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After New Year’s Day, the final exams came. Chi Fang took these exams much more calmly than before. In the final math exam, he checked the questions twice, and there was still almost half an hour left.

Chi Fang raised his head and glanced around the examination room. The students around were all answering the questions seriously. In the examination room, one could hear the needle falling; it was so silent. Chi Fang didn’t look around, staring at the back of the person in front of him in a daze, thinking about what to eat at night.

Recently, because Yu Mo ate too much, Chi Fang restricted him from eating sweets for several days. Although Yu Mo didn’t say anything, his whole person was obviously not energetic.

Maybe he should make him sweet and sour fish tonight.

Chi Fang thought about it, and he just needed to go to the supermarket to buy a fish and then prepare some food to eat with it.

After the class bell rang, Chi Fang waited until the teacher collected the papers and went to the front to get his schoolbag. During the exam, the cell phone was turned off and kept in his schoolbag. As soon as Chi Fang turned it on, he saw Yu Mo’s message, saying that Mother Yu hadn’t seen her son for a long time, and she happened to come to school today so she wanted to see Yu Mo.

Yu Mo’s message said that he would come back soon, Chi Fang hesitated for a moment, and replied okay.

Fish… he should buy it first, he could put it in the refrigerator anyway, and make it tomorrow.

Thinking about this, Chi Fang went to the nearby supermarket with his schoolbag on his back. There were a lot of people in the supermarket, most of them were family members. Chi Fang picked a fish and asked the supermarket staff to help weigh it before carrying the fish to his small apartment.

It got dark quickly in January, and Chi Fang was walking on the small road alone, always feeling that someone was following him. He glanced back but saw no one. The avenue outside the building was brightly lit, and pedestrians could be seen walking by.

It should be… an illusion, right?

Chi Fang hesitated and turned his head back, feeling a pain at the back of his head, and his eyes went instantly dark.

It’s over… the fish is going to be wasted.

Chi Fang felt sorry for his fish for a second, and then fainted completely.


Yu Mo looked down at the coffee in front of him and pushed it aside with disgust. As soon as he looked up, he saw Mother Yu looking at him with great interest. Yu Mo became vigilant in his heart. When he was a child, every time she used this expression, it meant that he might be out of luck.

“Don’t like coffee?” Mother Yu asked with a smile.

Yu Mo nodded.

Mother Yu’s interest deepened. Since he was younger, Yu Mo had not spoken much to her, let alone expressing his own preferences. According to her understanding of her son, even if he didn’t like it, he would at least take a polite sip.

“Where is Xiaofang?” Mother Yu took a sip of the coffee in her hand.

Yu Mo: “I’ll send him a message before I go back.”

Mother Yu’s motion of drinking coffee paused, and her gaze at Yu Mo changed slightly. Yu Mo calmly sat opposite her, and even ordered a cup of milk tea to the waiter.

The milk tea was served quickly, with a thick milk cover floating on it, which looked terribly sweet at first glance.

Mother Yu twitched the corners of her mouth, “You actually like this?”

Yu Mo nodded, and reached for the milk tea, but hesitated.

After finally accepting that his cold son actually had a sweet tooth, she saw Yu Mo staring at the milk tea in a daze. Mother Yu was puzzled: “Why don’t you drink it?”

Yu Mo didn’t speak but looked a little aggrieved. Recently, Chi Fang had not allowed him to eat sweets. What if he secretly drank milk tea and was found out when he went back?

Mother Yu watched Yu Mo, who brought out his mobile phone, and looked down as if he was sending a message.

Yu Mo: Can I drink a cup of milk tea?

After sending the message, Yu Mo put his phone aside and looked at Mother Yu, “What’s the matter?”

This difference in treatment was a bit big.

Mother Yu could naturally guess who Yu Mo had just sent the message. She stared at Yu Mo for a long time before she asked, “Do you know what you are doing?”

Yu Mo nodded.

Mother Yu sighed. If her son didn’t want her to know, he could hide things well enough, but now he was telling her clearly that he cared about Chi Fang. If her son had a friend, Mother Yu would naturally be very happy, but if this person was not just a friend…

“The Yu family will not accept such a thing.” Mother Yu’s face condensed, and she looked at Yu Mo seriously. “This means that if you choose this way, you won’t be protected by Yu family in the future.”

Yu Mo didn’t respond, but nodded, “I know.”

Mother Yu felt helpless at how Yu Mo didn’t care about the family at all. It seemed that what he gave up was not a huge backer.

Yu Mo had looked down at the phone several times, but Chi Fang still did not reply to him. The milk tea in his hand had gradually cooled. Yu Mo felt a little uneasy in his heart, he hesitated for a moment, and looked up at Mother Yu.

What else could Mother Yu say, she could only sigh, “Go on, call him.”

Okay, Chi Fang was just like her own son, and he was probably trapped long ago.

Yu Mo called Chi Fang, but Chi Fang did not answer the call. After a minute, the call automatically hung up. Yu Mo glanced at Mother Yu and dialed again.

No one answered the phone.

Mother Yu also realized that something was wrong, and looked at Yu Mo, “What’s the matter?”

Yu Mo frowned, and he couldn’t sit still. He looked at Mother Yu and said: “Chi Fang won’t answer the phone.”

Yu’s mother blinked and hesitated: “Could it be… He didn’t hear?”

Yu Mo shook his head and stood up, “Chi Fang won’t not answer the phone for no reason, he went home first.”

Home…Mother Yu watched Yu Mo quickly run out of the coffee shop, pulled the corner of her mouth, and thought that her raised cub ran away like this. Thinking about it again, forget it, anyway, her own cub came back, and Chi family’s precious cub was taken away as well.

Mother Yu put down the cup in her hand, picked up her bag easily, and was about to leave when she found that Yu Mo had actually dropped his school bag on the seat.

In such a hurry? Mother Yu picked up the schoolbag and left the coffee shop.

Yu Mo hurried to the apartment, still calling Chi Fang along the way. There were avenues and paths from the school entrance to the apartment, and Yu Mo turned into them without hesitation. The path was very dark, and Yu Mo couldn’t see the ground at all. When he just ran to the middle of the road, he seemed to have kicked something under his feet.

He stopped, took a look on the ground with his mobile phone, and found that Chi Fang’s schoolbag was on the ground. There was also a trace of blood on one of the straps of the schoolbag, and Chi Fang could not be seen nearby.

Yu Mo paused, and his heart sank sharply. There was a sound of high heels behind him, and Yu Mo turned his head vigilantly, and saw his mother walking towards his side with a frown on her face.

“What’s the matter?” Mother Yu finally walked through the bumpy road and asked when she saw Yu Mo standing in front of her with a pale face.

Yu Mo took a deep breath to calm himself down, but his heart kept falling, “Something happened to Chi Fang.”

Mother Yu was stunned and saw the schoolbag tightly held in Yu Mo’s hand. The blood on the bag was dazzling. Mother Yu stepped forward two steps and glanced around. This was a dilapidated road with no street lights and no monitoring.

“Hello, hello.” Yu Mo had already dialed the phone over there. “I’m Yu Mo.”

Chi Zheng received the call and was a little confused, “What’s the matter? What is it about my little brother?”

Yu Mo took a deep breath and whispered, “Chi Fang… is gone.”

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