IHSB Ch. 1: Nuan Nuan, I’m Mom!!!!

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In the misty morning, a row of luxury cars driving on the narrow cement road broke the peace of this small mountain village.

The dark-skinned farmer, who was hoeing the field with a hoe straightened his waist, stretched his neck and stared at the luxury cars that he had only seen appear on TV.

“My darling, how much does this car cost?”

The richest person in their village drove a car worth more than 300,000 yuan, and they were always envious. Everyone thought that he was a very promising person, and now the cars driving in front of them were much more domineering than that car.

According to the young people in the village, one car cost several million, several million, which was an astronomical amount for those of them who earned their livelihood by working on the fields, and there was more than one car!

“Let’s go… Let’s go and have a look!”

There was no entertainment in the small mountain village, and a little liveliness could cause the whole village to shake. Even in a big city, this row of luxury cars looked quite shocking, not to mention about this small mountain village.

The luxury car stopped in front of a dilapidated cabin, and the surrounding villagers were amazed by the gossip.

“Have you heard? Nuan Nuan’s family is here.”

“Dear, how rich is Nuan Nuan’s own family, she is a lady of a rich family, Xiao Liu said what is this car? What? It’s old and expensive anyway.”

A discordant voice was inserted into the sound of harmonious blessings.

The old woman who was eating melon seeds said sharply and meanly, “Is it necessary that they take her home? Besides, just look at Nuan Nuan who grew up in our small mountain village, how can she be like when she goes to a rich family.”

The report was overheard by the bodyguards outside, and each one of them looked at her with fierce eyes.

Now the old woman couldn’t eat melon seeds anymore. After all, she was just a country woman. She had seen this scene before. For fear of being beaten, she quickly dragged her grandson who was staring at someone else’s cars and left.

During the period, the only sound heard was the sound of the fat child crying loudly to see the car, and the sound of the old woman coaxing her grandson as they went further and further away, saying that she would buy a car for him in the future.

Although the people who stayed were also a little scared, the bodyguards in black didn’t look at them after seeing Mrs. Sun’s departure, so they got bold and started to discuss, and they expressed their blessings to Nuan Nuan’s future life, and sneered at what the old woman just now, said.

In the wooden house, the room was clean and tidy, but a few brightly dressed people stood in the room and seemed to be out of place in this cramped place.

As the only owner in the room, the thin little girl looked at them timidly and apprehensively, her big black and white eyes like grapes were exceptionally moist and beautiful.

The graceful and elegant woman walked slowly to the side of the little girl. She was red-eyed and pulled her thin and small hand cautiously and tremblingly.

“Is your name Nuan Nuan now? I’m your mother.” Her voice was choked, her eyes were red, looking at this thin little girl, she had a sour nose, but the corners of her mouth were raised because she had found her lost baby.

Nuan Nuan timidly looked at the unbelievably beautiful woman in front of her. The big, beautiful and clear eyes looked at her a little helplessly. She was too gentle, but her thin and unsightly hands were placed together with hers. It made Nuan Nuan feel deeply inferior, which made her want to pull her hand back, but she couldn’t.

The woman gently but firmly held her small, unsightly palm.

“Nuan Nuan, will you go home with mother?”

The five-year-old skinny girl was very clean, her clothes were a little faded from washing, and the skin on her face was not very good, but when she looked closely, her facial features were exquisite and beautiful. It was just that her messy hair obscured it.

Only her pair of big black and white eyes were particularly bright and moving. She looked at the woman in front of her. Tears flashed in the woman’s eyes, as if the tears would flow back if she didn’t agree.

Nuan Nuan didn’t know why, but she felt a little distressed.

She clumsily wiped her eyes with her little hand and said, “Don’t cry.”

This little one was small and soft but not crying. It was particularly nice, but only two words from her were so heart-warming that the woman couldn’t help crying anymore. She hugged the baby she has lost three years ago in her arms, crying out over the past few years of fear and the joy of regaining her.

The handsome middle-aged man came over and embraced the mother and daughter in his arms, as if he had built a solid haven for them with his arms.

The moment Nuan Nuan was held in their arms, she felt a warmth she had never felt before, which made her a little greedy, and reluctant to give it up, but she was at a loss.

The little nose was sour, the warm red eyes, and the big tears in the mist-filled eyes fell down.

And the only eight-year-old boy in the room who seemed a little out of place and a little anxious walked around the room and muttered, looking at the little girl over there from time to time.

“Didn’t you find someone, why are you crying!”

According to the appearance of their old Gu family, the whole family was very handsome, how could my sister be so ugly?

He didn’t dare to tell his classmates that he had a sister! She was a bit ugly, and something told him that she would have to help fight if she was taken out.

“You stinky boy, bring the car around and don’t get in the way here!”

Father Gu looked at the stinky boy who was so skinny that he could only run up to the sky, but his eyes hurt, as the only little girl in the family had come back. Just his attitude, don’t let Xiao Nuan think that she was not welcome at home.

“Let’s go, I don’t want to stay here!”

Gu An raised his chin with a snort, put his hands in his trouser pockets and shook his hair, thinking he was very handsome and left.

Father Gu squeezed his fingers, and his fist was hard!

“Nuan Nuan, don’t be afraid, this is your youngest brother. He usually looks like a stinky fart. If he dares to bully you later at home, just tell us, or your other brothers. Our whole family will help you beat him.”

Nuan Nuan’s big black and white eyes eagerly glanced at her brother who was so proud that he left like a little rooster. Hearing her mother’s gentle voice, she shyly replied in a low voice.


Although there was only one word, the soft and waxy little milky voice made the two adults go aww… on her, and Mother Gu touched her fluffy hair and burst into laughter.

Before leaving the small mountain village, Nuan Nuan’s parents walked from house to house to give gifts to everyone.

They had figured out that since the old man who adopted Nuan Nuan died, she had grown up with hundreds of meals from the families here for more than a year. The people in this village were relatively simple and had helped her more or less. Of course, there were exceptions.

However, the people who helped their daughter, they gave gifts generously. As for those who bullied their precious daughter, they were not generous enough to forgive.

It was not too late for them to protect their precious daughter. Although they won’t take revenge for her being bullied here, they won’t give them a good face.

After all, it was their fault that they lost Nuan Nuan. Most of the people in this village accepted Nuan Nuan with kindness, and they didn’t have the face to say other people’s faults.

As they turned to leave, Nuan Nuan summoned up the courage to pull Mother Gu’s clothes with her small hand, “What’s wrong with Nuan Nuan?”

Mother Gu immediately squatted down and looked at Nuan Nuan, and spoke to her in the gentlest voice.

Nuan Nuan’s little face was red, and her voice was as thin as that of a kitten.

“Can we… can we bring rhubarb and briquettes with us?”

After she said that, she lowered her head, her two index fingers seemed to be tangled and uneasy, she was afraid that they would not like her if she asked too much.

“Of course.” A low and reliable voice recalled from above, and the broad warm palm gently rubbed the little girl’s fluffy head.

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