TBLF Ch. 96.2

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There had been several heavy snowfalls in city B.

Qi Ying had her winter vacation starting earlier than Ji Rang. She wanted to go back to Haicheng with him, so she decided to wait in the dormitory for a few more days. Gao Nian stayed to play games anyway, so she stayed with her in the dormitory for a few more days.

One week later, Ji Rang also started his leave, so he dragged his suitcase to University B to pick her up.

Qi Ying bid farewell to Gao Nian and boarded the plane back to Haicheng with Ji Rang.

While on the plane, Ji Rang remembered something, turned his head and said to her: “Ji Qian is going to get engaged.”

Qi Ying said “Wow” and asked, “Who is it with?”

Ji Rang smiled: “Who else can it be? That lunatic.”

Chen Fengzhi chased her for almost ten years, and finally got her. Ji Qian agreed and immediately arranged an engagement. Ji Rang’s circle of friends were almost blown up by Chen Fengzhi.

Ji Rang said: “She should send you an invitation letter for the engagement banquet, and I will pick you up at that time.”

Qi Ying nodded excitedly.

After the plane landed, Yu Cheng was already waiting outside in his car. Since the fire incident, Yu Cheng had completely accepted Ji Rang, and when he saw him, he smiled as if he was seeing his own son.

He first sent Ji Rang back, telling him that he could come to play at their home at any time, and then he took Qi Ying home.

He hadn’t seen his niece for almost half a year, and the family missed her very much. Wu Yinghua made another big table of dishes for her to celebrate her homecoming.

It was just that Yu Zhuo was now in his third year of high school, and he had to study in the evening, so he came back late at night.

Seeing Qi Ying in the living room, his tired eyes got brighter: “Sister, are you back?”

Yu Zhuo was only happy for a while before he collapsed. After taking a shower, he returned to his room and leaned on the desk to read.

Wu Yinghua sighed: “I don’t know if he’s too tired recently, he’s always listless, and eats less food. This senior year of high school is really torturing the child.”

Qi Ying took the gift she had brought to his room and saw that the teenager was pressing half of his face into the draft paper while calculating a math problem listlessly.

Qi Ying looked at him for a while and whispered, “What’s the matter with you?”

After a long time, Yu Zhuo wet his lips and said, “I’m broken-hearted.”

Qi Ying: “?”

In addition to having fighting on his mind, her brother just wanted to be the big brother in the school, would he also have a day of suffering because of love?

Qi Ying knew that she shouldn’t laugh but couldn’t help it. She covered her mouth and tried not to let Yu Zhuo see it.

However, Yu Zhuo still saw it, and was very annoyed: “You still laugh! Can you be a little sympathetic!”

Qi Ying suffocated her smile and touched his thorny hair to soothe him: “Don’t be sad, there will be a banquet in two days, I will take you to relax.”

Yu Zhuo asked, “What banquet?”

Qi Ying: “Sister Ji Qian’s engagement banquet.”

Yu Zhuo: “…”

He stood up angrily and pushed the older sister who was sprinkling salt on his wound outside: “Get out! You get out for me! You are not allowed to speak to me!”

Qi Ying, who didn’t know anything: “…”

After half a year, why did this stingy brother’s temper become more and more violent?

Yu Zhuo did what he said, and after that day he stopped talking to her. However, he was also busy. He left early and returned late. He was busy at school every day, and he didn’t have much time to see Qi Ying.

Qi Ying was not idle either, she wanted to date Ji Rang, visit Han Yang, and go out with Yue Li and the others. The whole winter vacation would be special.


At Ji Qian’s engagement banquet, Qi Ying once again met Ji Weiyan.

He was still the same, smiling mildly when he saw Ji Rang. When she saw Ji Rang, Wen Sheng greeted him: “Arang is here.”

Qi Ying looked a little nervously at the boy next to her.

But she saw no sharp hostility in his eyes.

After stepping out of his resentment, everything which once seemed important had become irrelevant to him.

His life should be forward looking. There was light ahead with his little girl. From now on, he didn’t need to look back.

The boy indifferently glanced at Ji Weiyan, nodded slightly, which was regarded as greeting, and then took Qi Ying to the dining table next to him and sat down.

There were some small snacks and candies on the table. Ji Rang specially chose strawberry flavor and fed it into her mouth with his hand.

Surrounded by the relatives of the Ji family, Qi Ying was so ashamed when their eyes fell on them. She pressed her lips tightly and said vaguely while shaking her head, “I will not eat, I will not eat, I will not eat. “

Ji Rang was almost laughing to death.

When she didn’t eat, he stuffed it into his mouth and raised his eyebrows while biting: “It tastes really good. It’s even more delicious than the cake shop owner who ran away with his sister-in-law.”

Qi Ying heard him say this. She swallowed, blinked her big eyes, and asked in a low voice, “Really?” She thought it was impolite to eat by herself before the banquet started. Even if she wanted to eat again, she still held back: “Then…then you save some for me, I’ll eat it later.”

Ji Rang didn’t agree: “No, I’m hungry, I want to finish eating all of them.”

Then Qi Ying watched him stuff his mouth piece by piece.

She was about to cry because of his childish antics.

T/N: The ship is real… Ji Qian and Chen Fengzhi got together, I was really rooting for CF. Poor Yu Zhuo getting salt poured into his wounds by his own sister, but his reaction was so funny. And Qi Ying who is being tormented by the childish Ji Rang… This chapter was awesome to translate because of all the amazing things happening here. But the best part was Ji Rang ignoring his stupid father and not reacting to his stepmother, that showed major growth IMO. What do you think?

P.S. How many people remember the cake shop owner that ran away with his sister-in-law?😋😋😋😉😉

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