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The warm and soft touch under his fingertips made Fu Yuanzhou’s fingers tremble. No matter how many times it happened, he couldn’t get used to Xie Lin’s ambiguous and intimate behavior towards him, especially in such an environment, it made him feel even more at a loss.

He was a little flustered in his heart, so he pulled out his hand, hurriedly grabbed a large amount of popcorn from the popcorn bucket, held it in the palm of his hand and handed it to Xie Lin.

He thought that Xie Lin would take it by himself, but he didn’t expect Xie Lin to hold his wrist and put it to his lips, then he lowered his head and ate one. His lips touched the palm of his hand. Fu Yuanzhou’s hand suddenly shook, and he almost spilled the popcorn, but Xie Lin steadied his hand.

“Stop making trouble.” Fu Yuanzhou warned Xie Lin in a low voice, “You should pay attention to the influence, this is a public place, and there are still people around.”

“Can’t we do this?” Xie Lin asked, “We are a couple.”

“…” Couple shit, they’re not, this was a game!

Fu Yuanzhou was even more embarrassed, so he withdrew his hand in anger, stuffed the popcorn bucket into Xie Lin’s arms for him to eat, and continued to watch the movie playing on the screen.

Although he couldn’t get used to it at first, as the plot gradually developed, Fu Yuanzhou slowly got into it. He mainly wanted to see if the protagonist would no longer love the officer. That humble courtship really made him feel as if his heart was on fire.

Fortunately, the protagonist in the movie was quite decisive after he made up his mind to leave. He really left, leaving only a note for the dance hall and asking his colleagues to pass this message on to the other party when the officer came. He returned to his hometown alone and continued his studies at the University.

Before coming to work as a waiter in the metropolis, the protagonist was a top student in school and aspired to become a doctor in the future, but because of his poor family background and the high tuition fees of medical school, he had to stop school for a period of time to work to save money.

When he was obsessed with the officer, the protagonist spent all his savings in order to buy the bottle of perfume, but he still didn’t touch the money the officer gave him. He wanted to become lovers with the officer using his own ability.

Now that he was sober, he understood that he was just one of the officers’ lovers, and there was no need to make such a dignified gesture. And the money was not being wasted, it was better to use this money to become a doctor who saved the dying and healed the wounded, which was also worthy of himself.

The protagonist who did not indulge in love anymore was quite smart. After studying hard day and night, he successfully entered the most famous medical school and then successfully entered the hospital to become a doctor after graduation. This was already a few years later.

The situation at this time became more and more turbulent. Finally, one day, the shells fell from the sky, and a war broke out. The protagonist responded to the call and volunteered to go to the front line to rescue the wounded. He became loved by people and local residents.

Sometimes the protagonist would see the officer on TV. He was still so handsome, giving speeches on TV and radio. At this time, the protagonist would be a little stunned. It was not until the nurse would call him that he would regain his senses and continue to treat the wounded.

One day, their hospital admitted an officer who was passing through this area secretly but was attacked. Fortunately, he was only slightly injured. After treatment, he was soon discharged from the hospital, but in the past few days, the protagonist found that the officer had been looking at him strangely.

“You are…”

The officer seemed to know him, but when the protagonist asked further, he kept his mouth shut, and said just before leaving: “I may come to you with my chief after a while.”

The protagonist didn’t care much until a few days later, when a car slowly stopped at the entrance of the hospital, and a man in a black coat walked down. At that moment, the protagonist’s mind became blank.

The officer had come looking for him.

It turned out that the officer from a few days ago was his assistant. He saw the protagonist, knew the protagonist’s appearance, and informed the officer of the news, and the officer came here to see him.

After not seeing him for several years, the rank of the officer had been promoted to a higher level, and now his status was even more distinguished and prominent. Although the rank of the field hospital where the protagonist was located was not low, it was difficult for them to see a person in power in a high position like him.

All the medical staff were at a loss for a while, only the protagonist’s expression was still very calm, then as if he didn’t know the officer, he stretched out his hand and said, “You are welcome to inspect, sir.” The officer’s fingers were slender and warm, but not as hot as his eyes. He stared at the protagonist with a burning gaze. His look was as if he had seen a treasure that was lost and then found, he wanted to hold his hand tightly and even hug him into his arms.

At this moment, the protagonist felt sour in his heart, but he would never allow himself to make the same mistake again. He did not show any strange expression. He pushed the officer away, straightened his white coat, and said coldly, “Please respect yourself.”

The officer’s movements stagnated for a few seconds, his eyes turned a little red, the protagonist turned a blind eye, looked cold, and led him and the other soldiers around the hospital.

In the end, he returned to his office to discuss with the officer about supplies, but the officer drove all his subordinates out, locked the door of the office, hugged the protagonist from behind, and pushed him against the desk.

Documents and medical records were scattered all over the place, and the officer kissed him frantically, as if to vent all his emotions. The protagonist resisted desperately, and even hit the officer on the head with an ink bottle, forcing him to stop his crazy behavior.

“…You don’t love me anymore?” the officer asked with red eyes and a hoarse voice.

“I just stopped my mistake in time.” The protagonist described his former feelings for the officer as a “mistake”.

The officer left in despair, and the protagonist finally no longer had an indifferent expression. He sat back at the desk tiredly. He took out the bottle of perfume and stared at it blankly, not knowing what to think, but suddenly he raised his hand to block his face.

The protagonist smashed the officer’s head with an ink bottle. If he was to be prosecuted according to the law at the time, he would face severe punishment, but nothing happened, and even the officer would come to this hospital whenever he had time, in the name of inspection, but actually, it was about the protagonist.

He usually arrived with a large bouquet of flowers, sat in the protagonist’s office doing nothing, and watched the protagonist treat other patients intently. The protagonist was very busy, wherever he went, the officer followed him, attentively helping the protagonist, he would also be very upset if he saw the protagonist getting too close to a patient or a nurse.

“Are you here to ask me for money, sir?” The protagonist took out his salary, packed the money that the officer gave him back then into a paper bag, and returned it to the officer: “This is all the money you gave me, and there are detailed records, if you don’t believe me, I can—”

But before he finished speaking, the officer covered his lips in annoyance, and after kissing, the officer released him and said to him, “The money was for you, I didn’t know what gift to buy you at that time, I could only give you money.”

“…I will donate all the money to the hospital in your name.” The protagonist said.

“I’ve been looking for you for a long time.” The officer whispered, “I’ve been looking for you since you left…”

“Do you like my body very much?” The protagonist said calmly, “Thank you for your appreciation for me, but now that I’m a doctor, I’m sorry I can’t be your lover or your bed companion—”

“Not bed companion,” interrupted the officer, “I’m chasing after you.”

“Pursuit?” The protagonist didn’t even lift his eyes. “Really? But I don’t believe it.”

The officer held his face and anxiously defended: “I love you—”    


Shaking the mountain, the enemy’s plane broke through the blockade and attacked the field hospital.

The cannonball exploded right next to them, the officer instinctively protected the protagonist in his arms, and the two were blown away together. The protagonist was knocked unconscious by the shock of the explosion, and when he woke up again, he found himself lying on a hospital bed.

Because of the officer’s protection, his injury was not serious, but the officer’s life was at stake. Even if his life could be saved, he would probably face the risk of amputation.

During the rescue operation, the officer had a large amount of bleeding and was in urgent need of blood transfusion. However, the hospital was short of supplies and had no blood bag reserves at all.

The protagonist knew that he and the officer had the same blood type, so he stumbled out of bed and asked the nurse to draw his blood. His physical condition was not suitable for donating blood. But he still ordered them to draw his blood quickly.

Blood transfusion had requirements not only for blood type, but also for gender. Due to the different types of pheromones, Alpha and Omega could not donate blood to each other, but Beta had no such restrictions because Betas had no pheromones.

At this moment, the protagonist had never been so grateful that he was a Beta, and he was happy to be a Beta.

In the end, the operation was over, and everything went smoothly. The officer’s life was saved, and his limb was not amputated. But he was still in a coma.

The protagonist sat by his bed and watched over him day and night, he thought, as long as the officer woke up, he would promise to be with him, and would not care about the past, it didn’t matter even if one day they were separated again, he just wanted to cherish every moment with the officer.

During this period, soldiers continued to visit the officers one after another. Among them, there was a very beautiful woman. The protagonist recognized her at once. He remembered her. She was one of the officers’ many lovers. She attended to him the most and he was very impressed with her.

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