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Chi Fang was gone.

Within half an hour, Chi Zheng and Chi Yan drove to the apartment, and Yu Mo was standing by and was calling someone.

Chi Zheng took a step forward and threw a punch. He was about to hit Yu Mo’s face, but he was pulled back by Chi Yan. Chi Zheng didn’t fight against him, and he broke free from the shackles of his elder brother, “Don’t stop me, if I don’t beat him so that not even his mother can recognize him today, I won’t be surnamed Chi!!”

Chi Yan silently grabbed his mad brother and moved his head aside. He saw a glamorous woman standing by, and saw from her eyebrows that she was definitely related to Yu Mo.

Only then did Chi Zheng notice that there were other people next to them, and the place in the middle had been fenced off. It was just that the roads on both sides had warnings about road repair work put up, so it didn’t attract attention.

Seeing his brother regain his senses, Chi Yan released his hand and took two steps forward, “Hello, I am Chi Fang’s eldest brother, Chi Yan, may I ask you, Madam, who are you?”

Mother Yu glanced at Chi Zheng lightly before reaching out. She shook hands with Chi Yan, “I’m Yu Mo’s mother.”

Chi Zheng: “…”

Just now he said he wanted to beat her child so that even his mother won’t recognize him. But his mother was on the scene, and Chi Zheng’s expression became somewhat embarrassing.

Yu Mo put the phone away and walked over, “Father has sent someone to check it, but there is a large flow of people around here, and here is a blind spot for monitoring, it is difficult to find anything.”

“The little brother is so good, why did someone kidnap him?” Chi Zheng gritted his teeth.

Yu Mo didn’t speak, but gently touched the schoolbag in his hand.

“Excuse me, did the younger brother usually have any hatred with anyone at school?” Chi Yan looked at Yu Mo.

Yu Mo shook his head, but paused when he thought of a person, “Wang Pengyu…”

“Wang Pengyu? The young master of the Wang family?” Chi Zheng was stunned for a moment, and then he knew where the photos came from.

“Wang Family…” Chi Yan narrowed his eyes slightly.


Chi Fang woke up in a panic and in pain. He didn’t know how much effort the man had used to knock him out. Chi Fang only felt that the back of his head hurts as if he was suddenly hit by an AK-47.

His wrists were tied behind his back, and he couldn’t sit up. Chi Fang could only fall to the ground for a while before reluctantly regaining his senses. His forehead was slightly moist, Chi Fang gasped lightly with his mouth open, slightly opened his eyes and glanced around. The surrounding area was full of messy goods. Seeing that there was dust on it, no one must have been here for at least half a year.

There was no one around, and there was no sound as well. Chi Fang endured the headache and tried to lift himself off the ground. Both hands and feet were tied, but the clothes on his body were still intact. Chi Fang pressed the pocket of his pants with his elbow, and the phone inside was gone.

Closing his eyes, Chi Fang found a shelf to lean on.

It was… too much.

Chi Fang didn’t know who tied him up, but at least this person didn’t kill him directly, which meant that this person had other purposes, and he was still safe.

Fortunately, it was after the exam, otherwise he would miss the final exam.

Sitting by the shelf for a while, Chi Fang regained some strength, he touched the rope that tied his hand, and looked down again. The rope didn’t look thick, it was just tied tightly, so Chi Fang couldn’t get rid of it. With his back to the shelf, he struggled to stand up by pulling the pole, and he got used to the pain of the wound on his forehead.

This was a small warehouse. There were only four or five rows of goods inside. The door was locked and there were no other exits around. There was only a high ventilation window, which was at least four meters above the ground. He could still see the outside through the window.

He didn’t know what time it was now, he guessed Yu Mo must be anxious to death, Chi Fang sighed deeply. He was abducted right after school, didn’t even eat dinner, and now his stomach was empty, he was just about groaning with hunger.

At this moment, the voice of speaking suddenly came from outside. Chi Fang was startled, and hurriedly jumped back to the original place, posing himself as he was when he first woke up, at least so that those people would still think that he was still unconscious.

As soon as Chi Fang lay down on the ground, he heard the warehouse door being pushed open.

Two footsteps came towards him.

Chi Fang didn’t dare to open his eyes, so he could only listen to the sound with his ears upright.

The sound of footsteps stopped not far from Chi Fang. After that, Chi Fang obviously felt someone kicking on his back. He did not resist, rolled over with the strength, and completely lay on the ground. Seeing that Chi Fang hadn’t woken up yet, the man looked at his accomplice in confusion, “You won’t knock someone to death? Why hasn’t he woken up yet?”

The other person waved his hand and said: “No, I have a sense of measure. It is probably because this kid is too weak, and it is estimated that he will wake up in a while.”

Although the first person was a little skeptical, but there was no other way. He could only warn: “The eldest master warned that you can’t kill people. Now, if something goes wrong, neither you nor I would be able to appease him.”

“I know I know,” the tone was a little impatient, then he paused, and asked a little curiously, “How did you say this kid offended the young master? Young master just let us take good care of him, tut tut, look at him, it is estimated that he is not even an adult yet …… “

“Okay, can we ask what the young master is doing, just rest assured and follow his instructions well.”

The two people’s voice gradually faded away, Chi Fang still lay face down, quietly opened his eyes, and glanced towards the door. He saw two men in black clothes walking towards the door, one tall and the other fat, but they looked very coordinated.

He wouldn’t be able to beat them.

Chi Fang judged it instantly and didn’t even think about doing useless work. He watched the two people go out, heard the sound of the door shutting, and sat up again.

Those two people would definitely come back in a while, and if he still pretended to be unconscious when they came again, he would definitely be found out. Chi Fang took a look at the shelves around him and tried his best to find a circle among the shelves, and finally found what he was looking for in the corner.

A nail clipper.

There was no other way, Chi Fang positioned the nail clipper with his back, and took the nail clippers to break the rope little by little. Because he couldn’t see clearly in the middle, he almost caught his own meat.

It took Chi Fang more than ten minutes to rescue his hands.

The untied rope fell on the ground, and Chi Fang rubbed the scar on his wrist, and then untied the rope on his foot. After breaking free from the shackles, Chi Fang had no time to delay and turned directly to the corner.

His goal was the four-meter-high window.

Although the ventilation window was not big, he was very thin, and should barely be able to get through. As for whether there will be anyone outside, or whether he could jump down, he would think about it later…

Wiping the blood on his forehead with the corner of his clothes, Chi Fang began to climb the shelf. This shelf was against the wall, and Chi Fang placed two boxes underneath, which was considered fixed. The shelves were fairly solid, although they made a slight noise when they were stepped on by Chi Fang, they still withstood it after all.

The shelf was about three meters long, and Chi Fang was standing on the shelf, looking out along the ventilation window.

He seemed to be held in the suburbs. There was a woodland behind the warehouse, but because it was winter, it looked a little desolate. He made sure there was no one outside the window, and then didn’t hesitate anymore. As soon as he stepped on the shelf, he climbed directly onto the window.

When Chi Fang tried to get out of the small window and had barely stood still on the window sill, he heard a bang in the warehouse, and then the sound of boxes and goods falling to the ground.

Chi Fang took a look around and found that the last time he stepped on it, he kicked the shelf down. And when this shelf fell, it overwhelmed the previous row of shelves on the way like Dominos. The entire warehouse was now a dusty mess.

“What was that sound?!” The sound of people talking, and footsteps could be heard outside the warehouse.

Chi Fang stopped looking around, placed both hands firmly on the windowsill, rubbing against the wall a little bit, and after the whole stretch, his feet were still about two meters away from the ground.

Life and death were destiny…

Chi Fang closed his eyes, jumped down, and rolled aside.

Click… Chi Fang felt that he had heard the sound of his ankle twisting. The pain made Chi Fang’s face instantly pale. Fortunately, there was a layer of snow on the ground under his feet, which made the injury less serious.

Chi Fang didn’t dare to stay at all, glanced around, and rushed towards the forest.

The kidnappers had a total of four people. They were waiting in the car beside them, but they heard the noise in the warehouse. When they opened the door, there was a mess inside, and the ground was full of messy goods, and Chi Fang that had been left in the warehouse was gone.

The tall kidnapper’s face went blue, and he walked around in the warehouse before he walked to the only window, staring at that window without speaking.

When the fat man next to him saw this, he was a little skeptical: “No way, this window is almost five meters tall, is that kid Spiderman?!”

“Hurry up!”

Chi Fang ran deep into the forest. So, very few people came there. After the winter, a few snow mounds had accumulated a thick layer of snow in the mountains and forests, and no one had stepped on it. Half of his calf sank when he stepped on it, and the heat from the warehouse quickly faded away.

But Chi Fang didn’t dare to stop, because it was dark, he couldn’t see far in the woods. A few times he even heard the voices of those people, and he barely hid himself behind a tree. It was just the footprints on the ground could not be hidden but there was no other way, Chi Fang could only speed up his pace.

After about half an hour, it suddenly began to snow. The snow fell in the forest, and soon covered Chi Fang’s footprints slightly, but the snow also caused Chi Fang’s body temperature to drop rapidly.

Chi Fang did not dare to hide from people in the woods anymore. He hid behind the tree and listened carefully to the movements of those people. Seeing them looking at the other side, he ran along the tree line back in the direction of the warehouse.

The door of the warehouse was still open, and there was a small truck parked at the door. Chi Fang’s eyes lit up, and he looked to the door of the car. Sure enough, those people were in a hurry when they got out of the car and didn’t even pull out the car keys.

Chi Fang got into the car and closed the door. The heating in the car slowly restored the temperature of his frozen body. Chi Fang exhaled and twisted the key smoothly, but when he reached out to touch the shift lever on the side, Chi Fang’s movements suddenly stopped.

The scene of his car accident in his previous life suddenly appeared in front of him. Although it was only a moment, Chi Fang still felt his back become wet with cold sweat, and his right hand stopped above the shift lever.

Since the accident, Chi Fang had never driven a car by himself. Even a long time after the car accident, Chi Fang felt dizzy, and his chest tightened when he got into the car. The next moment he fainted, he slowly recovered.

This was the first time Chi Fang touched the steering wheel after the car accident.

The scene of the car accident kept reverberating in Chi Fang’s mind, Chi Fang’s breathing subconsciously rose, and even his left hand was about to open the door and get out of the car.

“Found him! In the car!”

Chi Fang turned his head fiercely and saw a group of people running forward towards him. At most, those people would touch the taillights of the car in two minutes.

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