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In the corner where the equipment was stacked, a tall man stood in the dark. His appearance was hidden, making it difficult to see. But the tall figure and the inexplicable feeling that got into her heart made Si Huang decide that this person was Qin Fan.

He stood as straight as a gun, like a cheetah lurking in the dark, not only restraining the dangerous aura of his body, but also concealing the light in his eyes.

Si Huang turned his eyes away calmly and found that not only Qin Fan but also Old Tie and Grandma Yu had come.

Grandma Yu found her gaze and winked playfully at her.

Si Huang laughed.

“Ah—!” A girl suddenly screamed, and before anyone could reprimand, she blushed and covered her mouth.

The other women around her comforted her with understanding eyes. Si Huang was really handsome, wasn’t he? Especially in his current dress, with a bright smile, he looked like the snow lotus in Tianshan breaking the ice and blooming, and it was normal to shock the girl who had not recovered from his beauty just now.

An Yiyuan and Guan Li were both facing outwards, so if Si Huang looked up and noticed the old couple, they naturally noticed it too. The expressions of the two were immediately respectful and decent, as they greeted them.

“Tie Lao, and Teacher Yu, why are you here in person!” Director Liu quickly stood up and said in surprise, asking someone to move chairs for the two of them.

Grandma Yu sat down and said with a smile, “Don’t worry about us, continue with your work.” Tie Lao sat next to her and nodded to Director Liu.

Director Liu filled cups for the two of them with the tea that was originally prepared for him, and then went back to do his own thing. Just thinking about who was left, the blue veins on his forehead jumped and he shouted, “Yan Yan, it’s your turn, why don’t you come?”

Yan Yan knew who Tie Lao and the others were, so she eased her emotions a little. She didn’t dare to go wrong in front of these two great Buddhas, so with Zhou Jian’s encouragement, she walked over with a decent smile.

Grandma Yu asked casually, “Huh? Has Your Majesty’s filming been finished?”

Tie Lao, who just took a sip of tea, said, “Pfft—” Then he got a disgusted slanted look from his wife, and his face twitched.

Director Liu and the other staff were even more stunned. Who was this His Majesty being called? Prince Feng Cang? Future emperor? They always felt something was wrong!

The smile on Yan Yan’s face froze before she was halfway through.

Si Huang smiled calmly and said, “Not yet, I just happened to be filming with her.”

Grandma Yu estimated that it was not too early and had not seen the scene where Si Huang embarrassed Yan Yan before, so she responded: “Then shoot!”

When the big Buddha opened her mouth, Director Liu could only agree, thinking to himself: What is the relationship between Si Xiaozi and Teacher Yu? Tie Lao’s performance didn’t seem like he knew him before!

An Yiyuan and Guan Li’s part ended so they left, leaving Si Huang to take care of the open robe alone, he looked as elegant as a jade gentleman, while Yan Yan was stiff in place, and came to Si Huang’s side uneasily after being shouted at again by Director Liu.

The second female lead Ling Shuangshuang she was playing was a stunning woman, with a proud appearance, family background and grace, but her eyes were focused at the top and she was ambitious. She loved the identity and power of Prince Feng Cang, as well as the peerless elegance of Prince Qianji.    

She thought that no man in the world could escape her charm, but the two men she really liked were unmoved by her, Prince Feng Cang, at least would give her some face, but Young Master Qianji was completely unimpressed. This damaged her self-esteem, and so she had a love-hate relationship with Young Master Qianji.    

Yan Yan knew that she should show her love and hatred for Si Huang now, so she took a deep breath, her eyes lingered on Si Huang’s face, her heartbeat accelerated as she watched, and her thoughts began to turn: In fact, falling in love with such a man was not difficult, if he could really fall in love with her, she would definitely be envied by all women!    

Yan Yan’s eyes gradually entered the state, and Zhou Jian, who was covered in cold sweat below, heaved a sigh of relief.    

It’s just that he obviously became happy too soon.    

Si Huang, who had taken care of his clothes, raised his head to meet Yan Yan’s gaze.

Her chin was raised, and her smooth facial lines were completely exposed. She was clearly the one who was sitting in a wheelchair and was of a lower height, but her eyes made people feel that they were the ones being looked down upon.

Yan Yan’s expression froze again.

She had met Si Zhihan, the boss of Fenghua. People in high positions always had an aura of superiority, and she couldn’t help being restrained and nervous in front of him. Now she thought that Si Huang’s aura was more terrifying than Si Zhihan. The other person’s eyes didn’t show any waves, but she clearly felt a chill and disgust that penetrated into her bone marrow. Even if she was fortunate enough to be seen by this person, she was not even as good as garbage in his eyes.

Louie laughed: “Little girl, do you really want me to teach you what to do? This scene is to show your desperation, the transformation from love to hate, go and stand behind him, hug him with your hands, but don’t really touch him. Then you have to understand what to do with the expression, and if you don’t understand it, you will have to shed tears, got it?”

No one thought that Louis was being kind and helping Yan Yan, because his laughter was full of ridicule.

Grandma Yu noticed the strangeness and asked Director Liu: “What’s the matter?”

Director Liu said helplessly: “There is a little conflict between young people.”

Grandma Yu stared: “Is that stinky girl bullying my majesty?”

Director Liu worked with many different people, but even he was speechless at this moment: “…” With which eye did you see that she was bullying someone?    

Grandma Yu was furious, “I see that girl’s eyes are not right, her temperament is pretentious, and her mind is not simple at first glance. Will my majesty take the initiative to provoke her?”

Director Liu sweated: “What the teacher said.”

The old man held her hand, “I have never heard you call me Your Majesty in my life, my Empress Dowager, calm down and have a look first?”

Grandma Yu hummed softly.

Liu Dao and the others secretly said in their hearts: I have heard that Old Tie loves his wife a lot, and it is true.


Yan Yan heard the whispers around her and approached Si Huang step by step under his gaze. Every step she took, she felt the pressure from Si Huang’s eyes deepen, as if a deep sea had swallowed her up.

When she finally reached behind Si Huang, Yan Yan’s face had returned to normal without having to bear her gaze.

It was rare that Tie Lao and the others were here, so she must perform well! If she could get Tie Lao’s favor, her star career will be bright! This thought flashed through Yan Yan’s mind, and a smile appeared on her face, realizing that she would no longer be stared at by Si Huang, she thought that she would definitely do her best.

The woman was wearing a long scarlet dress, her black hair was beautifully decorated with gold and jade, and her pure face and eyes were full of charm. She stretched out her hands as if to hug the man in front of her, but she couldn’t really hug him through an invisible barrier.    

Yan Yan’s appearance was undoubtedly beautiful under the delicate makeup, but compared with Si Huang, she looked dim. Her outstretched hand was white and tender and beautiful, but other people’s eyes would definitely first fall on the hand that Si Huang had casually placed on the chair handle. It was obviously relaxed, but they were stunned when they compared it with Yan Yan’s hand, and suddenly felt that Yan Yan’s fingers’ movement was not beautiful enough, it was really stiff!    

Si Huang didn’t pay attention to how Yan Yan was doing at the back. She became indifferent like a jade gentleman, her expression was stern, her chin was slightly raised, her eyebrows flew slantingly, her eyes looked straight ahead, and her pupils were like obsidian, looking as if there were dark green fireworks burning inside, her pale pink lips were pursed into a straight line, and the color was a bit lighter, making her whole person’s temperament feel more stern and majestic, like a God, making people look up to her.    

“…I like this angry look.” Grandma Yu suddenly lost her mind.    

Director Liu scolded in his heart, “How much power is hidden in this monster!?”    

Not to mention the others, the women’s expressions had become obsessed and excited, and the men couldn’t even turn their eyes away.    

Their performances were all seen by Yan Yan, and her mood was confused. What happened? What did Si Huang do? Why were they all looking at him like this? The result of the confusion was the inability to concentrate, which made the expression on her face become more and more rigid.

Had the photographer already taken the picture? Were they ready to shoot? Was it possible to change positions?

Yan Yan looked at Zhou Jian, her agent, and found that the other party’s expression was distorted and collapsing, which made her psychological construction collapse as well.

“Liu Shu, I won’t take her photos anymore.” Louis raised his head and laughed, “Her existence is like a drop of stain, which will stain a perfect artwork.”

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