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Director Liang’s “Qin Guo” was a major production film that had attracted much attention in recent times. Especially after the official announcement, various rumours surrounding the third female lead Siyu had heated up, and many people in the industry were not very optimistic about her. After hearing that Director Liang had specially added a role for Siyu, they all said that Director Liang had missed the scene this time, and waited for the movie to be released.

Since the film was still being shot in a closed state, the discussion about “Qin Guo” was already very high on the Internet, so the fire accident caused an uproar as soon as it was exposed.

The first riot was caused by Ji Lin’s fans. They were very active. They immediately organized a team to kill to go to the film and television base and stayed outside the hospital. If Ji Lin hadn’t stood up in time and said that he was not in the crew that day, these fans might have demolished the gates of the hospital.

The most popular and important one was fine, then people turned their attention to the rest of the crew. At this time, a few photos quietly circulated on the Internet.

This group of photos were said to have been taken by a reporter who went to the hospital to block the door. In the photos, Xu Qingwan’s hair was scattered, the corners of her clothes were burnt, and there was a hideous burn across her arm. When the reporter took the photo, she didn’t seem to have realized that, afterwards she hurriedly lowered her sleeves, but the bloody bandage was faintly visible.

A detailed report was also attached to the photo. This reporter described Xu Qingwan’s “firefighting behaviour” in an extremely exaggerated tone, and also abruptly exaggerated the scar on her hand into a tenth-degree burn, as if she was some kind of hero.

And just after these photos were exposed, Xu Qingwan uploaded a selfie video on her Weibo, saying that she wanted to show up to respond to fans’ concerns. They saw her appear in the mirror without makeup. She looked haggard. Although the injured arm was covered by clothes, she said that she would stop the conversation, covering the injured area with her hand, frowning as if in unbearable pain.

“Thank you for your concern. I’m fine. The doctor said that although the wound is serious, it can still recover… Well, because I was eager to save people, I didn’t think so much, but fortunately no one had an accident. I was injured this time. It’s… When I was filming “Qin Guo”, I fell into the water and had a high fever. I almost fell off when filming an action scene. Now I have a scar on my arm. It can be said that it has been troubling and difficult. I hope after I personally suffered these frustrations, the movie can sell well at the box office. Please remember to support the movie I played in.”

Xu Qingwan’s video only took a few minutes, but she cried several times. With her behaviour of trying to cover up her wounds, it looked so pitiful.

There were a lot of fans on her Weibo, and there was capital to support her. As soon as this Weibo was published, it was immediately brought into the headlines. Originally, all parties were paying close attention to how the crew of “Qin Guo” was going to deal with this major accident. Xu Qingwan was the first to speak out, and for a while, everyone’s eyes were attracted to her.

Xu Qingwan stared at the crazy increase in reading and reposting on her Weibo, and saw that the comments were almost all admiring her. She stroked the scar on her arm and couldn’t help but smile contemptuously.

This accident was a great opportunity for her! As long as it could properly catch the heat and create a persona that she would rather be injured in order to save people, she was not afraid of not being popular!

In fact, Xu Qingwan wouldn’t be so anxious if Ji Lin’s words hadn’t disturbed the casting in the show she was in talks with. One must know that Ji Lin had a very good relationship with most well-known directors. When he spoke, he may basically pick up any heroine in the future. It was no longer the drama of the big production team. In this era, if there was no big red work, who would remember you?

Xu Qingwan’s goal at the beginning was to become a first-line actress. If she could only accept the kind of infamous script, what use would it be!

Thinking of Ji Lin’s actions, Xu Qingwan gritted her teeth bitterly. She didn’t understand why Ji Lin did it. She had been working hard to please him.

The more Xu Qingwan thought about it, the more wronged she felt. She just wanted to try to catch up with Ji Lin and become a person worthy of him. Why did Ji Lin have to deprive her of the opportunity?

Fortunately, she reacted quickly enough, as long as this wave of hype stood still, she could still turn things over!

“The crew hasn’t issued an official statement yet, but she sold out first!” Ji Lin had slept in the hospital the last few days, staying next to Siyu’s bed every day, and he was reading the news on Weibo. The public opinion about the accident turned because of the selfie video posted by Xu Qingwan at a glance.

Xu Qingwan’s tears turned into a pretence in the eyes of Ji Lin. He frowned tightly, turned off the video, and said coldly, “Sister, this woman is really too much, there is nothing to care about her, she just jumped out and got sick!”

Ji Lin was very well-educated and rarely used such fierce words to describe a person. Siyu took the phone and listened to what Xu Qingwan said again, and suddenly she didn’t know what to think.

All the staff present at that time rushed to put out the fire and used the rescue equipment, but Xu Qingwan was the only one who specifically described the process in detail on Weibo, and she also showed the injuries on her arm. The traces of this show were too obvious.

At this time, Siyu hadn’t dispelled Xu Qingwan’s suspicion. Although Lu Xingzhou had found out who had tampered with the props, she had a vague intuition. Even if this matter was not directly related to Xu Qingwan, it should be a bit tricky, because Xu Qingwan’s performance before the fire was really weird.

“By the way, A Lin, why did you suddenly refuse Xu Qingwan’s new movie contract?” Thinking of this, Siyu suddenly remembered the gossip that the makeup artist had said to her before and asked, “What happened, I remember that you never used to care about these things.”

Upon hearing this, Ji Lin’s face became slightly stiff.

Why? Of course, because Xu Qingwan deliberately poured dirty water on Siyu. He was upset, so he deliberately pranked her, but Ji Lin didn’t want his sister to see his “deceiving others” side. Like brown sugar, it’s hard to get rid of it, when one’s reputation is stained. “I have had enough of cooperating with her.”

Duan Rulan thought he was able to get to this day with the support of the Ji family, but she did not know that Ji Lin had already established a foothold in the entertainment industry. Even if Ji family went down now, he would not be ashamed to fight alone. After all, his status was already of a person who was a movie king, and the average person couldn’t shake it at all. Therefore, as long as he showed an attitude of disliking Xu Qingwan once, other producers would naturally not go against him.

Xu Qingwan thought that what she had missed was just an opportunity. She didn’t know that the nose of the entertainment industry was so sensitive that it would be impossible for a well-known director to come to her for cooperation in the future.

“She is vying to be the first in line. Director Liang is not a fuel-efficient lamp.” Ji Lin snorted coldly. “The whole crew shut up quietly. Only she came out and jumped. Isn’t this just asking for scolding? Fool, she would only be able to blind those who don’t know anything.”

“A Lin, can you help me ask Director Liang if the camera was still on when the accident happened? Did they keep the video at that time? If so, I want to watch it.” Siyu still couldn’t ignore her instincts.

Ji Lin was stunned and didn’t ask much. He immediately contacted Director Liang. Director Liang was discussing how to deal with the accident. The video could still be viewed.

Ji Lin turned around and told Siyu, “Director Liang said that he can watch it, but he needs to see if there are any films that can be used, and he will give it to you when it is over.” Seeing Siyu’s dignified expression, Ji Lin couldn’t help asking, “Sister, are you suspicious of something?”

Siyu pursed her lips in the face of her younger brother’s worried gaze, and replied without concealing anything, “I don’t trust Xu Qingwan a bit, so I want to see what happened to her when the incident happened. She said that she was fighting the fire from beginning to end, I don’t believe it very much.”

“That’s true, this woman doesn’t have any truths in her mouth.” Ji Lin agreed very much.

After the accident this time, all the traffic was attracted by Xu Qingwan’s public tactics. Except for Ji Lin, netizens seemed to have forgotten that there were other stars in the crew. Siyu’s Weibo had only a few greetings. But at this time, she received a message from Wen Yuan asking if she was injured.

“It’s not a serious problem, it’s just that there is a problem with my throat, and I may have to rest for a while.” Siyu was surprised that Wen Yuan still remembered her, and replied seriously.

Within a minute, Wen Yuan replied, “It’s okay, I’m very worried about you. I will go to C city to film the movie tomorrow and take the time to come to the hospital to see you.” But the problem was that she was not in the hospital, Fifth Master Lu moved her to this private nursing home… Siyu inquired and found that this nursing home was basically exclusively for the Lu family. It occasionally received some high-powered people. Ordinary people couldn’t even enter. After she came to the better hospital, her assistant Shen Yue called and cried to Siyu, saying that there were people staying at the hospital every day, forcing them to be like guerrilla warriors every time they went in or out of the hospital.

Moreover, if someone photographed Wen Yuan going to the hospital to visit, Siyu dared to bet that the headline the next day would be about them. After all, the confession and punishment of “Unfathomable Challenge” had caused such a sensation last time.

Thinking of this, Siyu tactfully rebuffed, “No need to trouble. I am not in the hospital. I am temporarily staying at a friend’s house. Thank you for your concern.”

In fact, Siyu also felt it was a bit strange. She and the actor only took a photo together. On the episode of the show, they happened to be assigned to the same group, and she was not familiar with him. Why did Wen Yuan say he wanted to visit her?

After receiving Si Yu’s refusal, Wen Yuan did not persist, “Well, someone sent me some good supplements before. I will ask my assistant to send them to you. My crew is next door to you, it is very close. “

But her place was full of various treasures that Fifth Master Lu sent over in three days. She was afraid, that she couldn’t put it down… However, Wen Yuan’s heart was good, and Siyu felt that categorically rejecting the offer did not seem to be kind, so she could only accept it after rejecting several times.

“Wen Yuan again?” Ji Lin was sitting by the bed cutting apples for Siyu. In the past few days, he had developed many new styles, not only cutting small rabbits, but also all kinds of animals. He was close and saw it at a glance. Seeing the person sending messages on Siyu’s cell phone, he suddenly had no control over his strength and cut off one of the ears of the bunny.

“Well, yeah.” Siyu looked up after returning Wen Yuan’s message. “He is coming to film tomorrow. He wanted to see me at first. I didn’t think it was convenient, so I didn’t agree.”

Ji Lin had a sullen face, thinking that this person truly had Sima Zhao’s heart which was known to everyone, Wen Yuan does have a new movie to be filmed, but his film will not start shooting until next month! What was he doing in C city now, travelling?

As a result, the only remaining ear of the rabbit apple in Ji Lin’s hand was also “accidentally” cut off.

“Sister, this person is not good, I don’t think it is appropriate for you to contact him.” Ji Lin held back for a long time, but he still couldn’t hold back, and betrayed his old friend and whispered, “Wen Yuan is a workaholic. Once he is filming, he will not go home for several months. And he is still a gamer. He stays up late every night to eat chicken[1]. Apart from cooking and having a good face, there is nothing else he can do. Don’t look at the little girls outside calling him husband…”

The more Siyu listened, the more she felt that something was wrong. How could Ji Lin’s words seem to be picking on a blind date for her?

“Stop, stop, people just care, and said a few words, don’t think too much about it.” Siyu helplessly stopped Ji Lin from talking.

Ji Lin was still muttering, “The embankment of a thousand miles was destroyed by an ant nest. Of course, we must take precautions in the first place…” Not everyone could hold this Chinese cabbage of sister[2]. Anyway, he now found it embarrassing when he looked at Wen Yuan.

“You are talking about Wen Yuan? Why does Xingzhou still dare to let people in?” At this moment, a cold voice came from outside the door, Siyu raised his head and saw Fifth Master Lu, who had not been seen for many days, standing by the door. He was staring at her quietly.

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[1] Reference to chicken in the video game PUBG.

[2] Reference to the idiom “A pig digging out the cabbage” where the cabbage refers to a girl being seduced by an outside person.

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