FPH Ch. 12

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The man sneered and said angrily: “If we are really together, my relatives and friends would ask me what you do, and if I say that you’re a police officer. I can’t afford to lose face. According to your appearance, you are in line with me. Let’s talk about it, but you have to change your job, or at least get a clerical job, so that I can have face when I introduce you in the future. Besides, you need to change your temper. Who did you slap your face with just now? You have to be obedient, don’t let your temper lose, I’m not used to this.”

“Really?” Gu Nian sneered, resisting her impulse to throw all the water in front of her on the other party’s face so much that her hands were shaking with anger “If that’s the case, then I’m not used to you. You have requirements for looks and temper, and I have them too. It just so happens that you don’t meet my standards.”

Gu Nian quickly took out a portable mirror from her bag, opened it for him thoughtfully, and threw it on his face, “Please look in the mirror first to see what you look like, and then ask others.” The pain in his bones made him cry.

Of course he couldn’t look in the mirror. He slammed the mirror on the table and made a loud “bang”, attracting all the guests around him to look over.

With great strength, the mirror bounced off the table again, and finally fell to the ground, cracked by the shock.

He stood up abruptly, pointed at Gu Nian’s nose, and shouted loudly regardless of the occasion: “Gu Nian, don’t know what’s wrong with you. If it wasn’t for Aunt Su’s face, I wouldn’t have come out to see you, as a police officer, you are so arrogant!”

“I’m the manager of Xingyuan Bank, you are a little policeman, you can’t make as much money as I do in a month! I can find even the best woman. I’m willing to come out to see you, just to give you face, you don’t even look at your conditions! In a single-parent family, if your father dies, even if you marry in the future, you will still have to take your mother with you! Who will fall in love with you?”

Gu Nian’s eyes were red with anger, her whole body was trembling with anger, he was a scumbag, and scolded her about her having to bring her parents!

She stood up, grabbed the water glass on the table and smashed it at him.

Even water and cups were greeted on his head. The hard glass smashed directly onto his forehead, and even made a “bang” sound, showing how painful it was.

His forehead was directly red and swollen, his hair and shoulders were wet, his hair was tightly attached to his scalp, and there was no shape to speak of, which made his pink and round face even more ridiculous. The lemon water dribbled down his shoulders along the ends of his hair.

The man raised his hand and was about to hit Gu Nian, but his wrist was suddenly grabbed, pulled violently, and he was thrown to the ground.

The hard and cold marble floor hit his bones with a bang.

The man gritted his teeth in pain, rolled on the spot, and scolded with a twisted expression: “Who the fuck held my hand!”

The pain was so intense that he couldn’t get up, and when he looked up, he saw Chu Zhaoyang standing in front of him.

He didn’t know if it was because he was lying down that he felt that Chu Zhaoyang was very tall. His face was as cold as ice, his eyes were as deep as an abyss, and his whole body exuded cold air.

The man was stimulated by the ice-cold marble floor, and felt his whole body piercingly cold, so he quickly closed his mouth.

At this time, a waiter came with a big bag of unknown things and put it on the table next to him.

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