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Liu Shu was speechless.

Yan Yan didn’t know it herself, but the people who watched them couldn’t understand it more clearly. Standing behind Si Huang, she couldn’t see herself.

Originally, having a good face could cover up a lot of things, but Si Huang’s presence was too strong and his acting skills were too high, so Yan Yan’s shortcomings were highlighted at once. How unworthy to act with this person!

“Xiao Liu, there are still a lot of young and good seedlings in this generation, why did you choose her.” Grandma Yu’s words sounded.

For Yan Yan, this sentence was like the last straw that broke the camel’s back.

Director Liu’s reaction was just like what Yan Yan was afraid of. He said to Grandma Yu, “It’s my fault, I’ll handle it well, and it won’t affect the progress of “The Emperor’s Path”.” Then his eyes met Yan Yan’s. This let Yan Yan understand something indifferently and mercilessly.

He was going to replace her! Even if the contract had been signed, would Yu Shulan still be afraid of liquidated damages?

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” No matter how much resentment she felt in her heart, Yan Yan didn’t dare to vent on Liu Dao and the others, her face flushed red and she begged loudly in front of them, “Actually, I have a fever today, so I can’t play well. Give me another chance, I’ll do it!”

Louie didn’t speak, Grandma Yu ignored it, Director Liu frowned, but then they heard a chuckle, and Si Huang turned to look behind her, “Then try.”

Some of the staff felt that Si Huang was too personable, apart from the fact that he was handsome and had good acting skills, he also had such a good mind. While the female staff was screaming in their hearts, they were also worried about the underage boy. Such kindness was not a good thing in the entertainment industry, and he might be bullied and used to death, okay!

Liu Dao and others thought to themselves: You can’t easily provoke this child in the future! He was clearly going to kill them all!

Grandma Yu didn’t stop what Si Huang said, and Director Liu let it go.

This was obviously an opportunity, and Zhou Jian still had a glimmer of hope in his eyes, gesturing to Yan Yan to keep going.

However, Yan Yan’s mental state at this time was even more chaotic than before.

She was too close to Si Huang, and with Si Huang turning her head, she could clearly see her entire face and eyes. The other party’s eyes were too clear and straight, reflecting her distorted face.

Yan Yan would rather this person’s eyes be full of malice and repulsion, instead of being so clear-cut as they were now, reflecting her embarrassment, as if she was not even qualified to be her opponent.

Pop –


Everyone’s expressions changed, as they stared at Yan Yan and Si Huang with different expressions.

“I’m sorry.” Looking at Yan Yan who had fallen down, Si Huang retracted his legs and said indifferently: “Conditioning.”

No one blamed Si Huang, after all, everyone saw that Yan Yan acted first – she had reached out like crazy to slap Si Huang in the face.

Grandma Yu stood up like a tigress protecting her calf, “Take her out!”

Tie Lao: “…Let’s watch it for a moment…” Before he finished speaking, Grandma Yu gave him a stare.

“I’m sorry, Ms. Yu, you shouldn’t remember the villain’s past. Our Yan Yan doesn’t have the same knowledge as you. She is still young and ignorant, and she is spoiled on weekdays.” Zhou Jian nodded and bowed, constantly apologizing.

Grandma Yu sneered: “She’s an adult and still called Xiao? She has such a big face that she came to act pampered in front of me.” Before Zhou Jian could continue to apologize, another sentence beat them to death, “I see this girl’s face. Her personality is not suitable for this circle, and she doesn’t have any talent in this area, so it’s better to leave early.”

Grandma Yu, as one of the leading figures in this circle, opened her mouth today, and Yan Yan, who had no background and backing, would be doomed in the future.

“I won’t go! Why let me go! What did I do wrong? He is clearly targeting me, where are your eyes? Didn’t you see him hitting me? I’m going to sue him! Zhou Jian, let go, let go!”

“I’m not convinced, woo woo–“

Yan Yan herself understood the consequences of her leaving today, so she had no choice but to cry out of instinct.

Liu Dao said ruthlessly: “Before you go, remember to leave the costumes and props.”

Everyone’s heart: God has justice!


The farce ended with Yan Yan leaving the scene in a daze, and even the male staff did not show any pity or sympathy for her.

“Why didn’t I find out that Yan Yan’s acting skills and personality were so poor before?” a male employee who was moving props muttered to the co-workers beside him.

The male co-worker touched his head, “The mentality is too bad, I didn’t expect it. It’s true that hearing is false and seeing is true, her packaged appearance is too fake.”

Du Qiang, who was not far away, heard their conversation but did not stop. Her heartbeat was still racing violently, and a strong sense of honor and pride rose from the bottom of her heart. She was so excited that she had to find a friend to vent. She sent the video taken by her mobile phone to the penguin group of the Knights, and only said one sentence.

[Rose with thorns]: “Acting skills crushed others, and he can defeat you in the field you are most proud of. It’s so open and upright, Your Majesty is so tall!”

After doing this, Du Qiang put down the phone without looking at other people’s reactions, while her eyes were fixed at Si Huang’s figure. It came to her mind that not long ago, this person had said to her with a gentle and confident smile, ‘Just watch until the end’.

“The Emperor’s Path” finally decided to replace Yan Yan for the role of the second female lead. Grandma Yu said this personally and asked Director Liu to contact others, and then said, “Is there still a job for Xiao Huang today?”

Director Liu ignored her and let people go. Speechless, he replied, “No, Si Huang’s role is not too much.”

Grandma Yu, who was the author of “The Emperor’s Path”, was naturally aware of this, but she smiled happily and said to Si Huang, “Xiao Huang, let’s have a meal with grandma.”

Si Huang naturally responded and said: “Okay, but grandma will have to wait for me to change clothes.”

Tie Lao glared at him, did he climb up the pole like this? This grandma was called so loud! However, Grandma Yu was even happier, he could even see the smile lines on the tip of her eyes, and her tone was light and excited, as she said, “Aiya~ It’s so good-looking! My little Huanghuang is so good-looking!”

When it came to climbing the pole, Grandma Yu was actually even better.

Just listen to this, Si Huang couldn’t really wear a costume to dinner. From the end of the scene to the dressing room, the ancient boy who was exiled had turned into a modern male god. Now he was wearing a white shirt, light blue jacket, off-white slacks, and white canvas shoes, and the youthful atmosphere around him could be seen clearly. In the language of the Internet, he was really handsome, and people couldn’t help but want him.

Especially when everyone found that Si Huang, who had washed off his makeup, had clearer skin and bloody lips, they were so rosy that one could not wait to take a bite.

Single dog men wanted to cry but had no tears: Nima, even if you are handsome with makeup, you are so handsome when you take off your makeup as well. How can we ordinary people live?

Grandma Yu’s eyes also lit up instantly. At her age, what she liked most was this kind of young, clean and well-behaved child who wasn’t weak. She had never had a child in her life, and even felt that she had a good fate with this child named Si Huang.

Before leaving, Si Huang said to Yu Xi, “Go back to rest first.”

Yu Xi didn’t think Tie Lao and his wife would hurt Si Huang, so he readily agreed. But watching Si Huang and Grandma Yu leave, he saw a tall figure walking out of the dark to accompany them, the back could not be ignored once you notice it, which made your heart skip a beat.

Yu Xi: “…” Did he feel relieved too early? Who is this person? When did he come?

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