer, but in fact he was the chief of the intelligence department, responsible for the flow of intelligence.

He seemed to be romantic, but in fact he did not even have half an emotional relationship with those people. The only one he couldn’t help himself with was the protagonist, but because of the nature of his work and the need to protect the protagonist, he couldn’t explain himself to the protagonist, and even had to keep it a secret from the protagonist. He couldn’t let him see any clues.

The officer was even more afraid to be with the protagonist. He was in crisis every day, and people who were too close to him would definitely be targeted. Later, the officer changed to go to another dance hall to meet his “lovers” because not long ago, there had been an assassination attempt on him, and he didn’t want to drag the protagonist down.

He really liked the protagonist, and he often suffered and blamed himself. He knew that it was actually the best choice for him to leave the protagonist, but he was really reluctant to show his feelings, so he pretended that he was a man who did not care.

“Perhaps you’re wondering why I recognized you and found my chief.”

Seeing the protagonist burst into tears, the assistant sighed, took out a blood-stained pocket watch, and handed it to the protagonist: “The commander has always carried it with him and regards it as a treasure, you can open it and take a look.”

The protagonist opened the pocket watch with trembling hands, and after removing the landscape painting on the inner layer, a photo was revealed, which turned out to be a photo of him with the officer.

He still remembered this group photo. It was not long before he returned to his hometown. On that day, the officer came to the dance hall and brought a lot of friends, including a photographer. The photographer took a group photo for them, and the officer also waved to the protagonist, and took a casual photo with him. The protagonist was even wearing the clothes of a waiter in the photo.

“I stumbled across this photo, and the officer said it was his beloved.”

The assistant said: “In order to take this photo, he invited a lot of people to cover it up, but his purpose was just to take a photo with you as a souvenir.”

But it was the only photo of him with his beloved, who had quietly left him.

The officer at that time was going crazy. At first, he thought that the protagonist was taken away by a spy of the enemy country and had been arrested. He searched for him, took down the entire spy agency of the enemy country, and tortured those people to confess. Only then did he know that the protagonist had not been arrested, he just chose to leave.

He fell into despair, and time passed like this for several years, until his assistant met the protagonist by chance, everything started to work again, and he was once again alive.

The protagonist burst into tears, and the officer who had been in a coma for several days finally slowly opened his eyes.

Seeing that the protagonist was crying, even in a state of extreme weakness, he was struggling to reach out, trying to wipe the tears from the corners of his eyes.

“Do you believe it now?”

These were the first words the officer said when he woke up.

– Do you believe that I love you now?

After a period of time, the bombed field hospital was repaired quickly, however the perfume that the protagonist put in the drawer was miraculously undamaged, and the exquisite glass bottle was still shining after being wiped and one could still smell the intoxicating aroma.

The bottle of perfume was handed over to the protagonist. At that time, he was helplessly being hugged and kissed by the officer who he had thought had cheated on him. He held the bottle and suddenly remembered what happened back then.

“You are a Beta, not an Omega, you are yourself.”

The officer’s words broke his heart, so he decided to leave, but looking back, the officer was clearly telling him to be himself.

No need to whitewash, no need to change.

You are yourself.

It doesn’t matter if you are Alpha, Beta or Omega, the one I like is you.

You are my favorite you.

With a “pop”, the perfume bottle fell to the ground and smashed into pieces.

No one needed it anymore.


After the movie ended, Fu Yuanzhou and Xie Lin walked out of the screening room together. Fu Yuanzhou looked emotional, Xie Lin glanced at him and asked him, “What are you thinking about?”

“I was thinking…” Fu Yuanzhou said, “I can’t give you a blood transfusion, we are of different genders.”


Xie Lin didn’t say anything, their blood types were even more different, and they couldn’t be transfused anyway.

“The movie was not bad.” Fu Yuanzhou gave a good review, “I didn’t expect that reversal. It turns out that the officer was quite affectionate… It’s just that the person doesn’t seem to be very smart. And the ending, I can’t accept it…”

He said this, and there were quite complicated emotions on his face. If you get married, you get married. Why do you have to arrange for the two of them to have children after marriage? It was just reminding him every moment that men in this world could have children. Watching ten horror movies would still be less scary than this!

Xie Lin didn’t speak, bought two bottles of water, and handed him a bottle, Fu Yuanzhou took the water and took a few sips, and asked him where to eat in a while, Xie Lin said they could go wherever he liked.

“Ah, there’s another question…”

Fu Yuanzhou looked at him, suddenly his head twitched, and he asked impulsively, “If I were an Alpha, would you still… ahem, would you like me?”

“Yes.” Xie Lin answered without hesitation.

“Then what if there is no ABO gender in this world?”

Fu Yuanzhou said slowly again: “For example, there are only men and women, regardless of ABO. The general opinion is that men should be with women, and men and men cannot be together.”

“Yes.” Xie Lin replied, the same way.

“Don’t be so sure, listen to me first.” Fu Yuanzhou coughed again, “If in this world, men and men are together, they will be criticized, they won’t be blessed by those around them, and they won’t have children, what’s more, you may have never thought about liking a man like me…”

Xie Lin stopped and looked at him seriously.

“I will only think about you, not others.”

“I liked you when our genders were not differentiated, and it has nothing to do with whether you are an Omega or not.”

Then what was the reason for you liking me…

Fu Yuanzhou almost blurted out He was going to ask this, but he felt that he had said too much today, and this kind of question should not be asked, otherwise it would be really strange.

He turned to talk about other things, and Xie Lin didn’t discuss this topic anymore. The two chose a restaurant for dinner. While waiting for the meal, Fu Yuanzhou picked up his mobile phone and saw that the evil WeChat group had been swiped a lot. Someone had even tagged him, asking him if “Deadly Murder” was good.

“I didn’t watch this one today, because an accident happened. I watched a romance film called “Perfume,” and the plot was pretty good.” The ending was just too bad. Fu Yuanzhou said silently in his heart.

“Hey, romance movie, what a sweet little couple, we just said you should watch this!”

“Go away!” Fu Yuanzhou’s heart was thundering, and the word “little couple” was too scary.

“Which movie theater did you watch it in? I searched the theaters near my house, and it doesn’t seem like this movie is available?” Someone asked, Fu Yuanzhou simply took out the stub of the movie ticket and took a picture. Anyway, he always had the habit of keeping the photo of ticket stubs of the movies he watched: “This one.”



“Ring?? Why are you wearing a ring all of a sudden??”

The group swiped, and Fu Yuanzhou was stunned for a moment, only to realize that he had forgotten about the ring. And, when he took the picture of the ticket stub, he accidentally included the ring in.

“Xie Lin: It’s a couple ring.”

Xie Lin posted a message, and also took a photo of the ring on his hand and uploaded it to the group. Some even said, “You two got married!!”

“Shut up.”

In the midst of howling, someone suddenly sent out three cold words. When Fu Yuanzhou saw the avatar, it turned out to be Yuan Ye, who had interrupted everybody’s swiping directly.

“Ouch, Brother Ye, are you angry?” Someone asked Yuan Ye, still in a tone that was not afraid of death, while teasing him, “Do you like Brother Yuan, so you’re jealous? Hahahahaha, if you are like this, we’ll sure you like him!”

“So what?”

Who knew that Yuan Ye would reply so quickly?

“I just like Fu Yuanzhou, can’t I?”

T/N: The movie was amazing, if it was real, I would love to have watched it…. Anyway now what will happen, when do you think the dense FY will realise that XL liked him in his past life as well….

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