TBLF Ch. 96.1

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He laid the blankets on the floor, turned off the light, lay heavily on the ground, and went to sleep. Before Qi Ying could even breathe well, the room was already dark.

She was stunned, and almost laughing to death.

After a while, she pulled the pajamas rolled up to her chest down, and then moved little by little to the bedside and looked down secretly.

The light outside the window came in dimly, and after her eyes adjusted to the darkness, she saw the young man lying on the ground with his eyes closed and a pillow in his hand. With every breath, his chest went up and down, showing how intense his emotions were.

Qi Ying tilted her head and peeked several times, when she suddenly heard him ask: “Have you ever drunk Wangzai milk?”

Qi Ying froze, wondering how they came to this topic, but still honestly answered: “Drank.”

“Do you know what its advertising slogan is?”


The boy opened his eyes in the dark and said viciously: “You will eat it again if you look at it again!”

Qi Ying retracted back.

Where he couldn’t see, she covered her mouth and smiled tremblingly.

There was his body temperature and smell on the bed. She pulled the quilt up, covering it to the tip of her nose, and smelled the agitated and warm breath of the teenager. She blinked and started to breathe deeply.

He didn’t know how long it took but Ji Rang felt that he had finally calmed down a bit but then he heard the little girl’s small and soft voice: “I am mentally prepared.”

Ji Rang: “?”

He was about to die of anger: “You are mentally prepared for a fart, shut up for Lao Tzu, and sleep!”

The bed was rustling, he felt a little hand stretch out and gently pull his quilt: “Really not?”

Ji Rang: “…”

The hot-blooded young man almost spewed out a mouthful of blood, and his veins were standing out with the effort he was putting into restraining himself.

After a long time, a muffled voice was squeezed from between his teeth: “…I didn’t buy that, you behave, don’t talk, don’t torture me, okay?”

He had no plans tonight, and he didn’t even think about it when he went to the mall.

He always felt that his little baby was too small, he was afraid that she would hurt, or that she would be afraid. He couldn’t bear to touch her and wanted to wait for her to grow up a bit.

Fuck, grow a fart, he was regretful now.

The little girl uttered “Oh”, lay back, and said obediently: “Then I will sleep, good night.”

After a while, there were sounds of shallow breathing coming from the bed.

Ji Rang: “…”

He didn’t want to wake her up, so he didn’t go out to take a bath, forcibly closed his eyes and began to review this week’s military training in his mind, diverting his attention.

He didn’t know when he fell asleep.

The police academy students had to get up at 6 o’clock every morning to gather for running exercises. He was used to it, so his biological clock made him wake up automatically around 6 o’clock.

But he was still confused, so he squinted at the sky outside the window, heard the shallow breathing on the bed, kicked the quilt off his body, climbed onto the bed, and took the little girl along with the quilt into his arms. Then he entered inside the quilt, held her tight, and continued to sleep.

This time he slept till more than nine o’clock.

When he opened his eyes, he found that the little girl in his arms seemed to have woken up a long time ago, looking up at him with her small face, as if counting his eyelashes.

Seeing him awake, the corners of her mouth turned into a sweet smile, and she tucked into his arms, buried in his chest, softly saying, “I’m hungry.”

She was fragrantly soft in her arms, but it was hard.

It was fucking morning.

He didn’t know if the little girl felt his strangeness, so he kept his lower body away from her as much as possible, and bowed his head and kissed her: “What do you want to eat?”

Qi Ying said, “Tanghulu.”

Ji Rang flicked her forehead with his finger: “No. Forgot what the dentist said last time? Do you want to eat nothing after your teeth decay?”

She pouted, acted like a baby, and rubbed against his neck: “Just eat one. Is one good? Buy one, I’ll eat one, and I will give you the rest.”

Ji Rang was ignited all over by her rubbing. He wanted to push her away but was reluctant to do so, his lips tightened, and he was almost suffocated by his effort.

Qi Ying didn’t know if something happened.

She didn’t move anymore.

After a long time, she cautiously crawled out of his arms, as if afraid of getting shocked, and whispered: “Okay, I won’t eat anymore.”

Ji Rang felt that he would become bad sooner or later if this continued.

He went to the bathroom to take a cold shower, and after Qi Ying finished washing, the two cleaned the room together. They didn’t know when the next time they would come, so all the bedding was put in the closet, then the door was locked, and they went to eat.

Last time they didn’t get to see the Forbidden City. Now that there were not many people, they could finally go.

He bought the ticket online in advance, and it was much more convenient without having to buy the ticket. The sky at the end of autumn was a bit gloomy, and the Forbidden City looked particularly cold and solemn. He had no interest in it. Qi Ying had made a strategy in advance and dragged him to visit next to her.

She had never been to the Imperial Palace in her previous life. In her imagination, it should be like the Forbidden City.

When she saw Ji Rang’s disappointment and lack of interest, she shook his hand to make him happy: “Maybe you have lived in the palace before, look! Is there a sense of familiarity?”

Ji Rang raised his eyelids and glanced at her. The little baby said it, then it was right. He nodded: “Yes, I must have been a tyrant in my previous life. I won’t go to court, and only pet you alone all day.”

Qi Ying was laughing to death after hearing his words and whispered: “No, you weren’t a tyrant.”

Ji Rang heard it and rubbed her head: “What is that?”

She pursed her lower lip, as if nothing had happened: “You must have been a general, a particularly powerful one.”

Ji Rang said, “Oh, I was a general, then what were you?”

The little girl said nothing.

He helped her arrange a personal setting: “You must be a little princess. After I finish the battle, I will marry you.”

Now Qi Ying didn’t want to go shopping…

Ji Rang didn’t know why the little baby suddenly changed. He thought she was tired so didn’t want to go shopping anymore. He brought her out through the exit, checked the nearby food court, and took her to dinner there.

It was almost evening when she was sent back to school.


After that day, city B gradually entered winter.

As it was winter in the north, the snow caught people off guard, and the whole city was covered in one night.

On the campus, those students who stood in the heavy snow were as excited as if they were injected with chicken blood. Needless to say, they were definitely from the south.

Xia Xiao and Ouyang Bi were also very excited. They dragged Qi Ying to build a snowman. When they were halfway through the pile, Qi Ying’s phone rang. Today was exactly the weekend, so Ji Rang came over to take her to dinner.

He found a special restaurant which sold Haicheng cuisine. The couple were both Haicheng people. They had lived in Haicheng for most of their lives. In order to accompany their daughter who came to B city to study at university, the parents simply came to B city to open a restaurant.

Ji Rang went to eat and the taste was very authentic.

The restaurant was opened in a small alley. Although the location was not good, the advantage was that the rent was cheap, and there were repeat customers here, and the business was good.

The lady boss heard that they were also from Haicheng, so she was very enthusiastic and took them to the most spacious position by the window. “Watching the snow while eating the meal, it is just right.”

Qi Ying obediently said thank you to the lady boss. After ordering the food, she was holding her chin to watch the snow flying out the window. Ji Rang took out a blue box from his clothes pocket: “Try it if it fits.”

Qi Ying was stunned: “What?”

Ji Rang looked at her dumbfounded and shook his head with a smile. Next, he opened the box and took out a jade bracelet from the inside.

The jade was all white and well-colored[1], so he pulled her wrist and put it straight on.

The size was just right.

He took her hand and looked at it with satisfaction: “It might be a little bit cold just after wearing it, but it will warm up with body temperature.”

Qi Ying was stunned for a while before asking: “Why give me a gift?”

Ji Rang was still appreciating the bracelet and replied as if nothing happened: “What reason do I need to give you a gift.”

She lowered her eyes and whispered: “Today is the first snow day.”

“Huh?” Her voice was too small, Ji Rang couldn’t hear it clearly. Just as the lady boss came to serve the food, he took her hand and kissed her, rolled her cuffs down, and touched her head: “Let’s eat.”

Qi Ying felt the warming temperature of the jade bracelet, and her wrists trembled slightly.

She tilted her head to look at the boy who was picking up vegetables for her and leaned over to kiss him on the cheek.

Ji Rang raised an eyebrow and turned his other cheek towards her: “The little idiot is touched so easily, come, here, kiss again.”

She pursed her lips and kissed him again obediently.

The time has changed, and even if he has forgotten his previous life, his promise to her has not changed.

T/N: Poor Ji Rang suffering from blue balls, but his consideration for his little baby…aww. And the last line just made my heart melt, it epitomizes their relationship so well… What do you think?

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[1] Color is an important criteria when buying a jade. And uniformity of color is also important.

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