TBVSR Ch. 26: Hug

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Qiu Li took Jiang Yu’s hand and ran frantically through the narrow stairs and out of the dark corridor.

Jiang Yu gasped, looked down, and saw that he was holding her hand tightly.

His palms were hot and powerful.

When Jiang Yu was very young, what she wanted most was to have someone hold her with such a pair of powerful palms and protect her like a father.

In this way, after dark, she would have nothing to be afraid of.

Too bad she didn’t have a father.

Jiang Yu looked at Qiu Li’s solid and generous back, and subconsciously held his hand tightly.

It was half past nine, and she had to be at the art class in twenty minutes.

At the intersection, she saw him stop and asked, “Shall we take a taxi?”


There was a motorcycle parked downstairs, which Qiu Li had borrowed from the man next door.

It was winter, there was still fog floating, so Jiang Yu was blown by the cold wind and couldn’t help sneezing.

Seeing that she was wearing thin clothes, Qiu Li took off his cold jacket without hesitation and put it on her body, wrapping it around her tightly.

Jiang Yu didn’t have time to thank him, as he twisted her collar and made her sit on the back seat of the motorcycle.

He stepped on the accelerator and drove the motorcycle towards the art class at the fastest speed within the safety range that he could control.

The street was wet and there were not many pedestrians, and they were speeding in the rain under the cold wind.

Seeing that he was wearing only a thin black sweater, Jiang Yu asked, “Qiu Li, are you cold?”

Qiu Li didn’t look back, but smiled and said, “Do you feel bad for me?”

“No, you are in front. You are blocking the wind, why did you put the jacket on me.”

She was very sorry, but in addition to her regret, deep down, there was still a little bit of distress.

“If I don’t let you wear it, you will become a swan popsicle before you went on stage, would you still be able to fly?”

Jiang Yu chuckled, thinking that his metaphor was quite vivid.

“Then…thank you.”

Qiu Li’s tone was a little frivolous: “If you’re afraid I’ll be cold, hug me.”

“Your thoughts are beautiful.”

Qiu Li thought about it.

He sneezed as the motorcycle stopped and they were waiting for a traffic light.

Jiang Yu hesitated for a few seconds, then tentatively reached out and held his waist.

Despite the clothes, Qiu Li was sensitive and aware…

Every cell in his body came alive with excitement.

The area of skin she touched on him felt numb.

“Did you hug me?”


“You’re doing something like that.”

Qiu Li said, pulling her hand over and wrapping it around his waist.

The green light came on, he restarted the engine and drove the motorcycle out.

Jiang Yu hugged his thin but strong waist, her cheeks feeling hot.

She had never been so intimately attached to anyone, even if she once had a marriage with Huo Cheng, she had never had this kind of attachment and hugged his waist.

Only lovers who were particularly in love would hug each other like this.

Jiang Yu clearly felt that his body was very cold, the wind was blowing with light rain, and the chill was piercing to the bone.

She gave it up, unzipped her black jacket, and hugged tightly against his back.

Qiu Li noticed the girl’s warm body, it was the deadly feeling that made him wake up all of a sudden.

Warm, really warm.

He needed a very strong willpower to maintain his last shreds of sobriety.

“Is it still cold?” Jiang Yu asked in a low voice.

“Cold.” He smiled: “Hold tighter.”

She pouted, put her face on his back, and closed her eyes.

The sweater was fluffy and a little old, and the smell of his body went in her nostrils, it was like the lemon fragrance of soap powder.

She took a deep sniff and thought it smelled good.

“I almost forgot.” Qiu Li turned his head and reminded: “I have breakfast in my pocket, take it out and eat it.”

Jiang Yu curiously touched his pocket.

The buns were not cold yet, with a trace of residual warmth.

Although Jiang Yu had no appetite, she opened his pocket and ate it in big gulps.

She must quickly replenish her strength to participate in the competition later.

“There’s milk in the other pocket.”

She felt the other pocket as she said, and sure enough, she took out a bag of warm milk from it.

The corners of Jiang Yu’s mouth twitched: “You…you’re really well prepared.”

“Because I’m a good boyfriend.”

Jiang Yu was no longer polite to him, biting open the milk bag, she drank it in big gulps: “Don’t say you have eggs in your pocket as well.”

“I have, but I’m afraid you won’t be able to eat them.”


As Jiang Yu finished breakfast, Qiu Li parked his motorcycle at the entrance of the art class at 9:20.

She got off the motorcycle and was about to take off his jacket and return it to him, but Qiu Li stopped her and said, “It’s cold outside, so remove it once you are inside.”

Qiu Li’s whole body was frozen like ice cubes, and only the place she had hugged on his back still had a trace of residual warmth.

However, when he was still immersed in the aftertaste of just now, the little girl suddenly turned back and ran towards him with a smile.

Qiu Li straightened his body and asked, “Did something fall…”

Before he finished speaking, Jiang Yu suddenly opened her arms and hugged his neck hard.

“Thank you…”

She pressed close to his ear and said sincerely, “Really, thank you.”

The girl’s warm breath slapped his ear.

In an instant, his five senses were activated, as if many, many small stars were falling from the sky.

When he was about to stretch out his hand and try to hug her, Jiang Yu had already run away and waved at him: “Go back! I’ll return the jacket to you later.”

Qiu Li’s hand faltered, and then dropped down.

The residual warmth in his ears felt so real.

At this moment, he really felt that the world was worth it.

In this black and white world, there were still places worthy of his nostalgia and love.

Jiang Yu hurried to the preparation room.

Seeing her, everyone in the preparation room was stunned, including Fan Danxi who had already changed clothes and was about to take the stage.

Lin Quwen hurried over and said, “Why did you come late? I couldn’t get to you through phone. Your mother said you’re not feeling well, so you gave up the performance.” Jiang Yu’s cell phone was hidden by Jiang Manyi.

“Ms. Lin, I’m fine, I can go on stage now.”

Lin Quwen looked at her flimsy ballet dress and her shivering, and could probably guess what was going on.

Without further questioning, she took Jiang Yu to the dressing room, and ordered someone to put on her hair piece quickly: “Wait, Jiang Yu will be the last to come on stage, warm up first, Fan Danxi will be the second to last.”

Fan Danxi stomped his feet and said: “Mr. Lin, it was clear that I’ll be the finale, so why is she replacing me now.”

“This is not a formal performance, so what if you’re the finale or not, if you do well, Esmera’s teacher will naturally choose you.”

Fan Danxi glanced at Jiang Yu reluctantly, and had no choice but to do the warm-up preparations alone.

Lin Quwen put the wig on Jiang Yu and said, “If you don’t have the guardian’s permission, even if you are selected, whether you can enter the school is a big problem.”

Jiang Yu narrowed her eyes and looked at the stains on her black swan lace dress, and said firmly: “I want to enter Esmera, whether she agrees or not, I will enter!”

“But if your mother insists on not allowing…”

“She has no reason to insist on objection, she doesn’t have any deep hatred with ballet, she just thinks that I should focus on my studies.” Jiang Yu said, “As long as I work hard and get a satisfactory score, she will definitely agree.”

Lin Quwen sighed.

Jiang Yu was extremely talented, but it was a pity that she was dragged down by her family. If she could get resources like Fan Danxi and be cultivated well, she might become the next Bu Tanyan.

“Today is the last day of Esmera’s national selection. Two of Esmera’s heavyweight mentors are here. You must perform well today, and don’t make mistakes.”

Jiang Yu looked at Lin Quwen, curiously and asked: “It can’t be those two!”

“Yes, Bai Shuyi and Xue Jiayi.”

“It’s really them!” Jiang Yu exclaimed.

Bai Shuyi and Xue Jiayi were well-known ballet artists in the circle.

They and Bu Tanyan used to be classmates. After Bu Tanyan passed away, they were also considered to be the two dancers most likely to replace Bu Tanyan.

In the following ten years, they had won various awards at home and abroad, became popular all over the world, and became the leading dancers in today’s ballet industry.

After retiring five years ago, they began to step back behind the scenes, serving as Esmera’s artistic directors, taking students to competitions around the world, and naturally becoming the top ballet instructors in the industry.

Unexpectedly, Bai Shuyi and Xue Jiayi, two top mentors in the circle, would come to the Lingque Art Class at the same time today.

And Jiang Yu would be performing in front of them in a while!

Her heart started pounding and drumming uneasily.

After the warm-up, Jiang Yu, who was ready, stood behind the scenes, nervously watching the situation at the front.

At the front of the auditorium, the first two classmates who took the stage were ruthlessly criticized by Xue Jiayi before they finished dancing.

The girls beside her were also discussing in whispers: “Xue Jiayi is too strict! Qiao Ziyang just came on the court and hadn’t even started to dance, she said she was not in good shape, is too stiff, and not the quality of material for Esmera.”

“Xue Jiayi is a famous ‘demon head’, but it’s not like you don’t know how hard she has fought for the position of Esmera Ballet queen over the years. It’s a pity, until she retired, she failed to win the queen’s crown, and she also failed to replace Bu Tanyan’s position.”

“How could Bu Tanyan be replaced so easily.”

“So, you can imagine how ‘perverted’ she is mentally.”

“Bai Shuyi is more gentle, and she doesn’t say too much when commenting.”

“Yes, Bai Shuyi came from a ballet family, and is naturally different from Xue Jiayi who was born at the grass roots.”

At that time, Fan Danxi’s voice came: “Who asked you to talk about the mentors here?”

The two “little swan” girls who were just gossiping looked at each other: “We were just… chatting casually.”

“It was only when she died that Tanyan was praised so highly and became a classic. If she was still alive, her position might not be as good as Xue Jiayi.”

The two little swans stopped arguing with her.

“You are strong and you are right in what you say.”

Fan Danxi looked at them with contempt, she didn’t say anymore words, and walked straight towards the stage.

When the two “little swans” saw her shoes, the spirit of gossip burned again: “She spoke so much for the devil Xue Jiayi, but she still came to the stage wearing Bu Tanyan’s dancing shoes.”

Jiang Yu curiously looked at Fan Danxi, and found that the dancing shoes she was wearing today were indeed the beautiful Elieta ballet shoes that Bu Tanyan had left behind.

She remembered that she had heard from her classmate Chen Wei before, that the Fan family had spent huge sums of money to get the pair of legendary dancing shoes that Bu Tanyan had left behind.

Come to think of it, it was the pair that Fan Danxi wore on her feet. However, there were also rumours that these shoes were fake, and the real pair of Elieta shoes had long been lost, and their whereabouts were still unknown.

Jiang Yu followed Fan Danxi to the back of the stage curtain, wanting to see her dancing shoes up close. Whether it was true or not, it’s always a rare opportunity.

On the stage, Fan Danxi posed and followed the melody of the music, jumping and spinning on the stage like a bird.

Those shoes… were indeed beautiful, with a shiny satin finish, exactly the same as the pair Jiang Yu had seen in countless videos.

The two gossip “little swans” continued to whisper: “Wearing these shoes, Fan Danxi will win.”


“I heard that Xue Jiayi and Bai Shuyi were the classmates of Bu Tanyan and were still in the same art troupe. If they saw that Fan Danxi was wearing the shoes of their good friend, they would definitely be impressed!”

“That’s true.”

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