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After the recording of “Unfathomable Challenge”, Siyu quickly packed up her baggage and slipped back to the crew because she always felt that the day Fifth Master Lu personally sent her home was very abnormal, fearing that this person might be having bad ideas. So after Fifth Master Lu’s conspicuous sports car left, Siyu immediately ran to the airport in the opposite direction.

As soon as she returned to the crew, a large number of people came up and asked about the recording of the show. After all, in the eyes of most people, the super popular ace variety show like “Unfathomable Challenge” generally only invited big-name celebrities to participate. Siyu had only done one film. The film was not released, and they did not know what the results would be. Still, she received the invitation of this super popular variety show, which was really a bit abnormal.

Of course, Siyu couldn’t say that she was temporarily covered by Ji Lin’s blessing, so she uniformly used the phrase “program group arrangement, I don’t know” to prevaricate, and finally managed to deal with people with different minds. Siyu squeezed out of the encirclement, and saw the actress Han Tiantian, who played the female number one and the new emperor’s childhood sweetheart, approaching with a dazed expression.

She walked absent-mindedly, not looking at the road at all, and ran into Siyu directly. Siyu couldn’t dodge and bumped into her. At this time, Han Tiantian suddenly regained consciousness. Seeing Siyu was knocked back a few steps by herself, she quickly grabbed her and asked: “Are you okay?”

In fact, Han Tiantian did not walk fast, but Siyu’s body was as delicate as a porcelain doll, and it took a long time for any injuries due to a small bump to be relieved. She waved her hand to indicate that she was okay. Looking up, she found that the luck on the top of Han Tiantian’s head was gradually turning dark grey.

If luck turned grey, it meant that the person would be unlucky. The darker the color, the stronger the bad luck. If it became pure black, there would be risk to life. Of course, some people such as Fifth Master Lu were the exceptions. Siyu till now didn’t even figure out how he could be safe and sound?

“It’s okay.” Han Tiantian breathed a sigh of relief. The whole crew knew that Siyu was too sickly and delicate. The director also specifically asked everyone to take care of her. If something went wrong, it would be a bad thing. Han Tiantian apologized, “I was just thinking about something, I’m sorry, I will ask my assistant to bring you afternoon tea to apologize for the next two days. I just finished filming here and there is something urgent, so I will leave.”

As the name suggested, Han Tiantian had a tender baby face. She was obviously more than 20 years old but looked like a minor. She had an easy-going personality and was very likable. Although she was said to be the number one female in “Qin Guo”, her actual role was not particularly outstanding. Nowadays, the character settings like childhood sweetheart were not very popular. Han Tiantian played the distant cousin from the new emperor’s family. In the plot, she only played a supporting role, and the interaction was relatively dull. Compared with the Yun Meng played by Xu Qingwan, the tension in the plot was not as good as the female counterpart.

Siyu’s scenes were staggered with Han Tiantian, so she rarely met this girl in the crew, but even so, Siyu remembered that Han Tiantian’s luck wasn’t like this earlier.

So subconsciously, Siyu pretended to unintentionally reach out and touched the dark grey mist on the top of Han Tiantian’s head. At the moment of touching, a scene flashed before her eyes: Han Tiantian drank a glass of wine handed to her by a good-looking girl. After few minutes, she became drunk and unconscious. She was carried into the hotel suite by a middle-aged man. To make matters worse, a group of reporters soon rushed over after hearing the news. Tiantian was blocked. When Han Tiantian woke up, she saw herself lying on the bed naked with a strange man. There was a circle of cameras around her. She couldn’t argue with the reporters. She also smashed her forehead and hit the corner of the cabinet…

After seeing this, Siyu gave a soft sigh in her heart. She could see the root of a person’s bad luck, and obviously, what happened to Han Tiantian in the future had something to do with the glass of wine she drank.

Although Siyu was unfamiliar with Han Tiantian, she had a good impression of her. This was a girl who got along well with others and worked hard enough. It would be a pity if her things were really ruined.

But a direct warning was unrealistic. Let’s not say whether Han Tiantian would believe it or not. First of all, Siyu couldn’t explain how she knew about what would happen in the future. So after thinking about it, Siyu asked: “Han Tiantian, do you know someone a little taller than you, with a mole under the corner of the left eye…”

Speaking of this person, Han Tiantian’s face unconsciously showed a hint of dislike.

Siyu described as much as possible the appearance of the person she saw in the fantasy world who passed the wine to Han Tiantian. Sure enough, Han Tiantian quickly recognized: “You are talking about the captain of our regiment, Su Mingxue, right?”

Han Tiantian was from a girl group. There was a total of seven people in their group. The best in the group were Han Tiatian and the captain Su Mingxue. The company had limited resources and was discussing whether to abandon one of them and use all the resources to support the other. One person, and this lucky person, would undoubtedly be Su Mingxue, who had always been favoured by the company’s senior management.

The relationship between the two of them was dull in private, and because of this competition, it had dropped to a freezing point. Han Tiantian did not have the beauty and talent of Su Mingxue, but fortunately she was desperate enough, relying on her madness to receive the announcement, forcibly broke a way under the aura of Su Mingxue, and became the second most popular, now the company said to give up, using her as a stepping stone to pave the way for Su Mingxue, why would she be willing?

“Do you want to know Su Mingxue? I’m afraid I can’t help you. I’m not familiar with her and can’t say anything.” Han Tiantian thought that Siyu was here to find her to set up a contact and told her about Su Mingxue very honestly. There was no taboo in talking about their relationship, and she was not afraid to let others know that there was no harmony in her relationship with Su Mingxue.

Siyu liked Han Tiantian’s real strength very much, and was even more determined to help her escape the disaster: “No, I just want to tell you, don’t trust her as the captain too much.”

Han Tiantian was surprised for a moment: “?” Coincidentally, there came a staff to call Siyu for her scenes. Siyu finally told her, “You go quickly, it is not good to be late at the reception, but remember to not drink wine”

Siyu hurriedly left, Han Tiantian stood still thinking, how did Zhou Siyu know that she was going to a banquet?

The first scene after Siyu came back was her rivalry with Xu Qingwan. In the script, Yun Meng, played by Xu Qingwan, accidentally discovered that her sister Yun He was imprisoned by the new emperor underground under the palace. The sister who she had believed dead and had been separated from for many years was reunited.

Siyu changed into the costume. She was pale and weak. She didn’t need makeup to show the appearance of a sick beauty. The makeup artist wiped her lipstick casually to make her look better, and then let her go into battle.

Compared with Siyu’s simplicity and quickness, Xu Qingwan had spent a lot of time getting dressed up. She could only be regarded as beautiful, not too gorgeous, but she insisted on grabbing the second female lead character that Zhou Siyu played in her previous life. The makeup artist had to put a lot of effort into dressing her as a coquettish woman, which was really time-consuming.

Moreover, Siyu found that after a few days of absence, Xu Qingwan didn’t know what she had experienced, and her whole body was a little haggard. The dark circles under her eyes were obvious, and she had to rely on thick makeup to completely cover it.

Siyu was a little curious. She usually saw Xu Qingwan always taking care of herself brightly. How could she be like this in just a few days?

The makeup artist who was helping Siyu to arrange her hair seemed to see her doubts, glanced at Xu Qingwan’s side, and whispered: “I heard a friend say that Xu Qingwan was already approached for the female lead in another drama. It was about to be negotiated, but it seems that the male protagonist told the director that he would not act with Xu Qingwan, so this matter went stale.”

Siyu blinked, “Is there such a thing?”

“Isn’t it!” The make-up artist liked the soft and cute girl in front of her very much, and couldn’t help but say, “Xiao Yu, I only secretly tell you that the male lead in that play is also our brother Ji! I saw Xu Qingwan facing Brother Ji and serving him both tea and snacks. I thought they were very familiar. It seems that Xu Qingwan was just being affectionate!”

Ji Lin refused to film with Xu Qingwan anymore?

Hearing this news, Siyu couldn’t help being startled, but she did not have the time to think. Liang Dao quickly called out to begin. Siyu instantly threw these distracting thoughts behind her head and adjusted her state.

At this time, the plot had progressed to the point that Yun Meng entered the palace to seek revenge as a concubine, but she gradually fell into the relationship with the new emperor and also fell in love with the enemy. She found that the new emperor always lost track for a few days every month, so she secretly followed the new emperor and found the underground palace where Yun He was imprisoned.

After seeing each other again, Yun Meng realized that there was still a cinnabar mole in the heart of the new emperor, and this cinnabar mole[1] was still the sick Sister who she had mistakenly thought to be weak and incompetent, and always looked down upon! In addition, although Yun He was imprisoned, the underground palace was luxuriously decorated everywhere, and it was full of rare and precious treasures. It was much more luxurious than her palace. It could be seen that the new emperor’s care for Yun He was a hundred times better than that for her!

Yun Meng was instantly jealous, she could bear that the new emperor did not love her, but could not bear that the new emperor fell in love with her sister who had been trampled under her feet!

After all these years of life in prison, her temper has become more and more indifferent. Her sister’s anger and verbal abuse could no longer hurt her. She just looked at this once lawless, now tortured by love, sister as nothing. As a sister who deserved to be a princess, she whispered softly, “You are just being in love, what does that have to do with me? Yun Meng, in the past you said that I have no royal temperament, now you look in the mirror and see what you look like, confined to the harem. Tied to a man to live and die, do you still recognize that you were once a princess of a country?”

Yun Meng couldn’t listen to anything anymore, the woman in front of her was still leaning on something as if about to collapse, but these actions were also filled with grace. Seeing her like she was watching a clown. She clung to the iron fence and said in hatred: “You are not worthy! You always had the fate to die. You didn’t die at the beginning, you got lucky, but now you fell in my hands again, do you think I will let you live?” She wondered if it was Siyu’s illusion. She always felt that Xu Qingwan’s line delivery was too sincere, and the hatred in the words seemed to be real.

The scene continued. The plot after this was that Yun Meng sneaked a bucket of lamp oil into the palace. Taking advantage of the opportunity of the new emperor having gone hunting in the suburbs, she bought the palace guards, sneaked into the underground palace, and poured the lamp oil in front of Yun He and then set the underground palace to fire. Yun He was imprisoned there, there was no way to escape, and her body was weak, even if she could run or not, it didn’t matter; she could only wait to die.

“You are under the ground, slowly waiting to be burned to ashes!” Xu Qingwan said this line happily, and finally curled her lips.

Scenes like these were generally prepared for by the props team in advance and could only be filmed after safety inspections. All props must be intact. Originally, the oil Xu Qingwan used was edible oil, which was relatively safe, but who expected that after Xu Qingwan ignited the match and threw it in, a string of sparks burst into flames and burned violently with the power of a prairie fire!

The big barrel of oil was spilled on the ground by Xu Qingwan just now, and it ran down to Siyu’s feet. When it ignited, the flames quickly rushed towards Siyu!

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[1] Similar to white moonlight, a first love that stops him from falling for someone else.

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