TMLVOS Ch. 40.2

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After giving the instructions, Fifth Master Lu lowered his head, looked at the little girl in his arms, and gently wiped off the black dust on her face with his fingertips. It turned out that his eyes, like an ancient well, were full of murderous intent.

It seemed that he had been self-cultivating for too long, and some people who were overpowered dared to go over his head with their ideas!

When Siyu woke up, she found that she was in the hospital again. She wanted to stand up, but she felt weak. The people guarding by her were alarmed, and then Ji Lin’s panicked voice sounded: “Sister, don’t move, I’ll help you up, slow down!”

Ji Lin carefully helped Siyu up, adjusted the height of the bed, and put an extra pillow on her back to make her lean more comfortably.

“Sister, fortunately, you are not in serious trouble. The doctor said that you just got choked by the smoke, so you can rest well.” Ji Lin didn’t care about other things. He grasped Siyu’s hand and felt her pulse before he was really sure about her. God knows that he rushed back to the crew, heard about the fire, and heard that his sister was taken to the hospital and was in a coma, and his heart almost stopped.

If something happened to his sister, then…

Ji Lin didn’t dare to think anymore.

“I…” Siyu was startled by her own hoarse voice as soon as she spoke.

Ji Lin hurriedly said: “The doctor said the smoke damaged your throat, but it’s okay. You will recover soon, but you can’t talk too much for some days.”

Siyu nodded hesitantly. She looked around. It was a very luxurious and spacious single ward. It seemed to be very expensive. She still remembered that before she lost consciousness, it was Fifth Master Lu who rescued her from the fire. After she came out, it was self-evident who sent her here.

But Ji Lin was the only one guarding the ward. Where was Lord Fifth Master Lu?

At this moment, the door of the ward was pushed open. Siyu looked up subconsciously but found that the person who had appeared was not Fifth Master Lu, but Lu Xingzhou with a solemn face. When Lu Xingzhou entered the door, he saw that Siyu was awake and almost cried with joy: “Little ancestor, you are awake! If you would not have woken now, the fifth master would not only have tossed me to death, but also tore down the hospital!”

God knows how much pressure he was under when he went to investigate the accident!

Siyu looked behind Lu Xingzhou, but still did not find the person. She withdrew her gaze a little disappointedly, and pretended to ask casually: “Where is the fifth master?”

Lu Xingzhou replied, “Oh, the fifth master is the dealing with this matter.” After a while, Lu Xingzhou still said, “The master who replaced the props is from a declining family who hates the fifth master. These wastes can’t get close to the fifth master. We don’t know where they heard that you belong to the fifth master. So, they planned to get rid of you and hit Fifth Master indirectly.”

In fact, there were definitely a lot of people who were sent by Fifth Master Lu to Siyu’s side. They protected her from a place where she couldn’t see. These people could not find the opportunity anywhere else, but Siyu didn’t want to be special by herself, and didn’t let Fifth Master Lu’s people follow her around in the crew, so they caught this gap and planned the accident.

Siyu didn’t expect this to be the reason. She pursed her lips, and suddenly thought of Xu Qingwan’s implausible performance before the accident, and asked one more question: “Is it just these people planning it?”

Lu Xingzhou nodded, “Yes,” It was all found in one go, and all the confessions were out, did they think that we can’t find out if they stop monitoring? Idiots.”

Was it possible that Xu Qingwan’s behavior was just her illusion? Siyu believed in the abilities of the Lu Family. She asked, “What will happen to those people?”

Lu Xingzhou replied lightly, as if crushing an ant to death: “Dead.”

Not only that, but what can be expected was that those people would still have died very miserably. Those people actually provoked Fifth Master Lu to get angry, this was very reckless. Lu Xingzhou now thought of Fifth Master Lu’s murderous killer look. The terrible appearance alone made his heart tremble.

Siyu thought she shouldn’t delve too deeply into this topic. Ji Lin, who listened quietly, just held her hand tightly. Siyu turned her head to look at him. This big boy had always been very energetic. When she was helped, he seemed to go back to his childhood, because his abilities were limited, he couldn’t grasp anything, couldn’t win anything. So, he could only stand aside and pray to God.

He didn’t protect his sister… Ji Lin closed his eyes in pain, and wanted to hold Siyu firmly in his hands, but he was afraid of hurting her, so he restrained his strength.

“Sister, I’m sorry…” Ji Lin had never regretted so much as he did now. It would be nice if he was there at the time, and if he came back soon, would his sister suffer a little less suffering?

Siyu was stunned, but only stretched out her hand to cover his broad palm, silently comforting him.

Lu Xingzhou stood against the wall staring at them, smiled: “You have a good relationship!”

Before Ji Lin could make a noise, Si Yu spoke first and said calmly, “This is natural, A Lin is my brother.”

This was the first time Siyu had admitted to an outsider about their sibling relationship. Ji Lin raised his head in surprise and could hardly believe it: “Sister…”

“Of course I know, otherwise you thought the fifth master would let this kid take care of you?” Lu Xingzhou spread his hands, and all the information of Siyu had been submitted long ago, including the life experience that Ji family thought was a secret. “This kid is also ok. Fifth Master was waiting for your condition to stabilize. He was afraid that it will be too noisy in the hospital. You were transferred to this nursing home under the name of the Lu family so you could rest well. He actually found him too. He blocked the door and refused to leave. Later Fifth Master saw that he was upset, so he let him in.”

Ji Lin didn’t say a word, he was immersed in the joy that Siyu personally admitted that he was her brother. He took an apple and began to cut it into the shape of a rabbit, and he handed it to Siyu like a treasure.

Lu Xingzhou was still talking: “The hospital in which you were admitted before is now surrounded by media. You are not there, so, your little assistant has been dragged over.” Lu Xingzhou said only half a lie, Director Liang and his party were in the hospital at the moment, both physically and mentally exhausted while dealing with the wounded people and coping with the media bombardment.

In the chaos, a reporter saw Xu Qingwan who had just gotten her wound treated, and immediately rushed through and blocked her: “Miss Xu, the injury on your arm was caused by this fire accident. Can you tell me what’s going on?”

Xu Qingwan seemed to have expected someone to ask her, and hurriedly lowered her sleeves to cover the hideous wounds, but she moved a little slower and was already caught by the reporter and a picture was taken.

“It’s nothing, I was not careful. I patronized the fire fighting and didn’t pay attention. I realized the pain after I recovered…” Xu Qingwan smiled reluctantly, “I don’t know the inside story too much, maybe the staff made a mistake. Fortunately, everyone is okay.”

She said, secretly pinching the wound, blood immediately poured out, soaking the bandage that had just been tied.

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